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Square Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. square wedding cakes with lavender bows?

    white wedding cake with lavender bows 5-tier, square stacked, monogramed in the middle

  2. Will a round 3 tier cascading cake stand hold up square cakes? Or will it topple?

    I want to order square wedding cakes and purchase a cake stand to put them on. Will the cascading ones from Michaels hold up these square cakes?

  3. Wedding Cake! Will an E shape stand hold square cakes?

    Im making my own wedding cake and am looking into the type of stand i need.. I am going to make 3 cakes - a 12" square, 9" square and a 6" square cake... I would like to get an E shape stand but they all seem to have round bases.... Would i just need to buy an appropriately sized E shape stand and then use square cake boards with it?? Help!!

  4. To make a 14" square wedding cake ? When I only have a recipe up to 12"?

    Thanks for all your answers so far. I'm getting there, but a few more details might help. Obviously this is a question for those of you who know about cake making - it is no good trying to "calculate" from other sizes. My tin is 14" square. The largest recipe I can find is 12". Some of you have suggested times by 1.4 or 1.5. I guess this is along the right lines, but can't afford to make a mistake. Do these extra details help ? Many Thanks.

  5. I am looking for a clear acrylic square wedding cake topper that says today I married my friend.?

    I would like to find a clear acrylic square wedding cake topper that says today I married my friend. I have found the daisy shaped one all over the place, but don't really care for it. I would like to find one that is big enough to have our names and date engraved on it, but since we are having a very small wedding (50 or less) we don't want it to be too big for the cake. Any suggestions? We are getting married May 25, 2007 so I need to get it fairly soon so that I can get the engraving done. Thanks!

  6. please help me choose my wedding cakes?

    I going to marry in two month. But i can't decide to choose cakes for my wedding.Please help me to choose the best of wedding cakes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  7. Where can I find an inexpenisve square cake stand for my wedding cake?

    I need to find an inexpensive cake stand because I am only using it once, anyone know how much about it is to rent one, or buy a cheap one

  8. Wedding Cake? Square?

    I want a square cake for my wedding, does anyone know of a website were i can get some ideas?

  9. Which is cheaper? Round or square wedding cake?

    And no! I don't want fondant.

  10. I am making a 24 inch square cake for a wedding. Does anyone have plans for a large homemade temporary cooler?

    I need to ice the large layer (consisting of 4 10 inch squares), a couple of days before assembling the cake, and need a way to keep the large 3" high layer cool.

  11. Cake Decorators: What are the best sized cakes to use to do 4 alternating square and round cake layers?

    I am wanting to make a wedding cake just like the picture on this site: What sized cakes do you think they used? I am needing to feed 175-200 people.

  12. Wedding cakes on separate cake stands?

    I am looking for pictures of 3 or 4 wedding cakes on seprate cake stands. They will all be one layer square cakes, all differnt flavors. Any one seen this at a wedding before? Can you show me pictures?

  13. wedding cake round or square?

    is there a big difference between making the 2 i am making my friends wedding cake and i want to make a practice cake because i have never made a three tier cake if i make the practice one round for mothers day for my mom but the wedding cake is square is it the same idea for putting it to together i no decorating will differ but will building the main part

  14. How hard is it for a beginner to make a wedding cake?

    I want to start making cakes like wedding cakes etc. for the fun of it. I was watching The Cake Boss on TLC and it made me really want to try to make a wedding cake. I want to make the cakes square and have 3 - 4 tiers. I want to be really creative with it. How and where can I buy all of the things that I need? Do I buy or make fondant? Do you guys have any tutorials on how to make them? Thanks!

  15. Pricing & Suggestions for Mini Wedding Cakes?

    I am having a hard time figuring out how much to charge for Mini Wedding customer wants each guest to have an individual square cake with a basic flower on top. Any suggestions on pricing? And also, what would work best to put them in? Square Cupcake liners are almost impossible to find! Any Suggestions????? Well although the answers were interesting...not quite what I was looking for. I already have the baking pans & the design all picked out. My question is...I am having a hard time figuring out what to put these square Mini Cakes in. Has anyone ever used a Cupcake Liner for a Square 2.5x2.5 in Mini Cake? Also, Has anyone ever made these before & if so what would you charge if you were doing them? It is about 108 that I am making.

  16. I want to have a Japanese Garden themed indoor wedding. Any ideas?

    I've decided on orchid plants as my center piece, but what else can I incorporate to make it really special? We have a square wedding cake, what flowers should we put on it?

  17. How do I go about assembling a 3 tier wedding cake using store bought cakes?

    How do I go about assembling a 3 tier wedding cake using store bought cakes? Okay, I am abroad and I can't find a bakery here who'll do a traditional Canadian style wedding cake. My local grocery store bakery has agreed to do 3 layered carrot cakes with creamcheese frosting and filling. I wanted a round 3 tiered cake- they will only do square cakes- one 6 serving, one 8 and one 12. Can I tier them myself and have it look okay? How do I do it? Thanks for any help you can give:-) xo I don't want to just 'put them on top of eachother'. I want to know how I can properly do it, so I don't squish or damage the cakes or cause the middle to sink. I don't want any columns visible- I like the look of the cakes alone. I'm in Sweden, the south of Sweden. And yes one bakery would do a 2 tiered cake (after I showed a picture of one)with 20 servings for over 200 dollars! When you say dowels- how many? Should all be the length of all 3 or some 1 some 2 and some or one all 3??? I'm sorry but I think over 200 dollars for 20 servings is insane----that was a plain cake---no decoration just frosted!!!

  18. How do I cover a square fruit cake with sugarpaste?

    I want to cover a square cake with one piece of sugarpaste. Do I start at the bottom of one edge, lift up the paste and smooth over, or should I lay the paste on the top of the cake then smooth over each corner in turn. It is a wedding cake, so I don't want any split corners or joins showing. Thanks

  19. How much did your wedding cake cost?

    I really like 3 tiered offset square cakes with ribbon detailing and only a few selectively placed flowers...similar to these (without as many flowers - I love the green one): However, the big cake (green one) would cost almost $500 (by the time you added flower cost and delivery) and the little one would be $350-$400. I don't live in Texas, just found that website and liked their cake designs and would get a local place to do mine. I'm just wondering how much did you pay for your wedding cake and what kind was it? I'm not too cool with paying that much $ for a cake...and I'd have less than 100 people at my wedding.

  20. wedding cake help needed?

    i have been somehow volunteered to do a wedding cake on a budget!.there will be 100 guests well 100 been invited.they want a simple square cake decorated.any advise on where i cam get recipe quantities and sizes of cake from .how many cuts can you get out of a square cake. its times like this i wish i were an only child......only kidding love bro to bits

  21. icing mini cakes with roll out icing?

    I am making a wedding cake with lots of 2" square mini cakes. They have to be covered with roll out icing. I find that very hard to get smooth on such small cakes. Any tips. Its more a question of the corners. i can ice big cakes OK But the mini ones seem to end up with so much icing at the corners.

  22. Wedding cake options?

    So i was wondering whats your opinions on wedding cakes. Do you like the tradition kind with about 3-5tiers and a bride & groom on top? For example - Do you like a traditional wedding cake with a few tiers and flowers not bride and groom? For example - Do you like a modern wedding cake with tiers and a bride and groom? For example - Do you like a modern wedding cake with iced flowers or decorations? For example - Do you like the cupcake / fairy cakes look with about 20 small cakes and 1 big one? For example - Do you like the wedding cake with two tiers and a flower on the top? For example - Do you like the fairytale wedding look cake that's all fantasy? For example - Do you like the wedding cakes that have a stand and are separate cakes? For example - Also, if you like any kind of other cake, what would it be? can yodon'tclude pictures, Is it ok ifalmost a sponge filling? as i dont like fruit cake because i understand alomost every wedding cake is fruit. x Sorry about some spellings, my laptop has a mind of its own. I was meant to say - If i didnt list the type of cake or you would like to say a different type can you please add pictures if you can and is it ok if i have a sponge filling in my cake as most wedding cakes are fruit cakes and we dont like fruit cake. x

  23. Where is the best wedding cake bakery in the Detroit, MI area?

    I am getting married this September and it has to be a square cake and feed at least 100 people. Please help!

  24. Can you put roses on top of a wedding cake, real roses ?

    The cake I want for my wedding has real red roses around the tiers, The woman that is doing says that's this would be a sanitary issue, with pesticides.Ive seen many of pictures on line with roses in wedding cakes , is there a square tower I need or can I put the roses on the cake .. Without making my family all I thought roses were edible?

  25. what did you pay for your wedding cake?

    i am a pastry chef, specific in wedding cakes. I would like to know what type of cake you had, sizes (round, square) and if you had buttercreme or fondant. thanks

  26. How many will a 12" square sponge cake serve as a dessert?

    I am serving wedding cake as a dessert and need to know what size of cake to order.

  27. How do I wrap a ribbon around fondant?

    I am making a three layer , square wedding cake. The bride just wants it to be plain white fondant (which I can do) with a ribbon around each layer. I have tried to attach the ribbon in the past, but it never stayed close enough to the fondant, and I couldn't figure out how to attach the ends.

  28. Wedding Cake Pictures.....?

    I need a picture of a Tiffany Themed Square Wedding Cake so that I can show it to my baker, so they can get an idea of what I want, I've searched the web high and low and havent been able to find it, I did see a slight picture of Toni Braxton's cake {beautiful as it was}; I need a complete picture, if anyone can help I would be most appreciative....

  29. how much should i expect to pay for a wedding cake?

    I don't want anything too fancy, just a simple three tier cake with just white icing on (because i want to use flowers to decorate the cake myself) The filling will be probably chocolate or vanilla sponge. I was also wondering what you think about the shape of cakes. round or square??? thank you!

  30. Does anyone know where I can get ideas for wedding cake designs?

    My mom is making my wedding cake because there will only be 5 people, including myself and my fiance. I don't want anything fondant, but I want it to be relatively simple. I want some pink in it as well, but if I could find a design, I could change the colors, to colors I want. My mom took cakedecorating years ago, but I just don't want to do anything too advanced. I want small cakes, a 2-tier, so we can freeze the top one. I don't care if it's square or round, but I kinda like the square cakes. I am including a link below of the first cake I picked out, but it's fondant, so I decided against it unless I can't find anything else. I'm getting married the first week of July, so I need to get an idea quick! ^picture 1T

  31. Average Wedding cake cost for 140 people (excluding the top tier for the bride and groom)?

    I want a square cake with a few layers (enough for that many people- I think 3) and I want it frosted preferably in butter cream with probably a butter cream filling. Nothing too exquisite but tastes good and looks nice. I just want to know what an average cost would be. I live in central NJ. Thank You

  32. Am I going overboard with my wedding theme?

    I am going to have double hearts (silver) Cobalt blue and Violet wedding. My invitations have double hearts my cake topper is double hearts My basket,pillow,guest book, pen, and cake servers, and cake box have the double heart the bridal party goblets and heart tea-light holders on the tables. I am having matches and napkins with the double hearts and bubbles too! Is this too much? or is it ok? also was thinking of a cake like this 4th cake but it would all look like the third layer. and only be 3 layers

  33. How much flour should I use for a 10inch square sponge cake?

    I have a square tin, 10 inch, and need to make a sponge cake for a wedding. I really need to get the recipe right, I am doing a trial run first. Please could someone advise on the correct amounts and cooking time?

  34. Anyone know where I can get a cake box for an american wedding cake?

    I am making a 3 tier american wedding cake, the kind that is stacked one on top of the other, rather than having pillars to separate the cakes. I need a suitable box to transport it in, but can't find one anywhere. The box will need to be at least 14 inches square, and a minimum of 10 inches high. any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  35. How difficult is it to make a perfectly square cake?

    I am preparing for a wedding in october and I have a family member that is starting pastry school and would like to make our cake. Our idea is for a layered square cake but that idea was immediatly shot down by other members of the family. I am wondering if anyone knows how hard it would actually be to make a square layer cake. Thanks

  36. Can I use poured fondant on my wedding cake?

    I am hoping to make my own wedding cake (2-tiered square cake). I have had a go at a homemade rolled fondant, but it dried out too quickly (or I was too slow) and I had cracks appear in the finish. I've heard that poured fondant is smoother without so much effort!! However, I have also heard that poured fondant can stay 'sticky' and shiny and not dry off like a rolled fondant would. Can anyone offer any advice here? Is poured fondant a good option? Is there perhaps a specific poured fondant recipe I should be using - there are so many out there, I don't know where to start! Thanks. :)

  37. Making my first wedding cake- help!?

    I got into cake making a year ago and recently have been selling big princess cakes, and now I've been asked to do my first wedding! She want a two tiered square pound cake, with the top tier offset (like a diamond instead of straight stacking- get what I mean?) So I have a ZILLION questions if someone could help me out! 1. What is the best pound cake recipe to use? Links to your favorties? 2. What should I use as filling, or should I use straight butter cream throughout the whole thing? 3. Is it easier to work with the cake when it is frozen? Any special precautions about working with frozen cake? 4. Should I trim off all the edges after I fill it so that it's perfectly square or is this not necessary? I'm going to frost it and then cover it in marshmellow fondant. Any other suggestions you might have for me I would greatly appreciate! Thank you so much!

  38. wedding cakes?

    im geeting married soon and i want a simple cake i went to one shop and told them about a cake i wanted it nothing with them sticks and fountains like people use for sweet 16 i want mine square circle square sitting on top of the other but the lady said that the cake would crack threw has anyone had a pretty simple cake like they show on brides mag. and did not crack threw ?

  39. Wedding decision help :) please?

    Okay, i'm not getting married til June but i'm starting now i need help. i suck at planning and making decisions.... here's what i've got, is it good? 1.Colors: Coral . Brown . Accents of Bright Green. 2. Cupcakes instead of a wedding cake set on a square cake stand with an 8x8 cutting cake on top. 3.Favors: Flavored popcorn balls in clear cellophane bags with cute monogram tags and coral or brown ribbon. (flavored popcorn-strawberry. choc. mint. white choc. caramel.) 4. Personalized matchbooks tied to 2 sparklers for guests to lite as we leave. 5. I want to change into a Kelly Green cocktail dress during the "Get-a-way" 6. I want dean martin, frank sinatra and michael buble music. 7. Brown table clothes with coral satin runners how does that sound? :) ♥ Natalie haha ya, i'll probably change my mind come june :) but thanks! sage or a mint color would be nicer huh :) oh, i'm using long 8' tables set up in a large U shape around the room (instead of lots of round tables) and the centerpieces will be 12" tall x 4" wide oval glass vases filled with white or ivory river rocks and water, the have tall curly willow branches with little coral flowers tied to the branches with lots of greenery and lots of votive candles. the ceremony will be outside under some trees next to a pond (were getting married at the golf course my fiancee manages) and the reception will be held in the ballroom of the clubhouse :) it's a very romantic setting i think and the theme of the wedding is "A Summer Fairytale"

  40. where can I buy square fairy cake cases?

    they have to be square! for a friends wedding they are for a friends wedding. i have searched eBay and the WWW high and low and to no avail.

  41. Christmasy wedding cake pictures?

    My wedding is at the end of November, and while it's not a full-on Christmas theme, we did pick the date because my fiance and I both LOVE Christmas/winter time. Out colours are silver, gold and dark cranberry (so it's kind of Christmasy) but all the other details are more art-deco inspired versus Christmasy These are our wedding invites: You can see that they are kind art-deco design, and I am made the save-the-dates, and will make favour tags and place cards to match that design. But for our cake we kind of want a simple square fondant cake with holly or mistle-toe climbing up/down the side(s) of it. Something like this: but with holly or mistle-toe. I've looked at almost every picture on, and I can't find anything that is Christmasy. I am going to meet with our potential bakers in the next two weeks, so I want to be really clear (i.e. have a picture) so that I will get actuate quotes/what we have in mind. Has anyone seen Christmasy wedding cakes like I am describing?

  42. thanx for advice re decorate wedding cake.?

    cake is jam sponge and is iced all ready. got a topper. need advice what to put on cake. my posy is cream and apricot roses. should i put edible coloured roses to match. if so where shall i place them on the square cake.