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Cupcake Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. What do you think of cupcake wedding cakes?

    I am thinking on making my own wedding cake however there is a little difference, i am thinking of making cupcakes as a wedding cake i have seen this done and i have noticed that it is a very good way to save money i mean i would be making them myself and saving time on being disappointed with the results. my bridesmaids and maid of honor are willing to help me make them and also i can make the kinds i want to have.

  2. Bakeries in Twin Cities for cupcake wedding cakes?

    I am trying to find a few bakeries in the Twin Cities that make cupcake wedding cakes. Any ideas???

  3. What do you guys think about cupcake wedding cakes?

    I personally love it. The idea of cutting a cake and feeding each other a slice just never appealed to me. That link gives you an idea of what that is. nah don't be sorry, I welcome all opinions. ;-) petit fours? well I just googled that when you mentioned it in your answer, frankly I never heard of them before but I like the results from google. They look cool. Thanks for mentioning it.

  4. I would like to know if there was a bakery in LA that makes cupcake wedding cakes?


  5. Cupcake Wedding Cakes?

    What is everyones opinion on having a cupcake wedding cake? Is a traditional cake better? I saw one at a wedding a few months ago and thought that it was fun and sort of funky, and now that we are planning our own wedding I'm thinking of having one. However, instead of actual cupcakes I was thinking of having modifid ones more similar to petit fours with an actual cake on top for the one year anniversary. I'm thinking of doing one similar to this minus the ribbons, probably a bit larger and with our own colors (bright green and pink). What do you think? I'm also considering putting a dessert or candy buffet with it. Which would you prefer if you were a guest?

  6. What do you think: Cupcake wedding cakes?

    So instead of paying $2.50 a slice at this "Mom and Pop" bakery nearby, I can pay $1.50 per cupcake, and have a cupcake wedding cake! I found several cupcake styles online, but YA is blocking me from using any of them in my question! ugh! Anyway, there are tons of different things we can do! Our colors are tiffany's blue, a little brown, and white. So it will look very delicate, and not overbearing like some that I've seen. (ie: way too much decoration/detail) What do you think of them? Do you think it's cute? Weird? Have you ever been to a wedding with one of these? Would you rather get cake?--- or does it not really matter? Yes of course it will be on a nice, tiered stand! :) And we are also having a small cake on top, for the traditional cutting of the cake. The cupcakes will be of amazing quality. The bakery is known for amazing sweets, and has been around since the early 1900's! So it will be GOOD food! Also, the cupcake wedding cake is saving us around $200!

  7. Where to find a cupcake wedding cake- Buffalo NY?

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows a bakery in the Buffalo NY area that does cupcake wedding cakes?

  8. Where do you get the towers for a cupcake wedding cake?

    My friend has put me in charge of assembling her cupcake wedding cake. Where do you get the towers or what can I put together to make it. It will need to hold aprox 120 cupcakes so I was thinking 3 layers with the bride and groom cake on the top. Any help will be appreciated. thanks

  9. Any one have experience with cupcake and traditional wedding cake combos?

    I would like to have a wedding cake made of cupcakes, my fiance prefers the traditional cakes. Has anyone had a cake that was a mix of the two styles? How did you decide on the amount of cake to order or have made. My Fiance's mom is making the cake for us, so if anyone has insight on the ideal cake to cupcake ratio that would be awesome. Pictures would help too if anyone has links. Thanks

  10. how much r cupcake wedding cakes?

    for 175 ppl? on average actual numbers plz

  11. Looking for Gold decoration ideas for a cupcake wedding cake.?

    I have been asked ot make a cupcake wedding cake for this weekend (YIKES, nothing like short notice). The wedding colours are gold and olive green. Does any one have any ideas for decorating thecupcakes/cake stand with things that are gold???

  12. cupcake wedding?

    how many guests are too many to make (or have a friend make) the cupcakes if you want to do a cupcake cake?? i have to prepare for 60 people and i dont want a lot of added stress. it's not a big wedding but it's not super small either..should i just have a bakery make them? i want to have enough so that each person can have at least 2. so that's 120 actually!

  13. Would a cupcake tower or a wedding cake be better for my wedding?

    I'm getting married in June. It will not be a really formal wedding. I have seen so many beautiful wedding cakes that I love, but recently, alot of my friends have been telling me about these cupcake towers with designs and everything. They are cute. And I guess they're more modern nowadays, right? I'm 22 years old, so I don't want to be old fashioned, but do the cupcake towers look as nice as a cake?

  14. I have a weding coming I need help with a cupcake wedding cake?

    Does anyone know where I could rent cupcake wedding cake stands!!! your help will be appreciated.

  15. Making my own cupcake wedding cake, any ideas?

    Our original plan didn't fall through and now my fiance and I are trying to find a cake vendor at the last minute for our upcoming wedding. The only thing is, we didn't have to pay anything for our original idea and we hadn't put much aside for it in our budget. Everyone said I should stay away from making my own wedding cake, but then I heard about cupcake wedding cakes. Am I naive to think that I could probably easily pull this off? I would just need to make cupcakes, decorate 'em and make a small slab cake for the top. What sort of things do I need to consider/plan on buying? Anyone recommend NOT doing this?

  16. What would be the perfect wedding cupcake?

    If you were/are to have cupcakes for your wedding cake-what would/do yours look like?

  17. What do you think of the whole wedding cake- cupcake idea.?

    I have seen a few pictures of these... and really like them. What does everyone else think... from a wedding guests point of view.. of cupcakes at a wedding instead of a big solid cake...?

  18. ok heres my cupcake wedding cake idea?

    ok so my wedding colors are turquoise and expresso. we are having a family ceremony on the beach and coming home and having a reception a few days later. for the cake i want to do the cupcake tier thing so i thought i could do cupcakes with brown liners and turquoise icing and topped with a white chocolate seashell or turquoise cupcake liners with brown icing and topped with a white chocolate seashell and for our small cake it would be a a turquoise cake with white chocolate seashells on it which do you like better

  19. Does anyone know a yummy cupcake and/or icing recipe for wedding cupcakes?

    My fiancee and I decided that, to save $$ on our wedding cake, we're just going to make our own cupcakes. Yes, we have thought this through and this is what our decision is. Does anyone happen to have any really yummy cupcake recipes and/or a super decadent icing recipe as well? Our wedding is not until next fall but I plan on trying out a few recipes before we decide on one to use for our big day cupcakes.

  20. A Cupcake wedding cake?

    Okay, my fiance and I LOVE the cupcake wedding cake idea. Then we could have the chocolate (which I like) and the white (which he likes) and wouldn't have the hassel of having to transport a huge cake, plus the price is more reasonable. However both sets of parents plus a woman who refers to herself as my half mom say it's a silly idea, so what is everyone elses opinion? BTW we are getting married around Halloween.

  21. Wedding cupcake help PLEASE!?

    Ok, I'm getting so frusterated I could cry! I am looking for a picture that I can take to someone, of the cupcakes wedding cake I'm looking for, for my wedding. We are having a fall themed wedding, mostly maple leaf's, I can find all sorts of websites about wedding cakes, but I cannot find ANY with a picture of the cake I want.. its cupcakes, I just want fall themed cupcakes, with or without the maple leaf's, my colours are fall colors, coppery oranges, some dark yelow, nice browns.. just please give me any pictures, or websites you can recomend on cupcake wedding cakes.. Thank you very much..

  22. Cupcake Wedding cake... Daisies??! Ideas Help!!!?

    So I'm going with a gerber daisy theme. Red and White daisies.. with clover green dresses.. i want to do a cupcake wedding cake.. but I want to do something simple.. yet elegant.. anyone with ideas send them my way!! Pictures would be awesome! Thanks in advance!! I'd like to go a little bit of a cheaper route.. thats why i'm looking at cupcakes.. and I'm looking at about 125 guests.

  23. Cupcake wedding cake vs. regular wedding cake?

    We are trying to get our wedding planning set up so we can see how much money we have to save. We have about 55 guest. But we are having a wedding 2 hours away from our home so we are planning for about 40 people. I'm looking for a fall wedding cake OR something that has grapes on it since are getting married in a vineyard. I want to get cheaper but still looks great. What is cheaper? wedding cake or cup cakes with just a cake top? See any photos? Thats the cake topper we love iloveweddings......WE LOVE THAT CAKE!!! THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU!

  24. What do think of wedding cakes like this?

    Wedding cakes more like Wedding cupcakes...? I'm thinking of doing this for my wedding instead of a traditional wedding cake. What do you think?

  25. How expensive is it to have miniature wedding cakes?

    My fiance and I are on a budget for our marriage this August but we really like the look of having one small cake for us to cut at the top, followed below by miniature "cakes" - one tiny cupcake-sized cake for each person. There are many photos of this on google (just search "miniature wedding cakes"). Would this be more expensive to make than just a regular weding cake, or would it be cheaper? We would like the fondant either way.

  26. Cupcake wedding cake?

    If we do cupcakes for our wedding, how could we do thee traditional wedding cake cutting?

  27. Is it worth spending money for Culinary school if, in the future, I want to open a cupcake/wedding cake shop?

    I have been baking for awhile, and people seem to like the product, BUT I realize that my cakes/cupcakes have hardly tasted as good as the ones from good bakery that I like. Going to culinary school can, hopefully, give me a good foundation on baking & decorating, but it is a LOT of money. WHAT DO YOU THINK…SHOULD I INVEST IN SCHOOL OR KEEP ON READING/TRYING RECIPE FROM THE BOOKS. Thank you so much for all your answers.

  28. What do you think about a cupcake tower for the wedding cake?

    I think they are cute but my fiance thinks they are cheesy. yeah, if I did it I would have a small cake on top for the cake cutting... Cheesecake is a good idea too It is sorta formal but not overly done. I like the packaged cupcake idea too....

  29. cupcake wedding cake??

    Ok.. what do you think of this cake for a wedding cake. Mind you.. my wedding is in the summer. gerber daisies like shown but slightly different color.. a very summery look to the wedding.. and not super super fancy.. thanks BTW - this bouquet is the basis for my colors. **I agree with the person who said there is a lot of space between layers. I like when they are closer to the top of the cupcakes.

  30. Anyone ever had Giant Eagle Wedding Cakes and other wedding cake questions?

    I am trying to plan a wedding on a small budget. Has anyone ever had a wedding cake from Giant Eagle? Do you know how much they run? We only have Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle in Marietta Ohio. And I private bakeries are so expensive. I am also thinking about doing a cake for the adults and a cupcake tower for the kids. (there will be 20 kids there) I am going to make the cupcakes but I'd rather have a store bought wedding cake. Any suggestions? How big of a cake do I need for 60 people?

  31. Help with wedding cake/cupcake ideas....?

    My fiance & I are considering this for our wedding cake: We would have a small (maybe 2-tiered?) traditional cake for the cake-cutting ceremony. Then in place of the groom's cake have a stand of chocolate cupcakes to be served to the guests. Another idea I had was to have a large tiered stand of cupcakes, with half of them white (for the 'bridal cake') & then the other half chocolate (for the groom's 'cake' ). So if you saw the stand from the front, the left side would be all chocolate & the right side all white. If we did this, should we forget the small traditional cake all together & just do cupcakes? Which idea do you like better? Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated! Just so you know, we are having a laid-back, outdoor wedding in the fall. Between 80-100 guests.

  32. When should I make my wedding cupcakes?

    Rather than have a wedding cake, we are having a cupcake tower which I am making with the help of my sister! We will be married on Tuesday and we were planning to make and decorate the cakes on Sunday. Will they still be ok for Tuesday? I was planning to use a simple vanilla recipe for some cakes and a chocolate recipe for the others. Any advice would be gratefully received!

  33. cupcake wedding tier cake?

    have you been to a wedding where they had the tiers of cupcakes with the little cake at top. what do you think of them, does it really cut cost? anyone done this themselves we are having a beach wedding so i thought it be cute if each one had a white chocolate seashell on it

  34. Wedding cupcakes question - how many cakes?

    I'm having a tower of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. How many cupcakes should I order? Is it one per guest? That's a whole lot of cakes! Or is it less than that? What did you have at your wedding? I think I need to be more specific with my question. If I have say... 30 guests, do I need 30 cupcakes? and I have 120 guests, do I therefore need 120 cupcakes? I need to know if it if wrong to have less cupcakes than there are guests... because then some guests do not get to eat a cupcake.

  35. Wedding cupcake/cake decoration tips..?

    Me and my fiance decided to have a cupcake tier and a mini. cake on the top. The thing is we are making it ourselves. The baking part will be easy but decorating is another thing. I want to have flowers or maybe butterflies. Especially since the place we are getting married is famous of monarch butterflies. We have thought much about the decoration of the cake and cupcakes. But I have no idea where to start. I know it would be hard to do, but I want it to look somewhat professional. Any one knows a website that shows how to make fancy looking flowers or any kind of fancy cake/cupcake decorations?? Or maybe can just explain how to do the fancy looking decorating?

  36. Are cupcake cheaper then a wedding cake?

    Or are people just going for tacky? I think cupcakes look terrible and they lack the sophication of a wedding cake. I have never seen one at a wedding until recently- I have only seen them at children events. Are they super cheap or something??

  37. Considering a cupcake tower for the wedding!?

    My fiance and I are planning our wedding on a budget. I'm very creative and want to do a cupcake tower instead of purchasing a wedding cake. We're only having 55 guests. Just wondering if anyone has ever done it before and if so, how did it come out?

  38. Picnic recipes for wedding reception????

    I am having a small and informal outdoor wedding at a plantation bed and breakfast next May. I want to do the cooking myself, and I am planning on making individual picnic baskets for each guest. I want the food to be a little more special than just lunchmeat or whatever, kinda old-fashioned, southern.... Preliminary menu-- Shaved prime rib w/horseradish mayo on mini yeast rolls. Southern fried chicken Garden Pasta Salad Sliced Cucumbers and Onions Kettle Style Chips Chocolate Sandies Cookies Cupcake Wedding Cake Any comments or alternate ideas would be appreciated. Keep in mind that they must be able to be individually wrapped and packed in boxes. Must not need to be cold, and must be easy to eat outside.

  39. Cupcake tree vs. traditional wedding cake?

    I'm looking for some pros and cons comparing having a cupcake tree vs. a traditional wedding cake. You can include things like how many people each can feed, price, etc. Thanks so much!

  40. Wedding cookies, cupcakes, cakes?

    For my daughters birthday, we've decided to bake wedding pastries, like cookies and cakes, and things... Any recipes?

  41. how long will "wedding" cupcakes keep for?

    Rather than have a wedding cake, we are having a cupcake tower which I am making with the help of my sister! We will be married on Tuesday and we were planning to make and decorate the cakes on Sunday. Will they still be ok for Tuesday? I was planning to use a simple vanilla recipe for some cakes and a chocolate recipe for the others. Any advice would be gratefully received!

  42. Wedding cakes estimates/recommendations?

    I'm getting married and was just wondering how much others had spent on wedding cakes. It's going to be a reception of about 150 people. Any estimates? Any recommendations for good bakeries to get it from? (It's going to be in Minneapolis, MN) Also, has anyone else heard about these "cupcake tower" cakes? (you can google it if you haven't).. What's your opinion on those?

  43. is their a recipe for a giant cupcake vanilla cake?

    I am making my friends wedding cakes which will be small cupcakes and the top tier will be a giant cupcake, i need to find out how many ingredients i need for the giant cake mould that i have, most of the recipes that i find are all chocolate and i need a plain sponge.

  44. Cupcakes or a wedding cake?

    What are some pros and cons to having a cupcake wedding cake? My fiance and I really like the idea since it is like everyone gets their own mini cake. The baker said that they would provide us with a six in. cake that we can cut. A part of me really likes this idea yet the other parts wants to stay more traditional with a wedding cake. Any suggestions or ideas?

  45. I need a good cupcake recipe (for a wedding)?

    My sister is getting married and isn't having a big wedding. We're going to make cup cakes and put them on a cupcake stand shaped like a cake. I need Chocolate and Vanilla cupcake recipe that tast yummy. Also What's a good frosting to use. The frosting out of a can doesn't usually as good as the cupcakes you buy at like a bakery. What kind of frosting do they use? Is there any good recipes for frosting?

  46. Which would be cheaper & easier for my wedding? Cupcakes or sheet cake?

    I know cupcakes take a little more time, but with sheet cakes you need plates and forks. My mom is making the cake/cupcakes for our wedding so I want it to be easy for her, but I also want it to be inexpensive. (And fun)

  47. Chocolate hearts for wedding cupcakes?

    As some of you know we are having a chocolate themed wedding. Our cake is made up of one 7" cake on the top with several layers of cupcakes on a stand below. The cupcakes will be of vanilla and chocolate but will all be wrapped in a gold foil paper that has a heart filigree punched out of it. They will all have an ivory colored white chocolate flavored frosting. I also want them to have little milk chocolate filigree hearts on each one, but I'm having a terrible time trying to find them, or even a web site that shows you how to make them yourself. Any ideas? Or has anyone even seen a cupcake like this? Sort of like this only smaller