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Cake Decorator Questions Answered!

  1. How do you become a cake decorator?

    I am taking the Wilton classes of course. What's the next step after that? Are there such things a cake decorating aprentices? Or do you just roll into Kroger and apply to be a decorator?

  2. How can I create a Cake Decorator Portfolio? What should I include beside the pictures?

    I have a lot of experience as a cake decorator. I'm working on making a portfolio, but I don't know what to include in it. Ex. Resume, Letter of reference, pictures, cover letter, or this is not necessary.

  3. A potential employer for a cake decorator position wants me to take a skills test?

    I just had an interview for a cake decorator position in Oconomowoc, WI at a grocery store and they said the next step is to go to some place in Brookefield where they will test my decorating skills. Any idea what this will be like? What i will have to do? Any suggestions for how to prepare?

  4. What is the best way to create a resume for a cake decorator?

    I have good experience as a cake decorator and could work with practically anything. But I think I need to move on from where I'm at. (retail)

  5. Where can I find a cake decorator to hire?

    I run a bakery in Howard county Maryland and need to hire a part time cake decorator that has experience doing wedding cakes.

  6. What are some colleges that offer courses to become a cake decorator?

    I want to become a cake decorator.

  7. what is starting pay as a cake decorator at super target?

    I have an interview at super target and I would like to know if I will get more than $8 an hour as a cake decorator.....Thanks!

  8. Anyone who is a pastry chef or cake decorator read here?

    I want to be a cake decorator. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. What is the difference between a cake decorator and a pastry chef? Is there an apprenticeship for a cake decorator or should I do an apprenticeship as a pastry chef and just look for work in bakery's that specialize in cake decorating? How long is a pastry chef apprenticeship? Do I have to do a pre apprenticeship?

  9. i need a gift idea for a wedding cake decorator's birthday?

    a good friend of mine is a cake decorator/food lover. his birthday is coming up and i don't know what to get him. can anyone suggest an original idea?

  10. Does anyone know a cheap cake decorator?

    My sister and I are getting married next year to our boyfriends and we are looking for a cheap cake decorator. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you can help that would be great.

  11. What does a "Cake Decorator" do at Dairy Queen?

    I applied at a local Dairy Queen and was contacted by them for an interview for the position of "Cake Decorator". What exactly does it entail? Do these people still work tills and make other treats and stuff, or do they just decorate cakes? Obviously it probably changes depending on the store, but I'm curious as to what the general rule of thumb is for this position. I would love a lot more detail. Thanks!

  12. I want to become a cake decorator, like on Ace of Cakes, how can I begin?

    Recently I have found an interest in cake decorating, I loooove the show Ace of Cakes and I would really like to learn how to do all of that. I found Wilton which has courses on cake decorating, but I have no experience. Should I start at home? Work at a bakery for them to teach me? Please help! Thanks :) - Wilton cake decorating classes take place at your local arts and craft stores and they teach you how to's! Also, I will be attending them.

  13. How do I begin my own business as a cake decorator/baker?

    I want to start my own business as a baker I guess you would call it. Baking cakes for different occassions out of my home. I going to start with taking cake decorationg classes, but where do I go from there?

  14. i just got a cake decorator kit and i need a food coloring paint?

    i only want to use white because if i use different colorsi will have to clean the thing between each color. Is there a recipee that i could just paint food coloring onto the cake? i do not want to use frosting, i will use regular canned frosting and let it sit after i ice the cake so it will form a sort of crust. PLEASE HELP!

  15. How much does a cake decorator get paid?

    Something like "Ace of Cakes" i want to make awesome cakes like that but i need to know how much its paid. I live in California by the way. Something like "Ace of Cakes" i want to make awesome cakes like that but i need to know how much its paid. I live in California by the way. I want to be the owner though.

  16. Do they pay good money to be a cake decorator?

    or what is it called: pastry designer or something? how much do they pay?(a little, a lot, in between?) im only 14 and im pretty smart and i thought being a pro cake designer would be really cool.

  17. How to become a professional baker/cake decorator?

    Hello there. I'm a nineteen year old artist and art student. I'm familiar with painting, sculpting, 3-D design, and drawing. Freelance art hasn't been very profitable thus far and I've been thinking about getting into baking and cake decorating since I enjoy baking as a hobby. I'm thinking of transferring to an Art/Culinary school. What would I need to do to get my name out there and start doing this professionally? How hard is it?

  18. What skills are required to be a cake decorator?

    I need it for a project. That is one of the things that I need to include for my reaserch. A list would do. Thank you!

  19. How do I make my dream of being a cake decorator a reality?

    I'm in college for IT, but my dream is to bake. I love sweets, and I love cooking. What should I do to see if this if for me or not?

  20. Is it true if you want to be a cake decorator you get carpal tunnel?

    i've been interested in it and been told it's not the greatest thing to go into because of the whole carpal tunnel thing.

  21. in need of a cake decorator in indianapoli area.?

    I am opening a small cake decorationg/ kids b-day party business. I am in need of a wedding cake decorator. Please contact me if intrested. In the Indianapolis area Missy

  22. cake decorator apprentice?

    I'm looking for a cake decorator apprentice position. Any tips or advice?

  23. Do you need legal work to be a cake decorator?

    Baking at home, can you openly advertise your self or do you need to get some kind of small business license even if its just a hobby to make money on the side....Location Houston Texas

  24. I am thinking of one day becoming a cake decorator for local places?

    and I was wondering if there are any good start-off kits that can teach me all I need to know. Also, are there any courses you can take for cake decorating (I live in RI, if that helps).

  25. How much do Cake Decorator Associates make at kmart?

    I have an interview thursday please can you give me some info about pay and hours and stuff

  26. How can I become a Cake Decorator??

    I have an artistic side I have always wanted to tap into. I have always been interested in cake decorating. I am wanting to make a career change. I was in Hospitality. I am currently a manager of a Dog Grooming Shop and going to school part time to get the Gen Ed. classes out of the way. Where do I start? Is a trade school just as good as any other? Thanks.

  27. I need to find a cake decorator?

    I need someone to draw a cake for me. I need a drawing and I need one in about 2 weeks. I can't draw to save my life. My stick people are uneven. Please help.

  28. how do you become a cake decorator?

    i am in the military and would someday like to make wedding ect.. cakes. where can i learn to do this and do i have to have some type of license?

  29. Supplies needed to become a cake decorator?

    I need help forming a list of things I'm going to need. I thought now would be a good time so I can put it on my Christmas list. I dont want to know where to get kits, i need everything named individually. ie Frosting tips, spatulas, mixing bowls, etc. Please help me out if you can

  30. steps to become a wedding cake decorator?

    How on EARTH do I even begin? I'm majoring in business when I go to college or Hospitality because they don't have a culinary branch. These big schools like " the art institute" are NOT that great and I can be taught elsewhere for a fourth of the price, where would I even begin? I'm looking into making pastries, mainly wedding and birthday cakes. Are there some classes near Arkansas or Texas that are worth taking?

  31. Do you have to go to school to be a cake decorator?

    Like do you have to take classes and stuff or can you just start doing it on your own?

  32. I am a cake decorator and I need a clever name for my business. Any ideas?

    I don't have a physical "store," I just decorate on the side as a 2nd job sort of thing. So I need a name more specific to myself. For example, I was using my first name + Cake Creations, ie. Sally's Cake Creations. I thought that was too boring.

  33. Cake Decorator near Middletown and Franklin?

    I am looking for someone to make a small wedding cake affordable its simple just a cake with white icing and some black designs.I am looking for someone in Middletown, Franklin, Trenton, Hamilton and surrounding areas... any ideas???

  34. does anyone know any good cake decorator games?

    i was looking for a good cake decorator game where you can decorate wedding cakes and birthday cakes and stuff like that but i cant find any good ones does anyone know a website to one i keep finding all the ones for kids and they're not good at all i want the ones like the professional cake shows on tv if there is any so please help if you can thanks alot