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Pictures Of Simple Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a picture of a simple wedding cake with red and white roses as the topper?

    I am looking for a simple, 2 tier wedding cake with red and white roses for the topper. Have you seen one, if so, I need to see a pic. Please and thanks!

  2. Wedding Cakes?

    I would really like a simple White Wedding cake, but I am having trouble finding any designs that don't include flowers or silver balls! Does anyone know of any websites with simple elegant cake pictures? Thanks

  3. I Need Help Finding Pictures Of Cake Boss Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake!?

    I've watched Cake Boss on TLC and Buddy and his crew made a simple but beautiful cherry blossom wedding cake. It had white icing, round cakes, perfectly centered, and several tiers with brown branches climbing up the cake with cherry blossoms at the tips of the branches. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Need a picture of a wedding cake?

    I am looking for a picture of simple 2 tier wedding cake with red and white roses as the topper. If you know where I can get one,please let me know. Thanks!

  5. what will a simple wedding cost in cebu?

    my future wife and i both agree to a simple wedding.with a civil ceremony,a rented hall and food for 100 guests,her dress and bridesmaid dress and my tux and video,cake any one have a rundown on costs of these items?

  6. which one of these wedding cakes do you like better?

    which of these 2 cakes do you prefer? I love them both & having trouble deciding. I'm after a simple, elegant look.... cake 1: -without the flowers on the top cake 2: -cake IS white, looks yellow in the picture I'd like some outsiders opinions & perspectives. =) just so you all know, I'm going for a very SIMPLE look. I don't like overly decorated cakes.

  7. I need help choosing a wedding cake design- can you help?

    I would like a simple 3-tier cake- most likely white or ivory color. The cake topper will be the Precious Moments Bride and groom. I was thinking of putting some flowers in between the tiers and around the cake topper. I need to find a picture of an elegant cake so I can show the baker exactly what I am talking about. Can anyone help and send me links to some cakes?

  8. Strawberry Blossom Wedding Cake Picture?

    I need help. My sister is getting married soon and she has a strawberry theme. She found a picture of a round three tier wedding cake with white frosting or fondant and red and green strawberry blossoms. It wasnt that cute but she fell in love with it. Her friend that was going to make it fell through so she had a change it to something simple. I would love to surprise her with that cake but I cannot for the life of me find a picture of it. Does anyone know where I can find it?: It would mean the world to me if you could help me. Thanks so much ~Susie

  9. Is this a good price for a wedding cake?

    My fiancé and I decided to buy a wedding cake from this store in Toronto called Just Temptations. We are having a three tier wedding cake with the dimensions of 12”, 10” and 8”. The design on the cake will be simple tiny swirls The wedding cake has a lot of roses between each tier, it would take something like 12 and a half dozen fresh roses to re create the picture of the cake I have chosen. But we have decided to go with sugar roses which will be made by the baker. The flavors we went with were white chocolate mousse with raspberry, and white chocolate mousse with fresh mango. They are charging us $675 for the cake and it serves 149 people which is just over the total of people coming to the wedding. I wanted to know if this is a good price for a cake of this magnitude considering all the hand made roses that have to be made and the size of the cake?? I just wanted to add my fiancé and I have sampled the cake and it was very good, very moist and melted in our mouths. As for the mango I know its not a usual flavor but that was one of the appealing things about it, I didn’t want a strawberry shortcake which you can have any time if you buy it from the grocery store I wanted something a bit different. Besides a most of the guests are east Indian and from the west Indies (Caribbean) so I doubt they would have any problems with the mango, they may even prefer it. but thanks for the responses. I just wanted to know if I am paying too much.

  10. Writing on my wedding cake...what do you think?

    My wedding cake is fairly simple, not a lot of detail. The baker I just met with asked if I'd consider doing a pink butter cream ribbon instead of a fabric ribbon - she said that it has been her experience that the oils from the frosting bleed through the ribbon (she said its different with fondant as shown in the picture, but that with butter cream there could be a problem).. I liked this idea a lot because I thought that it would make each slice of cake look prettier on the plates!! Other than that and a few fresh flowers, there really is no detail on the cake... I'm a disney FREAK. I love disney, princesses, and fairy tales. Even though I own all of the classic disney princess movies, I jump with joy when I hear they'll be on TV. As I was sitting down to dinner I had a bit of an epiphany! I was thinking it would add a really nice touch of "me" (and disney) to the wedding if I had them write on the cake... this was my idea: First tier no writing... second tier would say (in pink that matches the ribbon)... "Once Upon A Time..." Third tier would read "... and they lived happily ever after... " I've been looking for a subtle way to add a little touch of Disney to the wedding. Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE disney. (Our honeymoon is to disney world!!) What do you think?? Below is a link to te picture of the cake..

  11. I need to knw how to make wisteria flowers with icing.What tips to use and that sort of thing.pls help! thanks

    A family member wants me to make her wedding cake.i have made plenty of cakes but never a wedding cake.she wants it simple and pretty i already have a picture in mind but i need to know how to make wisteria with buttercream.thank you!

  12. Please help!!! Urgent?

    I need pictures of simple preferably 1 or 2 tier wedding cakes that would be easy to achieve. I dont mind what colour, whether it is classic or contemporary i dont mind so long as it is a wedding cake Please dont tell me just type it into google because i can't find much. Thanks PLEASE I NEED 1 OR 2 TIER CAKES, I NEED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE IT EASILY WITHIN 2 HOURS PREFERABLY

  13. What do you say in a group apology letter for a delayed wedding?

    My wedding ceremony was delayed by 2 hours. I feel so bad for my guests who were gracious enough to wait around for me. Everything just went completely wrong that day. I had no music, no cake and the hairdress double booked my appointment. Most of our family showed up late as well. Some were even responsible for bringing items for and/or coordinating certain parts of the reception and did not show up. Those who did though were very understanding and helped out when the time became necessary. I would like to send each guest a personalized magnet with our wedding picture and have considered sending an apology letter for the delay in the event and so on. I am not sure if this is appropriate. Should I send them a simple thank you note and not mention anything about the disaster that occured on my wedding day or should I send an apology letter also thanking the guest for their attendance at the ceremony and reception?

  14. Ok.. now that we have decided to do the very small wedding and cake and punch reception, what now??

    Is it still ok to have 3 bridesmaids and grooms men if we are doing a outside semi-informal wedding? I would still like to wear a pretty dress maybe not a huge ballroom gown, but if I an find $100 or less destination type dress, is it ok for me to wear it? I have only been to big weddings and receptions where things are the norm. so I don't know what is ok to still do, since we are going the cheap simple route? I would still like to have the flower girl and ring bearer (these are our kids) just everything not as formal as the usual wedding. What are all of your thoughts about this? It's really hard to find pictures of small 15-50 ppl weddings, so any help you can give I appreciate!

  15. is it possible to have a wedding on this amount? how much did/are you spend(ing) on your wedding?

    i am helping one of my friends plan her wedding, it's this saturday & i know she's already spent well over $20,000, our other friend is getting married august 8, so i stopped by her house last night to see if she needs any help, she said no it was already taken care of. i'm shocked cause she hasn't been stressing or anything. she said her wedding cost less than $250, she bought a sample floor dress that was damaged for $100, then she just cut off the tulle which was what was damaged, cause she didn't like it anyway, so she got a nice simple wedding gown that is gorgeous, i saw it & was shocked that it wasn't made that way, then she rented a museum for $50, (she's having an outdoor late evening {8p} wedding so she isn't having any flowers, she's doing a play on the fall colors, leaves & the sunset starting as the back ground, then she is just having a sheet cake $20 & champagne & soda (for the kids & non alcohol drinkers) $30 since she is only having 20 guests, her & her husband to be are serving the cake themselves, she said she wants to be able to talk to each one, no BM, MOH, or FG, she's caring a bouquet of fall colored flowers with leaves in it, it's gorgeous & fake, so it cost her $15, she paid her friend's brother $30 to take pictures, (he's in high school & the yearbook photographer) that's it. her husband to be is in the marines so he's wearing his dress blues, so she spent $245 is that possible, i mean i've helped a lot of my friends with weddings in the past & they all spent at the minimum a couple grand, my one friend had a destination wedding & spent $1500 on it, that was the cheapest of all my friends, so i'm asking is this really possible that her wedding will only cost $245? i saw her bouquet and it's gorgeous, but i never thought a wedding could cost so little, i'm shocked, she said that everyone pays for catering, flowers, cake cutting costs, photographers & attire so that's where she eliminated the cost, she is only having the people they see on a regular basis, family & friends there, but she didn't invite any of the ones you only see once or twice a year, she wants to have a very personal wedding, which is kinda cool too i guess. i'm impressed, i mean she really put a lot of thought into it, but still saved money. so i guess i'm wondering if that is really possible? & how much did you or are you spending on your wedding? she isn't having a rehersal dinner & the pereacher marrying them is his uncle, forgot to put that in there, & the place provides the chairs too. i know i went to the courthouse cause i didn't think we could afford a wedding, i started planning it, and then i was seeing the price on flowers, cakes, food, dresses, etc, i got irritated and just went to the courthouse, wished i'd have talked to her about it!! linda she's having cake and drinks only, she told everyone it was on the invintations that she did herself that was all she was serving she's really not a fussy princess type person, she's really quiet and likes to keep it simple i don't think she will regret it marriage lic. is $10 where we live, i know i got married in this county too. please don't thumbs down anyone, i give everyone a thumbs up or no thumb if they are rude, everyone has their own opinion, his uncle paid for the marriage lic. as part of his gift to them and she's doing her own hair and makeup oh and the song she's walking down the isle to, she bought the single of it and she's hitting play on the cd player as she walks out the door, and she used the cd because she didn't want that song on her ipod, not sure why. but anyway that's how they are doing the music. emma f, i agree totally, my sister is rich and she spent 1500 on a destination wedding, why start your life off in debt or if you have it, why spend what you can buy a house and new car on a wedding. emma f, i agree totally, my sister is rich and she spent 1500 on a destination wedding, why start your life off in debt or if you have it, why spend what you can buy a house and new car on a wedding.

  16. small wedding and reception ideas? help?

    we are getting married in late September- in Gatlinburg, TN. We only have about 35 people that are coming (family). Sat night- we are all going out for a big the night before is taken care of. the day of-is where i am drawing a blank! since it is very small- AND i have never actually been inside of this home (only pictures- and it is amazing- it is a HUGE cabin)- it makes it hard to think of decorating. I was thinking of small in mason jars (saw that on martha stewart) to keep with a "country" setting since we are in the that's it! and the reception. i have already gotten the cake taken care of- but want a "sunday afternoon tea" kind of reception. any ideas on simple finger foods? plus- there are lots of nieces and nephews that will be there- so food for younger kids, too. uggh! haha! (this is a simple family wedding in the smokies- not a hick- redneck kind! just so we all know!) haha thanks for any ideas!

  17. I'm getting married to my marine and i need a little bit of help with plans help ladies!?

    Okay so the wedding is next year in december 2009. I'm going to be 20 years old. and he will be 21. and i want a simple wedding and i want a creative cake i mean like different not your average cake i want it to be crazy! I also want my pictures to be amazing and different also any suggestions? i live in texas so help me here. Thanks ladies.

  18. Do you think there is anything wrong with a very casual wedding?

    By casual I mean very quick, simple garden ceremony, bride in a nice dress (not a wedding gown), groom in a suit, couple of witnesses and guests. Then for the reception hiring a hall with plenty of food such as cold meats, salads, finger foods & rolls, drinks, and music. No flowers, now wedding cake (but desserts served), no formalities, no seating arrangements, no fancy linens, you get the picture. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we would regret it? It's the first wedding for both of us. sorry it was supposed to say "no" wedding cake.

  19. Cool Zombie Cake/Wedding Cake?

    Can anyone find a picture of one? All the ones I've seen are simple and boring.

  20. I Need WEDDING HELP!!!?

    i need sites i can go to to look at pictures of these differant thing: cakes, flowers, brides maids dress (simple sundresses), Chuppas, table setting, and katubas. if you know a stie that shows any of these items please leav in in your awnser, ok THANKS!!! just a helpful hint i only have $2000 so like my cake will be made my me lol and the dresses and chuppa and so forth will be made my be that why i need sites for ideas

  21. Simple BNG... Would you like to participate?

    BNG. Have fun! 1. You meet a guy in college. He's intelligent and sweet, and you both have a lot in common. You end up falling in love. After you both finish college (Both of you are twenty two years old), you decide to get married. < What is your name, and what is your husband's name? Post a picture of both of you, and of the wedding cake > 2. After two years of being happily married, you both decide that it's time for children. You soon find out that you aren't able to get pregnant naturally, so you turn to fertility treatments. You get pregnant with triplets. Two boys and a girl. < The boys' first names must start with the letter "M", the girl's first name must start with the letter "A". Middle names can be anything. What are their names? Post a picture of the triplets > 3. You and your husband are twenty six, and your triplets are two. To you and your husband's surprise, you become pregnant naturally. It's a baby boy. He ends up being born very early. When he's born, he can't breathe by himself, and you cannot take him home right away. A month later, he is well and ready to be taken home. < His first name must mean "fighter" or "warrior", and his middle name must be two syllables long. Post a picture of your little boy > 4. Your family is complete! What are their names again? Marie: Everyone makes BNG's, get over yourself.

  22. How do I plan my wedding?

    My fiance and I want an actual wedding, not a court wedding, but we cannot however afford it that well. How can I go about planning a simple, cheap, nice wedding? 1) I'm most likely getting my dress with the Davids bridal sale, or if I find a better one. 2) I've already gotten a close friend to make our cake, she bakes. 3) I have a friend who is great with photography, not professional, but it's what she wants.... She said I can get her to take pics for $150, I might shop around, and get a professional, so I could get blown up pictures. Here is an example of her work.. Should I stick with her and her price? Or find a professional? 4) I want our 4 children to be in the wedding, and my two young sisters. My best friend and my cousin are the bridesmaid, and they can pay for their own dresses. 5) Where do I go about getting the place set up? Go to the Dollar store/wal mart find some cheap items, and spray paint? I've heard of getting a mirror, and setting it under a candle. What do I need? Our budget is $1500, but we're shooting for less. There will be no alcohol Thank you! :) We are going to just have a park reception, And we have just close family and very close friends. I'd say under 30 people. I need to figure that out soon, though. And, our families are great cooks, and I know a great chef who is going to help us. So that helps. Oooh, I should have rephrased it... But if we keep my friend as the photographer, our budget is $1500. If we use a professional, it would obviously be a lot more. I already have invitations and everything as far as that goes. And the marriage license is taken care of. And, I know this sounds weird for a wedding, but I want daisies for flowers, they are my favorite.

  23. Please help!! Wedding and only 5 hours to do it!?

    Ok, so I have a total of 5 hrs to have my wedding- ceremony, cocktails, and reception. I was thinking about putting on the invitations that the ceremony will start at 5pm sharp. Then that will take less than 20min... then have ppl mingle and eat appetizers and cocktails while the wedding party takes pictures. Then at about 6pm have everyone head down to the reception room...grand entrance at 6:20ish- dinner at 6:30-cake 7:30 and start dancing at 7:45-8pm... then we gotta end it at about 9:30ish so we have time to clean up. Clean up will be simple as long as I keep to the simple ideas I already have. It is a BBQ style wedding...not many decorations are needed b/c it is at a historic mansion. Do you think this is enough time? How do I tell guests we need to wrap it up at around 9:30pm? I still want to party after... what should I do? Would it be lame if we got married at the court house and had the whole 4.5-5 hours just for the party? SOOO confused and I am open to ANY suggestions!! Thank you! my sister says the only thing about doing the courthouse wedding is that people are coming to see me get married.... and i did already buy my dress... could i wear it to the party/reception anyway? and it is buffet style with bbq food... more ideas please...and thanks

  24. are there any websites that have a wedding theme gallery?

    I want a simple to use website with a lot of themes, such as winter weddings,outdoors, on a budget... ect.. pictures say a thosand words! so one with pictures of all the details such as dresses,colors,cake,food,decor...

  25. Destination wedding in JAmaica?

    I want to get married in Jamaica in Sep 09.Im hoping I dont spend more than $3000. I want to use a resort where its all inclusive. Its going to be me my groom and maybe 5 other people. I want to go to Ocho Rios is Jamaica. Does anyone have an idea of where I can go and the prices without the airplane tickets. Is Jamaica a good place to get married? Me and my fiance wanted something romantic in a beach or garden where we can take beautiful pictures. Then we were going to just have an intimate with our guests and cut a cake. Very simple. Can anyone offer some practical suggestions? Any unique ideas? thanks

  26. The wedding or a house?

    My mom was offered a choice by her step-mother when she first got engaged- she could have money for a wedding or a down payment for a house. My mom chose the house thinking it was smart but sold it and then ten years later when she got divorced lived in a crappy apartment. I asked her if she could choose all over again and she still said the house. This led me to wonder if I should go crazy saving up for the wedding, the reception, the cake, the attendants, and all that frosting-even on a budget- and wait for a few more years or elope sooner in Hawaii and save the money for a house. Ive never thought about having a wedding before but looking at the single picture of my parents at the courthouse has suddenly made me wish for a more traditional wedding even though it might take longer to save up. On your own wedding did you wish for something simpler or were you happy with the expenses? I know! The house sounds so reponsible and smart with the amount of money people spend on what is essentially a large party (and we have a huge, close family) but I dont want to regret missing a chance to make that special day special. My family doesnt really make a big deal out of milestones- birthdays, graduations, holidays- and I find myself as an adult now attracted to people who celebrate with everything they got. I guess I gotta find a way to celebrate the beginning of a marriage sensibly but without too much sense.

  27. What do you think of my dress? Cake?

    So I was wondering what people thought of this dress? I want to have a outdoor bbq sort of wedding. Simple rustic country wedding theme. I look very similar to my avatar picture. I in my early 30's and this will be my first marriage if that helps. Any ideals with hair, accessories, bridesmaid dress styles, (most of my brides maids are on the heavier side) cake, basically anything. I'm just starting out with planing. All I know is my colors are going to be black and white with red accents. We are on a small budget of about 5,000-10,000 for 75-100 people. The dress is a david' model # t9512 and veil #VCRL538 The cake I was thinking about is something like this (but with red flowers of some sort... But any ideals would be welcome thanks again.

  28. Wedding Reception Ideas?

    Well the delimma is that my Fiance' and I have planned to get married at the courthouse, which is alot of cheaper. However, we have decdied to purchase the tux and dress and have professional pictures taken at our reception we are planning. I am stuck on ideas for our reception. I need cheap but good foods, something that is presentable.I am thinking of having finger / snack type foods. I am also interested what your ideal ideas are for the cake and centerpieces. Music and alcohol ideas as well. I have considered choosing only three varieties of liqour,and a few bottles of each. I havent chosen which ones, but I hear that vodka is top demand. I need a few good simple mixed drink ideas- I have an aunt who is a former bartender, so thats not a problem. What ideas do you have for music b/c I'm honestly not interested in a DJ, it would cost more than I want to pay coming from here. Also gift ideas/favors.

  29. Wedding flower help, please?

    I'm getting married in a late morning garden ceremony outside a 1920s home with lunch to follow indoors...about 70 guests. My dress is ivory chiffon with a chapel sweep train and my bridesmaids are in pool (aqua) tea length dresses. Bridesmaids dresses are similar but not identical. I need opinion on what flowers to purchase through a wholesale dealer. I'm thinking long stem roses for me and my bridesmaids and I'll purchase enough to go on the tables for simple rose arrangements. Does a mix of colors seem okay for me? How about ivory for the girls? What do I do for the cake topper? I like the yellow cake topper in the picture, but of course I can choose whatever color I like.

  30. I Need Help Finding Pictures Of Cake Boss Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake!?!?!?

    I've watched Cake Boss on TLC and Buddy and his crew made a simple but beautiful cherry blossom wedding cake. It had white icing, round cakes, perfectly centered, and several tiers with brown branches climbing up the cake with cherry blossoms at the tips of the branches Ever since i saw this cake on Cake Boss, i haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Please help me find my dream cake. SwingTyAAR thank you soo much!! you made me soo happy!!

  31. I'm getting married to my marine and i need a little bit of help with plans help ladies!?

    Okay so the wedding is next year in december 2009. I'm going to be 20 years old. and he will be 21. and i want a simple wedding and i want a creative cake i mean like different not your average cake i want it to be crazy! I also want my pictures to be amazing and different also any suggestions? i live in texas so help me here. Thanks ladies.