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Pictures Of Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. wedding cakes pictures?

    Do you have any pictures of wedding cakes? I have no idea how i want my wedding cake. I look at websites but I cant if you can please choose a wedding cake that you like add the website so i can see it . Im having 300 guests indoor wedding color light purple the lady that is doing my cake said she will do it for $600 however I want it yeah i think its expensive too but my sisters in law offered to pay for it thanks CM the cake is very unique sportyspice i like the first cake a lot i love the shape. mrrmaid -i did see her work and she is charching me $600 for any cake that feeds 300 ppl that is how she does it and she is also giving me free samples of as many cakes as I want to taste...I tought it was weird too but my friend had her cake done by her too and it was great.thank you though I appriciate your concern tazzy375 your page is private so I couldn't view your wedding cake pictures

  2. Where can I find lots of pictures of wedding cakes?

    I'm looking for red, white & black ones in particular :)

  3. where can i find a website with tons of pictures of wedding cakes?

    and wedding flowers?

  4. Where can I get to see some pictures of wedding cake designs ?

    I have to prepare wedding cakes next week and need some inspiration.Any other websites, please? (Aside from wilton and prostco websites)

  5. where can i find pictures of beautiful wedding cakes?

    i am getting married soon and i have not yet found a cake that i absolutely go nuts over! they are nice but i want something very different. i know what flavor and filling i want but its the decorating that i need help with!! ladies and gentle men i need your help! thanks a bunch!! ☺ wow you guys left great ideas! thanks alot, i thought i was just being snobbish because i couldnt decide on a cake... but these cakes were something else, i really like em! ☺

  6. I need pictures of wedding cakes with blue flowers!?

    My wedding colors are Cornflower Blue, Champagne, and Ivory. I'd prefer the flowers to be real, but if that doesn't happen, I won't be heartbroken. Thanks smart guy, I already did that. I was hoping for someone to give me advice from experience. The flowers for the bridal party will be a mix of what are in season. I'm hopinf for Delphinium, Bachelor Button, Hibiscus, Canterbury Bells, Falling Stars, and Champagne & White Roses.

  7. good pictures or websites of wedding cakes?

    i want like a traditional wedding cake not a color cake but if you have a picture of a cake you used at a wedding please post or if you know of some website that has good cake pictures please send. and please don't say there cake picture are ok but not what i am looking in advance thanks to all who do answer.

  8. need Wedding cake pictures?

    I looking for pictures of wedding cakes, I want it with real red roses. Do you know where in the internet I can see some pictures. thanks I was something like this, but more elegant and nicer, lol.

  9. I need pictures of a butterfly wedding cake. Can anyone help?

    I am getting married in September, and my wedding is royal blue with a butterfly theme. I need pictures of wedding cakes that don't have a lot of color, and are not really plain looking, but have butterflies. Can anyone help?

  10. What website shows the cost and picture of wedding cakes?

    I've been looking everywhere online to see if there's a website that shows the whole cost [ex. $700] of a wedding cake. :( no meeeee please

  11. any pictures of Halloween wedding cakes?

    I can't really find any hallween wedding cakes i know i have seen them before and now that i need them i can't find them

  12. looking for some pictures of wedding cakes...please help...?

    particularly something that has a fall look to it...

  13. Can anyone please let me know where can I find wedding pictures of dresses, hair style, cakes...?

    I am very new to weddings, my parents are vague about theirs, my sisters are all singles and I'm going to be married! Are there any online free tips and pictures for me? Could you give me links?

  14. I'm making a powerpoint for my Mom's Wedding Cakes and I need a list of Romantic songs.?

    I have to make my mom a powerpoint for this Bridal show she's doing and I need like a really really romantic wedding song. something you can see pictures of Wedding Cakes for a slide show. Please help me. I have like a million songs, but I'm just not sure.

  15. Decorating the wedding cake with pictures?

    Take a look at this picture: I'm a photographer and my fiance' loves photography also. I think it's a cake that will express who we are and since we're having a private ceremony the day before, we'll be able to show off the wedding pictures at the big reception which will be the next day. I have a photo printer but I was wondering, shouldn't the photos be in a plastic covering of some sort?, I wouldn't want photos attached to my cake like that because of the ink. Has anyone ever done this before? what do you think of the idea? Okay, to clarify, the photos will be taken off before anyone eats it! It will be an hour into the reception before we do the cake cut and toast, so meanwhile, people can just look at the wedding photos as that pass by. Thanks to the rest of you for the answers so far. Photo trasfering on the cake, that's what it is! Not sure how much it will cost though. I'll have to find out.

  16. Does anyone have any wedding cake pictures of a white tier cake with purple orchids?

    I am getting Married on Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving) on the Big Island, Hawaii. My colors are purple and orange. I am trying to figure out what to do with the wedding cake. I am pretty sure I want a plain white 3 tier cake draped in purple orchids, but I need ideas.

  17. I am looking for money saving ideas for weddings! Also I am looking for pictures of star shaped wedding cakes!

    I am planning on getting married in June and I want to have a fun casual reception that is star themed... just because I love them! Any decorationg ideas that has to do with stars would be great! I also thought of putting a star on my wedding dress! Any ideas let me know!!

  18. Anyone have pictures of pink/heart wedding cakes?

    I have to provide my bakery with a picture of the cake that I want. We are getting a three tier round cake...I want to make it light pink and ivory with some kind of hearts-maybe on the border of the cake. Does anyone have any good pictures? Thanks in advance!

  19. pictures of chocolate wedding cakes???

    can u please post pictures of chocolate brown masculine wedding cakes for my cousins quinceanera. thanxxx i appreciate it

  20. looking for links for wedding cakes?

    I want to find hundreds of pictures of wedding cakes so my finace and I can decide on one, if you know of anywhere that has heaps of pics, please let me know.. THANKS :) Rach

  21. Where can I find pictures of Firefighter Wedding cakes? Most sights I go under don't show anything?

    I want to find several ideals for firefighter wedding cakes that do not consist of just the helmet, or truck. Something nice, or can be funny..... groom is an Assistant Fire Chief, and we want to carry out the theme for our wedding December 30,2006.

  22. Can you help me find a picture of a wedding cake with scrollwork?

    I have this cake that I am picturing in my head, but I am having trouble finding pictures of it to show my cake baker! I want it to be white with sage green scrollwork, with icing pearls around the base of each tier. Unfortunately I have only been able to find pictures of a couple of cakes with the kind of scrollwork that I'm picturing. Does anyone know good places to look for wedding cake pictures and/or know of any good pictures with scrollwork? Thanks!

  23. In need of good wedding cake pictures?

    Hello. I have some decent pictures of what I want for a wedding cake. Basic 3-4 tiered, round, buttercream cake with real roses with some subtle white frosting design (dots or floral designs). Do you have any great sites that I can take a look at with tons of cake pictures? Thanks in advance! Kate

  24. Anybody know a good site for wedding cake pictures?

    Hello fellow users of the interweb. I'm looking for some wedding cake pictures for inspiration. BUT my fiance and I have both decided we DO NOT WANT FONDANT! We both think fondant is ugly (it makes the cake look more like a hat box than a cake) and we know it doesn't taste nearly as good as regular icing, and so far damn near every single picture of a cake I've seen on The Knot or any other big name wedding website or magazine is fondant. I'm looking for pictures of cakes that use REGULAR ICING. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  25. Where can i find pics of wedding cakes with waterfall?

    ok i would like to find some pictures of wedding cakes with waterfalls, but i dont want the little waterfountains that go under the bottom tier i was looking for something bigger but cant find any pics like i have in mind. I WANT REAL WATER NOT LIKE ICING OR PAINTED U KNOW. if any one can find one not like the two bellow that would be greatly appreciated. Even though these cakes are beautiful they just are not what i wanted and i only am getting married once. i have already googled the best i can

  26. Will people be able to tell based on the pictures from your wedding that it is an arranged marriage ?

    My fiance is in Vietnam and she is arranged by my mother and my aunt in Vietnam, the wedding ceremony and reception would be the same as an typical american wedding with cake and all of the good fun stuff. We would have like lots of food and everything. Would people know it was an arranged marriage based on your wedding pictures ?? Tell me what you think.

  27. how do they make the mini cakes...what kind of bakeware? do they just stack it up? or is there a type of bakeware that holds it shape?

  28. Do you like my wedding cake? Some of the things that WILL be different are: Instead of the paste like flowers, they will be real red roses and stephanotis, and there wont be hearts at the bottom & top, instead it will say Ashley & Chris 12-21-07... Or something like that.. No cake topper, just more flowers instead. I think it will be a vanilla bean cake, rasberry filling and buttercream frosting.. What do you think? Any suggestions?

  29. How do I plan a small, cheap wedding?

    I want an outdoor wedding, we're looking Septemberish, I want to spend as little as possible, and hope to keep it small. I live in San Antonio Texas. What are some things you think I should know? Any good, cheap places here in SAT? How about just general wedding planning? Here's what I thought of so far: My dress (what girl hasn't), my bridesmaids dresses (only 2 bridesmaids), who I'll invite, having the wedding outside of SAT (maybe in Fredericksburg) that way people can't say we didn't invite them, but that'll severly limit the # of people who actually do go, invitations, engagement pictures, wedding cake, location for wedding and reception, flowers (don't really want any), honeymoon locations (the closer the better). Basically we aren't big on lots of attention, and though money won't really be a problem with us, we want to start on the right foot by not being overly-extravagant. Now, I've thought about all these things, but have taken no steps towards anything (we haven't set a date yet), but absolutely hate not being prepared, and want to be ready for whatever curve-balls come my direction. Thank you.

  30. Where is a good place online to find wedding cakes?

    I am going to make my own wedding cake. I feel like I have searched all the sites possible and have came up short. I have not found any designs that I like. If anyone knows of a site where there are lots of pictures of cakes please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  31. can u guys give me pictures of really cute pink wedding cakes???

    its for my sisters very glamourous quinceanera. its not for a wedding but we need a pink wedding sized cake

  32. wedding cakes?

    Is there any websites that have pictures of castle wedding cake ?

  33. Does anyone have pictures of a beachy wedding cake?

    My colors are dusty blue (alfred angelo calls it blue jay) with splashed of cobalt. my flowers are delphinium. and I am also adding the finger starfish as accents everywhere.. Please send pictures of your ideas. Thank you

  34. Do you have wedding pictures?

    Could you post pictures of your wedding including the tables, flowers, cake, wedding party, etc. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to work the colors in and it'd be nice to see how everyone else did it. Thank you!

  35. Wedding cake, what do you think?

    Hey all, I have been compiling different aspects of wedding cakes that I like to figure out what I want in a wedding cake. What do you think of these things? I like the look of falling fabric on this one, but thats it. And in this one I love the look of the black swirling vines, but I think I'd only one that on the bottom teir And I think this is absolutely adorable and I'm thinking maybe something similar for the top teir of my cake I'm planning on a fall wedding and my colors are mostly likely going to be a deep red, browns, creamy ivory, and maybe oranges(but only in the flowers) to match the season, but I haven't decided yet...what do you all think? I was planning on trying to include each of the aspects I said I liked from the individual cakes without making it too busy. Phaylynn: Good call, I hadn't even thought of the fact that those folds would create a wall of frosting! Ozziegal: Wonderful!!! I love your idea to personalize the cake, and I think I now have an exact idea of how I want the cake to look. Thank you!!

  36. Wedding cake help?

    I need a web site that shows pictures of wedding cakes and their prices. Does any one know any, it's an emergency

  37. How to use pillars on a cake???

    How do you use pillars on a cake without the plate showing? Or do you not use a plate? I see all the pictures of wedding cakes and stuff without the plate showing, yet its a 5 layer tiered cake with pillars. How do you provide the support for it?

  38. Why do the bride and groom put a picture of their parents wedding picture on the cake table?

    I think it is a good idea so just wondering?