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Beach Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. Can someone please send me links to 2 or 3 tier beach wedding cakes?

    I have been looking like crazy for the perfect beach cake but no luck. We're getting married at Enchanted Gardens in League City.Thanks for the website.

  2. Beach Wedding?

    Me and my fiance are having trouble on agreeing on a beach themed wedding cake! Please show us some pics and I need a beach themed wedding dress please help my I dont care what the cost I just really need help!

  3. Does anyone have any good pictures of sand castle wedding cakes I may look at... or links?

    Looking for a great beach wedding sand castle cake for 100 guests. Haven't found much online

  4. Does any one know who bakes Wedding cakes in Myrtle Beach SC.?

    I have heard that the local supermarkets do a good job, anyone order from Food Lion etc? Or know any housewives who do this as extra income? So many bakery cakes are bland and dry. Has anyone baked the Bon Appetit magazine, 1995 cake, if so how did it turn out? Thank you

  5. Beach wedding cake ideas?

    I need help i have been looking and i like this one four tier any ideas thx yea the bottom part is going to be blue

  6. I need a great beach/tropical wedding cake idea!?

    I have looked EVERYWHERE!! I cant find anything original or inspiring. My colors are yellow and orange, I dont like the shells clumped up on the cake or scattered weirdly. I just want an amazing cake and am lost...HELP PLEASE! Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  7. Sand Castle Cake for Beach Themed Wedding?

    I am looking for a sand castle cake idea with pics. I have looked online, but they're not what I really like. Any ideas? I know this has been asked here before, but they're a bit outdated. Thank you!

  8. What Hotels in Miami do great a Wedding Ceremony?

    Where and what hotels in Miami have a great Beach to have a small wedding ceremony? I will be getting married at the end of June but I am so confused on hotels in Miami? What are the requirements for NYC residents to get married in Miami? Does anyone recommend a Hotel that does a beach weeding on their property? What about wedding cakes in Miami: does anyone recommend a wedding cake designer (Bakery) in Miami?? Does anyone know how should i begin to arrange the beach wedding with a hotel? should I question the wedidng policy of the hotel? Or what should I do?

  9. wedding cakes?

    i am doing a cupcake wedding cake, and the groom cake is going to be his favorite greman chocolate, for the wedding cupcake cake i am putting a mini cake on top for cutting, the topper i am thinking of putting seashells on top of the mini cake and for the grooms i have no idea what to do, i got him a cake topper that has the bride standing up witha key in her hand and the groom is sitting with a ball and chain how can i make that into a beach themed wedding cake our colors are blue and white and a little ivory, any suggestions, what color should the cake be? how many cupcakes do i need for 120 guest? how should i make the cupcake weddign cake with that many cupcakes on it? i was thinking of making my our boxs to display the cupcakes on but for 120 people i was thinking 3 tier with cupcakes and then the 4th tier for the mini cake if i do that how mnay cupcakes should i put on each tier? please i am welcome to all suggestions. the topper is funny and my groom to be loves it, everyone we know thinks it is cute becuase even since we have been together 7 years i have changed him for the better, he use to get in troble alot and do drugs now he is prefect for me nothing like that, so in a way it works for us

  10. Looking for a beach style wedding cake website.?

    I still haven't found my dreamcake.Please help me out.I want like a blue and white,3 tier beachcake.Thanks.

  11. Does anybody have ideas for a beach wedding?

    I was just proposed to at age 17 not too long ago, already had a miscarriage with his baby, and we aren't getting married for 2 years...We have already been through alot and have alot to still go through. I will be getting my own place in a yearish and will probably live with him before we get married to see how that would be.....Our wedding will be at St. Augustine beach but want to find an inexpensive "1-2K" wedding and reception.....Cake is picked out but thats about it besides little ideas....

  12. Can u use store bought cake mix to make a wedding cake?

    It's a 2 tiered cake and not anything super fancy, a friend and I decided to take this on because another friend was not able to afford a cake. ( so no mean remarks about how qualified we are please ) Its a simple beach wedding with only a few guests so the cake does not have to amazing, I would, however like It to b nice. Thanx 4 the help!

  13. Wedding cake bakers...Myrtle Beach, SC area?

    I am looking for a private wedding cake baker in the Myrtle Beach area, I have called several companies in the area and they seem to be really expensive. Anything would be a great help. Thanks.

  14. wedding cakes, i am doing a cupcake wedding cake?

    i am having a beach themed wedding and wanting to do a cupcake wedding cake with cream icing and have a small cake on top for cutting of course but what can i derco the cupcakes with i was thinking about something eat able that looks like sand or something any ideas?

  15. Wedding cake review at Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii?

    I'm planning a wedding in Hawaii... We have decided to have the reception at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. I am looking for any reviews for the wedding cakes that they make at the hotel, because we are not able to get any kind of tasting there... They are much cheaper to have them make the cake made there then to have someone else make it and bring it in... Any thoughts are great! Thanks!

  16. What do I wear to our Post Wedding Celebration? We were married on the beach this past September.?

    The party is at my mother in laws house and its casual, we are having food, drinks, and we will do a toast and cut our wedding cake. Do we need to wear our wedding attire? It's all white and its getting chilly.

  17. Any advice on planning an outdoor beach wedding?

    Locations, photographers, food, cake, etc. We would love to rent a beach house and have small ceremony for 10-15 people or to get married in Mexico at an all inclusive resort.

  18. Does anyone have suggestions for a location to rent for beach wedding in North western Florida?

    We are looking to get married next summer in Florida. Specifically northwestern. Somewhere near Seaside beach. We were wanting to rent a house on the beach where we could just set up the wedding right on the beach behind the house. Wanted it to be a big enough house to hold at least 10 people and have a nice large room to have a cake and some finger foods in for afterwards. Does anyone know of a place they can recommend?? I have googled lots of places but would like a recomendation.

  19. How much would a wedding on the beach cost?

    I want to have a wedding on the beach of California. How much does a permit cost ? And I just want it to be my fiance; our 2 best friends; and our parents; and our siblings. So about 10 people. We need seating; decorations; invites&thank you letters; candles; the cake; flowers; carpet; the reserved beach; the rings; and the dress; and the tux. thanks!! :) Please don't tell me one number; please say how much each one will be! Thanks :)

  20. I need a wedding cake in Laguna beach...?

    The thing is I don't have much cash. is there anything I can do? It's a small wedding about 30 people and the reception is at the Olive garden.

  21. Real seashells on a wedding cake?

    Does anyone know if there is any danger in putting real seashells on a beach themed wedding cake? Should I supply a waver to the person who is purchasing the cake that would release me from any harm, injury, etc? Thanks...

  22. Where can i find wedding cake toppers?

    My wedding theme is beach and dolphins. I am looking for a cake topper that is dolphins. I want to find something that is 2 dolphins jumping out of water and coming together into a heart. I cannot find anything anywhere. Does anybody have any ideas of where i can look? I also want to find ribbon that has 49ers on ribbon does anybody know where i can find that also?

  23. cake cutting for small beach wedding? 6 guest.?

    i am not having a reception. after the wedding i am having dinner w/ just my husband where should i have the cake cut if no one is coming to dinner w/ us?

  24. I'm in the first stages of planning a beach wedding, help?

    I want to plan a cute wedding on the beach, with a reception aferwards, although I don't want to spend a TON of money!!!! Both me and my fiance are dressing very casual, we have a house on the beach to have the wedding (behind it on the ocean) and have the reception I am thinking inside the house??? Give me some ideas ie- food, gifts, decorations..... I have some one already to make the cake as a gift to me.... Anything would be appreciated:) I really appreciate some of the answers I am getting, I am so scared to plan this, of course I will have help from my mom and his mom, but I want this from my prespective too, and I don't know where to start..... I will be glad to hear e-mails from all of you:):)

  25. WEDDING CAKES on the Central Coast of NSW?

    I am trying to find the phone number of a guy based in Forresters Beach on the Central Coast of NSW who has only recently opened a wedding cake business called BROWN SUGAR. He is so new it seems he isn't online or in the phone book. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I'm in AUSTRALIA...

  26. Suggestions for a beach themed wedding?

    OK, so I want a beach themed wedding. Here is what I am planning: Married at sunset, reception at night. Outdoors, white christmas lights, white candles lit, and white flowers here and there. I want a bonfire and I want the food to be barbequed on site. Not too formal, but still very nice. I need ideas on a cute guest book, favors, invitations, and cake decoration. And whatever else you can think of! Thanks!

  27. Where is a great place to have a beach ceremony for my wedding in La Jolla/San Diego, CA?

    I was going to go with Cuvier Park, aka the wedding bowl, but we will be having 80-100 guests. ALso, we were hoping to get married on a three day weekend, but you can't rent a park on a holiday weekend. If you can help me find the perfect beach or bluff or park to have my ceremony, you can come to the wedding and help yourself to some cake! :-)

  28. How can I make a wedding cake with 2 Shih Tzu Toppers?

    My brother wants a wedding cake with figurines of 2 of his Shih Tzu's in it. It is a beach wedding, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make it without it looking really odd. Any suggestions?

  29. Has any had a wedding or been to a wedding at Royal Fiesta Caterers in Deerfield Beach FL?

    Has any had a wedding or been to a wedding at Royal Fiesta Caterers in Deerfield Beach FL. If so how was the experience? How was the food including the cake?

  30. In search of a Tropical Wedding cake... PLEASE HELP! ?

    I have look everywhere for the perfect cake and I'm having no luck! Im looking for a cake that has a tropical flower arrangement on the top with lots of COLORFUL flowers. (stargaziers, lillys, etc.) please help! or if you have had a tropical/beach wedding please send me pics of your cake! :)

  31. What can you recommend for a private San Juan wedding?

    My fiance and I are going on a week-long honeymoon cruise that leaves San Juan, Puerto Rico docks at 10pm on March 2nd of 2008. We would like to get off our plane, go to a private area and have a brief wedding ceremony, eat a nice dinner in San Juan in our wedding garb, and get on the boat (still in our wedding garb). We want to keep this is simple as possible- NO fancy decorations, NO big wedding cakes- I'm even bringing my own boquet. I've been combing the internet for weeks and keep coming across the same issue- people wanting 1000+ just to coordinate- this doesn't include cost of beach reservation, officiant, and license arrangement. I'm so frustrated I can hardly stand it. We just want 30 mins- in and out- no muss no fuss. I can arrange my own photographer, my meals, etc. A question for PR locals- is it cheaper, do you think to start searching outside of San Juan? Can you recommend places? I would sincerely appreciate all info you can provide.

  32. Your friend is getting married on the beach. She plans to serve a fish and grits dinner at the reception.?

    In addition to fish and grits, cup cakes will be served instead of a wedding cake. No chairs will be on the beach. Everyone will have to stand during the ceremony. The reception will be on the beach too. How would you react to this information? Would you want to be the maid of honor? This is a serious situation. Not a joke. Not making this up.

  33. Are these acceptable for a beach casual wedding?

    I am the bride, and are these items OK for a Beach Wedding? dress- invites- cake- boquet- bridesmaid dresses- i dont have a lot of other details, bu if you know of something that could be helpful to me, i'm open for suggestions. thanks a lot!

  34. Can I get some help with a cheap wedding?

    My Bf and I are planning a wedding for next July. Can we ge some practical tips on how to have an affordable wedding. we live in Jamaica and we want to have a beach front wedding .Any ideas on cheap decoration and cakes etc.

  35. Any tips for having a wedding Ponce or San Juan?

    I need any time of information for having a beach wedding in either Ponce or San Juan Puerto Rico. Any tips? I need anything from where I can find a great hotel for my family, to where I can get a great cake. Attractions, best time to have a wedding, best beach. I'm really interested in any information, I would really appreciate it!!

  36. Beach wedding, where should reception be?

    Me and my fiancee want to get married on the beach, but not so sure about where to locate our reception, we really don't want it outside because of the cake melting.

  37. We want to serve salmon at our wedding, any suggestions on sides?

    It's going to be in August, in a Native American building/setting, with 1 Norwegian wedding cake and 1 American wedding cake, and a "sunset on the beach" theme. FH's mom is going to make Jello salad and we are having "sunset punch" lol... any ideas on inexpensive sides to go with fire cooked salmon? :) thanks for the ideas guys, keep 'em coming! please! lol even if it's more wedding food ideas, I am really at a crossroads here!! lol

  38. Help!! planning a beach wedding at the Seaventure Resort in Pismo Beach, CA.?

    ok so I'm planning a beach wedding for next spring. I need ideas on everything!!! cake? colors? decorations? favors? this is what i'm thinking so far. The ceremony is on the beach and i was thinking about pink and white roses for flowers. the reception is at the resort im having the ceremony and its a beach front reception banquet hall. Its actually at the SeaVenture Resort. If anyone has had a wedding there or knows anyone please help!!! i would love to see pictures if any and hear details. Thanks everyone for your help in advance.

  39. Myrtle Beach Wedding.....?

    I'm getting married next year on Myrtle Beach I was wanting to know if someone knew of some good cake makers and places to rent chairs for the wedding? I live out of state

  40. beach wedding ideas ?

    i was just wondering if your having a beach wedding are you having a beach theme? or not. what are your colors and what are you doing for centerpieces and the cake? thanks guys

  41. Florida Beach Wedding?

    I'm looking for a place in Florida (probably southern, not sure yet) that has weddings on the beach, without all the bells and whistles? I'm just looking for a hotel/resort that has affordable rooms with a wedding package that isn't thousands of dollars? I don't need a cake and a reception, and all that other stuff. I also want to be about to invite 10-30 people. Thank you!

  42. Beach and Fire wedding???

    My finacee and I are hosting a beach wedding through renting a large beach house and havieng the ceremony on the water, he also is a firefighter and wants to wear his dress uniform in additin to having some fire drawing a complete blank on how to incorporate the two...any ideas? we would like to have something in the ceremony as well as teh reception, ideas for invites, programs, etc...EVERYTHING would be great. We have decided on a fire truck cake for his grooms cake....thank you!

  43. recipes for cup cakes at a wedding?

    I am doing cup cakes instead of a cake. I have these great little things I ordered call cup cake cuddlers to make them look nicer. I plan on making the cup cakes myself with my fiance's mother. any good recipe ideas? I am doing 125 of them so I was thinking maybe 3 or 4 different flavors. It is a beach theme so I was thinking maybe some pineapple? Any suggestions?

  44. How would you like to do your wedding ceremony/party ?

    If I will marry one day I would like to do the ceremony on the beach. With families + a few real friends. I would like that everyone comes without shoes and colourful nice dresses. I would like to put a lot of candle and a lot of colourful flowers all over the beach. I would like to wear a nice white, short sexy dress. And my partner in white too. I would like to serve fresh fish, lobster, conchmeat, shrimps and everything (fresh as well) from the sea. And for the meatlovers some kebab and juicy baby backribs, I mean it have to be like a nice long table on the beach decorated with candles and flowers and fresh tropical fruits. With all these foods on it and fresh vegetables + salads. Another small table for my wedding cake , and chocolates and cookies. For music some nice cocktail music. And to finish put some fireworks at the end of the party. How would you like to do your wedding ceremony/party ?? Express in your own word , how you would like to do it.!!

  45. Where is the best place to get a wedding cake ?

    I am looking for somewhere in the Vancouver wa/ Portland or area.. that could get the cake to the beach. Or a place in Long Beach WA or somewhere close to there. I've tried google and yahoo. Thanks for your help

  46. Beach Wedding Music - Suggestions needed :O)?

    I'm from Miami and I'll be having a beach wedding next year in the Keys (Florida) I will be walking down the aisle(sand :O) into the song by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole' - Somewhere Over The Rainbow but I'm not sure what the rest of the court should walk into??? Also, any sugestions on cake cutting song?? Garter? Bouquet Toss...? Let me know and THANKS :O) At cocktail hour I will be playing : Bob Marley, Jack Johnson and loungy music.

  47. What should I pay for a wedding cake?

    I have a really tight budget for my wedding. There are only about 30 people on the guest list, and it will be really casual (NO SHOES ALLOWED) and on the beach. How much should I pay for a relatively simple wedding cake decorated with seashells?

  48. I NEED wedding cake boxes!!!!!!?

    Does anyone have a good link for wedding cake boxes that they have purchased for guests to take home left over cake. I am sure we will be having cake for people to take home, and I would like something decent yet afforable to give them to take?? Anyone found any good ones or a good deal on them?? THANKS! (we are having a beach wedding, tropical beach theme if any of them coordinate with theme).

  49. Long Beach, CA wedding. Need vendors please.?

    Wedding is in October. Has anybody been married in Long Beach near Rainbow Harbor. I need a cake vendor as well as hair & make-up. HeLp Thanks!