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Kids Cake Recipes Questions Answered!

  1. wanted 10 different cake recipes for kids?

    can you please help i have two kids that love cake but they are getting bored with chocolate cake please help if you dont have a cake recipes then may be a bicuits recipe or muffins or slices but i dont want sites i want the recipes please thank you

  2. what are some good recipes for birthday cake cupcakes using a cake mix as a base? For a kids birthday.?

    I have a vanilla cake mix and vanilla frosting, but would like to make the cupcakes extra special by adding extra ingredients, cookies etc.

  3. kids kookaburra cake recipe?

    Does anyone have a recipe for a kids birthday cake that is a kookaburra? I'd even just settle for a picture of one as i have an idea about what cake base to use.

  4. Recipes for a cake and desserts without using eggs or cow's milk?

    My daughter's are both allergic to cow's milk and eggs. I would like to get a recipe for a cake and other desserts that I can make for them. It's been hard for birthdays and special occassions when they see other kids eating cake and ice-cream.They are also allergic to tree nuts as well.

  5. Does anyone have any great chocolate cake recipes?

    I want the cake light and fluffy, and a frosting recipe would be helpful. And I dont want the cake to have dark chocolate because kids will be eating it. (milk chocolate would be best)

  6. kids birthday cake recipe please!?

    hi it's my son's 4th birthday party tomorrow and he has requested a birthday cake - no chocolate though, as he doesn't like it (what?!) i'm looking for the classic combo of simple, but tasty. i was thinking of a filled sponge cake - and the whole thing must be covered with icing (he loves it). anyone have any ideas - i'd be really grateful. (the internet is driving me nuts! many thanks

  7. Im looking for recipes for spongecakes for my Kids schoolcake and candy fundraiser!?

    I am looking for an easy to cook spongecake/fairy cake recipes I am an able cook but just want to bake something different from usual.

  8. family circle kids cookbook chocolate cake recipe?

    Hey I'm trying to get hold of the chocolate cake recipe found in the Family Circle kids cookbook (green cover). Can anyone help???? Cheers!!

  9. what is a good recipe for chocolate for cake fondue for kids?

    What kind of chocolate is best for dipping angel food cake (in a fondue pot) for a kids party? Is there something that can just be melted down, or is there a simple recipe?

  10. What are some awesome cake recipes?

    I need a good layer cake recipe, anyone have any awesome ones that kids will like?

  11. Got a kid's fete tomorrow, any ideas for any fun cake recipes, minimal cooking?

    Needs to be quick and easy to make. Tried the Malteser tray bake, so similar recipe suggestions would be great!

  12. Has anyone any kids recipes using shop bought pastry and crumble mixes ?

    Has anyone any easy recipes for biscuits or cakes using these shop bought packets of mix ?

  13. further to my request for recipes withou eggs nuts or dairy products i have the cake but kids parties need mor?

    how about milk jellies and other goodies

  14. Recipe for a birthday cake that is suitable for kids with allergies?

    I need a cake to send to daycare that is simple and can be eaten by just about anyone!! Especially kids with allergies. I'm sorry I don't know the allergies, my kids don't have any. Any ideas??? Thanks

  15. Do you think Palin got the kids off to school okay today, and does she have a good cake recipe?

    Hillbilly- I think many moms have those traits.

  16. What is a good recipe for cake or brownies with simple ingridients that kids can make?

    It's for mother's day for my mom and i want to suprise her.

  17. What is a good recipe for cake or brownies with simple ingredients for kids without using water.?

    *My water is discusting and brown and dirty. *No boxed please.

  18. Essy and convenient recipe of "carrot cake" for kids?

    Also some cakes which can be made full of nutrients EASY*** sorry typo.

  19. Where do i find great recipes for kids with ADHD and diety needs.?

    My daughter has ADHD and i am trying to control it with diet. She also has dietry needs such as, Wheat, Gluten, egg, dairy, sugar free. I know not a small order to find interesting meals. I ok on the cake line but would love to find interesting EASY main meals. she is also very fussy with her veggies. Sorry this maybe a hard one!

  20. banana cake recipe from a food ideas magazine?

    I used to have a super food ideas magazine from the supermarket - probably one of the first issues. It had a recipe in the back for kids that was a banana cake with chocolate chips and sultanas and oil in it. It was a 'put everything in a bowl and stir' recipe. It was the best banana cake recipe I've ever made. Does any one have a copy of the recipe please as I don't have it any more. I appreciate your help.

  21. I need the perfect white cake recipe for cupcakes?

    I usually make the Magnolia recipe but it's too rich. I just want a light white but moist cake for a kids party.

  22. cake recipes that are dog freindly?

    my kids want to have a cake for our dog for his birthday tomorrow and i was wondering if anyone knew any recipes for dog freindly cake, does not have to be people cake, thanks

  23. I need a simple kid friendly crab cake recipe?

    if my kids love it we shall call it "the crabby patty"! =o) so far the crab cakes I've made are gross! I may put too much mayo in it. i just want something light and tasty to go with my spicy tarter sauce!

  24. Chocolate cake recipe? Easy to bake for kids?!?!?

    Hey there, I was wondering if you could tell me or give me a site that has a simple recipe for making chocolate cake. Just plain, chocolate cake thanks. With as less ingredients as poosible, but that tastes great! Thanks so much!

  25. Any quick simple recipes that I can fix for the kids? All help appreciated!?

    I am looking for fun recipes that I can cook for the kids. Between working and trying to raise a family time is not a luxury that I have. I am also open to fun recipes suck as brownies, tinkerbell cakes etc...

  26. what are some good recipes for little kids?

    ok so me and my little sister are trying to decide what our family likes best...but all we got is cake cookies and muffins.....any more ideas and please tell me where to get the recipe....(: oh and i saw this commercial of a mom and kid makin rice krispies but idk how to make them...anybody know where i can find how to make them? or can you tell me now?

  27. what is a good cake recipe for a 6 inch 2 layer cake?

    im having little kids bake individual cakes from scratch and i need a recipe for a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake.. both cakes will be made using 2 6x2 cake pans so i want to be able to have just enough batter for each pan so each child can mix his or her own batter.

  28. Baking a kid's birthday cake! want the best scratch recipes?

    So, I found a ADORABLE cake pan for my son's birthday cake. I however am sick of baking cakes via box and can. I want to bake this WHOLE cake from scratch.what recipes do you reccomend? I am thinking either basic yellow or a chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting.No fillings..the kids are picky lol. also, anybody reccomend a online shop for cute cake pans? i am thinking of doing this every year with all the kids.I've already checked out (winton?) I think its called...looking for some others ones.Also, nothing too complex as I am not a artist by trade! lol

  29. looking for a recipe for a deep fried Lithuanian fried cake type desert we called gruzdas as kids. CMM?

    When I was a child my grandmother always had what she called gruzdas in her pantry when ever I went for a visit. I loved this treat. It was not real sweet. They were long, twisted in the middle, deep fried to a golden brown, and then covered with powdered sugar. She kept them in a big basket lined with dish towels. I would love to find the recipe and know the name of this delicious treat.

  30. Looking for a Chocolate Chip Snack Cake recipe?

    This recipe came out of an old Betty Crocker Cookbook. You make the cake in a square cake pan and it had chocolate chips. But that is all I remember. I would love to try this cake again and serve it to my kids afterschool one day like my mother did.

  31. kid birthday cake ideas?

    i just received a call from a friend of mine asking me to bake a birthday cake for her daughter's bday party tonight... but i dont know what cake to bake? any sugesstion on what cake recipe is good? i want to make a simple cake as i only have about 10 hours time before the party starts. one thing for sure, choc cake is out of the picture, the kid doesnt like choc cake... and pls include frosting recipe too.. thanks..

  32. does anyone have any fun cooking recipes for kids?

    cup cakes/sponges/cookies biscuits any ideas would be greatly recived!

  33. i need a good easy chocolate cake recipe please help?

    please help as i need a chocolate cake recipe to make with the kids please please help me

  34. Banana cake recipe from 'Superfood Ideas" magazine?

    I'm after a recipe from an old superfood ideas magazine. I reckon 2003 maybe? I lost it when we moved recently. It was an easy banana cake recipe for kids to make - no mixer required. It had choc chips in it and sultanas and oil. It was the best banana cake recipe I've ever made(and I've made heaps). If you have a copy of the recipe I would be most grateful ....Thanx

  35. I need an extremely good cake recipe for children...?

    I am making a "care bear" cake for my little (15yr old sister-she asked for it)... i need a cake recipe that will taste good and stay moist... ( i will need a filling) I can do either 3-D or Pan i have both... what type of filling should i use for kids... also.... i need a really tasty frosting recipe that is good and stays stiff/soft... i am using a star tip and need the icing to stay on the cake....

  36. ZOOM program on channel 11, oreo cake recipe?

    I remember watching ZOOM when I was a little kid and they made an oreo cake recipe involving cool whip and oreos. I forgot the procress of making it. All I know is that you needed to spread coolwhip over it. I'm not sure if you have to lyaer it with cool whip as well. Help please!

  37. Any fast recipes for baking ideas for kids in the morning before school?

    I am not looking for cakes etc but things like pretzels, cinnamon rolls, donuts

  38. Does anyone know chocolate recipes for kids that are kinda hard to make???

    something with icing!!! like cakes and cookies!! for like 13 year olds!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!♥

  39. Good pound cake recipe?

    I am trying to find a good 12 cup bundt pound cake recipe that does not use shortening. I have checked the Internet and nothing appeals to me. I don't want anything extra fancy here because kids have to eat this. Thank you.

  40. Does anyone have a recipe for pinto bean cake?

    I use to make this cake when my kids were little. I used apples and raisins and the pinto beans made it like a chocolate cake. I lost my recipe book during a move. this is a really good cake and I would love to make it again. It was a very old cookbook that belonged to my mother-in-law. I would like to know how long have cookbooks been around. I know this book would have had to have been at least 50 or 60 years old. If you post the recipe I would be so thankful or send to my email. thanks

  41. What is a good dog cake recipe?

    I need a good cake recipe safe for dogs to eat, I train in a program called Kids & Canines, we have to serve 10 of them some one give me something that not everyone has posted, something unique....

  42. water in a scratch cake mix?

    I was in the shower thinking about how I could make my scratch cakes lighter. My kids love the lightness of box cake mixes, but I just like to make things from scratch. Then it occured to me that I always add water to box recipes, but never to scratch recipes. So i am wondering if I added water to my scratch recipes if I would get that lighter texture my kids love? If water is not the answer, let me know what is Thanks!

  43. Can someone share a good recipe for birthday cake frosting?

    I need a recipe that does not use Crisco (or any other shortening) but holds well on its own in hot weather? It also has to be kid-approved (the cake is for my 3-year old's birthday)

  44. Ideas to decorate a cake I don't really bake it's for my boyfriends birthday?

    I've decided to bake him a cake tomorrow for his birthday. I don't really bake but my mums given me a recipe - 4oz butter, 4oz caster sugar, 4oz self raising flour and 2 eggs im gonna make 2 and sandwich them. we're both in our late 20's, we don't like the thick icing like on kids cakes how can I decorate it something interesting instead of just jam?