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Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding Cakes?

    Hi, i dont know if anybody can help... Im trying to find a college course on making wedding cakes and i've had no luck. I just wondered if anybody knows of any courses etc Thank you for your help :) x ( I live in Leicester )

  2. wedding cakes?

    im making a cake for my moms friends wedding. i need some good recipies but cant find any. please help me find a good yet fency recipie.

  3. Wedding cakes . . . ?

    What is that smooth frosting called that bakers use to put over formal cakes? I know what it looks like and what it is and all, but I don't know what it's called . . . does anyone know?

  4. What's your favorite wedding cake flavor? Do you prefer cakes with many options or just one?

    My fiancé and I love strawberry filled wedding cakes. Yummy. I personally like having different flavored layers as some people don't like strawberry... I've thought of chocolate which the groom's cake is traditionally but he'd prefer a different flavor (although it's a surprise). I was curious what other people like. Congratulations and best of luck in planning and in your marriages. Thanks for the answers.

  5. Would making wedding cakes be a good way to make extra money?

    I want to find someway to make extra money on the side every month. And I remembered when I was searching for my wedding cake I wanted a good price. And a nice one. They can arrange from 150 - 500. So any opinions would someone buy there cake from someone who was an amature but had good photos to prove nice cakes.

  6. How do you stack wedding cakes?

    I am getting married and i am making my own wedding cake well i am buying the cakes ready made and iced from marks nd spencers, i will be arranging and decorating them so was wondering if anyone knows how to stack a 3 tier wedding cake? And also how do you stop them sliding off? lol And what do you put around the edge so you cant see the joins of the cakes? I am presuming ribbon for that or more icing?! Thanks Gem x

  7. HELP ME PLEASE! Do columned wedding cakes have a separator plate over and under each cake?

    Does a plastic plate rest on the center then columns go up into another separator plate and they all balance on the way the columns insert into each other? Is the rods that go through the cakes better and more sturdy? Where is the cheapest place to get these tiered wedding cake stands?

  8. What is the flat frosting on fancy wedding cakes called?

    There are a lot of modern wedding cakes with a flat, fancy looking frosting. It is smooth.. what is this called, and is there a recipe available?

  9. how to learn to make wedding cakes?

    I wanna learn to make wedding cakes r there any courses in englad for that? Plz let me know! Or tell me other ways to learn.

  10. Where can I find someone in Austin that makes the mini or personal wedding cakes?

    I am looking for a bakery or someone who can make tiny wedding cakes vs a large wedding cake, so that everyone has a small cake. Thanks for the help!

  11. What is the best and right preservative to add to my birthday and wedding cakes so they stay fresh for a long?

    What is the best and right preservative to add to my birthday and wedding cakes so they stay fresh for a long time without getting spoit. I tried using brandy, it seems not to be working.

  12. Is there more then one recipe for Mexican Wedding Cakes?

    If you don't know what Mexican Wedding Cakes are please don't answer this question. Let me be a little more specific. I am very familuar with the recipe we have made these cookies every christmas my whole life and before I was born my family was making them. What I am asking is if there is another recipe refered to as Mexican Wedding Cakes that isn't anything like the cookie. I don't want to make it, it is just to settle a discussion with someone.

  13. What was the magazine where Duff Goldman made wedding cakes for?

    He make three cakes for a wedding magazine for a photo shoot and i want to know what was the magazine and how did the cakes look like.

  14. where do baking and pastry chefs work at and where do you make wedding cakes at?

    After you get an associates degree in baking and pastry, where do you go from there? and where do work at if you want to make wedding cakes from scratch?

  15. who makes the dress on amazing wedding cakes?

    On a recent episode of amazing wedding cakes, Christopher Garren makes a wedding cake that replicates a brides dress. The dress is very fancy and fitted. Does anyone known who makes this dress? In the episode the bride supplied the picture of the dress but they never said who made the dress. Thanks for your help!

  16. How expensive are mini wedding cakes?

    I am wondering how expensive individual wedding cakes vs. a traditional wedding cake. Thanks!

  17. what is the orgin of mexican wedding cakes?

    ok for my spanish class we me and my friend have to make mexican wedding cakes. we need to know what the history or orgin of them is. we really need to know today so please help us.(but only if you actually know the answer please.)

  18. Why are wedding cakes so expensive?

    I am currently planning my wedding, while shopping for a wedding cake I have been quoted up too $6.00 a slice making my cake cost more than $800 and up to $1200.00 after all the fees they charge. I can make a cake but I can't decorate it, and making a cake does not cost near these prices. Any suggestions?

  19. Coldstone ice cream cakes at a Wedding?

    My fiance and I absolutely LOVE the Coldstone Signature Ice Cream cakes. Do you think this would be informal to use about 6-7 of these cakes as a wedding cake? We would have many different flavors for the guests. I think it's a good idea because it's something that we both like, and it's kind of different. Let me know what you think! Be honest! Thank you much!

  20. What are some really good bakeries that do wedding cakes in Chicago and Chicagoland?

    I am currently living near Elgin and I'm getting married in a year. What are some good places to go and talk about a wedding cake? I would like to have a cheesecake for the wedding cake, but I need a really elegant and colorful cake. Could someone give me a good caterer around the area (maybe even a few) so that my fiance and I could go and have a meeting with them to talk about options. Thanks!

  21. Why don't people make wedding cakes that actually taste good?

    Never in my life have I been to a wedding that had good cake. They were all very pretty, but who wants to look at a cake? They're for eating.

  22. What kinds of frosting usually go between layers of wedding cakes?

    The answer is NOT fondant. I think it's buttercream but I cannot remember. I made this specific wedding cake frosting a while back and I cannot remember what I made. Just now I made my buttercream recipe and it just doesn't taste like the frosting that I made before. Any ideas of typical wedding cake frosting?

  23. Does anyone know a good website that shows PRICING on wedding cakes?

    I live in Oklahoma City and I was trying to find pricing on wedding cakes. I can find a bunch of designs, but nothing is really priced. I have literally NO CLUE what they might cost. So, if anyone knows of a website that has prices (even if it's not in the OKC area) I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  24. Where can I buy things to decorate wedding cakes?

    Making a wedding cake and need items to decorate. Edible items, icing bag, and things such as that. Where is the best place to buy these items? Where online? What store?

  25. How much do grocery store wedding cakes cost?

    How much does a wedding cake purchased from a grocery chain usually run?! I don't want to spend $500 on my wedding cake, but do want the traditional look of 3 tiers. I was thinking I would get a more plain one and add fresh flowers!

  26. What is a good recipie for making wedding cake style cakes?

    I do not want to make a wedding cake but I want the recipie used to make it into a regular cake

  27. book for learning making wedding cakes?

    can u suggest me a GOOD book for learning how to make wedding cakes. I dont know how to make such a cake but id like to learn. Do u have any idea of a good book?

  28. I need a recipe for mini wedding cakes (individual fruit cakes). Can anyone help???

    I have done wedding cakes before, but never had to make small individual ones. I have purchased the tins (2" diameter) but don't have a suitable recipe. I imagine the recipe for the cake remains the same, but have no idea about the oven temp or the baking time. I hope someone can help!

  29. Do you know of a bakery who makes good affordable wedding cakes in Houston, TX?

    My wedding is in March 2009 and I need to find a bakery for our wedding cake. I'm not looking for uber expensive, and over the top designs. A nice, traditional butter cream cake. Any suggestions?

  30. I want to make Wedding Cakes and Pastries! Do I need to go back to school for to learn?

    Ok, so I graduated from Johnson & Wales in 2001 with my BS Degree in Food Service Management. I always keep saying how I should have continued on in Baking & Pastry, because now I really want to make Wedding Cakes, Truffles, Cookies and Specialty gift baskets and open a shop one day. Now that I know this is what I want to do, do you think I need to go back to school to learn all of this? Or would I be wasting my time and money? Especially since I own over $40,000 in school loans now as it is.... Should I get a job at a bake shop and make $10-$12 an hour and risk losing my decent paying Supervisor Job, to fulfill my dream??? What do you think I should do?

  31. i need to find a company that makes and ships cardboard wedding cakes to new jersey.?

    My sister's wedding is in Edison, NJ and 400 people are invited. We want a nice looking cake for the pctures and to display without spending a lot of money. We will serve the guests sheet cake from a local bakery.

  32. when making decorations for a wedding cakes how long do they last?

    i need to make a wedding cake for my gcse cooking, and do i need to make them all in one day or other a period of a week. and any one got any nice designs they perticular like or actly how to make one. thank you. xx i also want to know how to make you own wedding topper like this... ( the first picture down)

  33. Which company is your favorite on Amazing Wedding Cakes?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one on Yahoo Answers who watches Amazing Wedding Cakes! Which company is your favorite? Cake Alchemy Cake Girls Christopher Garren's Cakes Merci Beaucoup Cakes I think I like Cake Alchemy the best, or Cake Girls (their place actually burned down a few weeks ago!) What about you guys?

  34. is there any grocery stores who do a good job with wedding cakes?

    i am seriously trying to cut corners here! haha, i dont think we can spend $15K on a wedding, and are trying to downgrade to just $10,000. does anyone have any good experiences with grocery stores to do a great job on the wedding cake?

  35. What do you think about custom design naughty cakes, choc. candies, or wedding cakes for the gay/lesbian?

    I would like to sell some of the chocolates in a Gay/Lesbian book store as well as a Erotic book store. I really think they will sell. I also would like to design a wedding cake for the gay/lesbian couples.

  36. Is mike's amazing wedding cakes the place to go?

    I want to know if anyone got a cake from Mike's amazing wedding cake's from Washington? And if so could they send me pictures and would you recommend them to anyone?

  37. how do I make mini wedding cakes or?

    I am just getting ideas for my wedding cake, I've always wanted individual wedding cakes for all my guest but I don't know how to make a wedding cake so does anyone know a site that I can figure out how to do that or at the very least where might I buy them for cheap.

  38. How much are wedding cakes/ice cream wedding cakes?

    How much roughly does a wedding cake go for 160 people? How much does a ICE CREAM wedding cake go for 160 people? Can anyone help me with rough estimates?

  39. what is a good conclusion about a report for wedding cakes?

    what is a good conclusion about a report for wedding cakes?

  40. Regular cakes rather than an actual wedding cake?

    Of all the weddings that I have attended, I have never actually cared for their wedding cake. My kids would not even eat the wedding cake over the summer at the wedding we all went to. My question is this....We are getting married next year & rather than having a large wedding cake, seems that not many people care for them anyway, would it be "weird" to have just a table of different cakes, like cheese cakes & pecan pies & such? Let me know your thoughts & suggestions please!!

  41. What are the outside of Las Vegas wedding cakes made out of?

    I have eaten 2 wedding cakes at hotels down in Vegas, and they both had a "waxing" coating for the frosting. The outside of these wedding cakes served at hotels - are by no means edible. They seem "waxy!"

  42. Is Wedding Sponge Cake made from one or two cakes?

    I'm wanting to make a wedding style cake out of sponge with butter icing in the middle. I'm wondering though, do I make one big thick sponge and cut it in half, or do I make two thinner cakes and stack them? Just to clarify - I'm just meaning for a single tier - within the tier, is it one cake split or two stuck together?

  43. How to promote wedding cakes?

    Well i am doing this project for my sales and merchandise class and we have to promote a product and i am doing wedding cakes and i need help!! so someone please tell me how i could promote them its for a class final.

  44. How much do wedding cakes cost?

    I was watching the TLC show Cake Boss, and those cakes are like AMAAZING they make all kinds of cakes, not just wedding cakes. But you wouldn't even believe it! Go to this link and look at all of them. You will be amazed! But just wondering out of curiosity, how much would these cost?