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Black And White Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. Ideas for a pink, black, and white wedding cake?

    Okay, sooo... just one week ago exactly, my fiance of 2 years and I decided we wanted to get married soon because we keep waiting for the perfect time and it just never seemed to happen. So, the wedding is June 23. So, I need some ideas quick like. haha. Okay, I want my colors to be pink, black, and white, and I've been searching the web forever looking for ideas for a pink, black, and white cake. Found some that were okay, but I'm not a frilly type of gal... and all the cakes seemed to be all flowers and ribbons. Not into that sort of thing. Sooo, if any of you have any ideas, links, or could be any help at all... PLEASE help. haha I'm on a veryyy tight timeline... and I'm going nuts trying to find something I like. I want a sort of hot pink, something that will stand out. Nothing too pastel. Anyway, Thanks in advance! :)

  2. I am looking for a black and white wedding cake. White frosting with black scroll work all over it.?

    I have seen pictures but of course now that I need one I can't seem to find any. White fondant icing with black fancy scroll work all over it. Help!!

  3. Wedding Cake for a white blue, and black wedding?

    hi, im looking for an idea for a white, blue and black wedding cake. i was wondering if someone could send me pics of ideas they have? any will do, but i would like the cake to be white with black and blue on it like for example, white 3 tier, with black ribbon and blue flowers. or blue ribbon and black flowers. but i havent found anything adorable yet =/ please help!! =] thank you!

  4. Can anyone find a picture of the black, red, and white wedding cake from "because i said so"???

    So, I am getting married soon and LOVE the black and white fondant cake from the end of the movie, "Because I said So." I know it is made by cake divas ( and I have found a partial picture here: but I would like to have a full picture of the cake to have to show my grandmother, who is a cake designer and is making my cake. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Have already emailed cakedivas to see if they have any pics.....

  5. Anybody know where I can find black and white cake designs for my wedding?

    where can I find ideas for my wedding cake

  6. Can anyone get me wedding dress websites for cheap?

    I am engaged and want to have a black and white themed wedding with red roses. Can anyone help me with a good wed site that has good black wedding dresses please? Also any with black and white wedding cakes would be nice too thank you.

  7. black and white wedding?

    i am having a black and white wedding. bridesmaids and groomsmen will be dressed in black and white, with red flowers. my dress white of course. table linens black and white, plates white, black and white photo booth. black and white cake. i just need ideas now for little things... like favors! and anything else anyone has heard of that would go well with this wedding theme... :) thanks!

  8. black and white cake?

    i want a black and white wedding cake that will feed 40 people or so. i want something simple and cute. i also want some type of pink in it..just a little. anyone have any links or ideas for me ?? also, any ideas or links for cupcakes w/ the same colors?

  9. Where can I find black cake pillars/separators?

    I'm having a black & white wedding, and my wedding cake is going to be white, with red roses in between the layers. Instead of the traditional white pillars between the layers, I would like to incorporate the black by having black pillars. The flowers will be there too, so it will just be a subtle touch of our wedding color. Has anyone seen this before? I haven't been able to find any on the internet...

  10. black, white, and silver wedding?

    I'm not sure if the silver is appearing as often as it needs to. Black bm dresses with silver ribbon, guys have silver vests, black/white cake with silver topper, black/white table cloths, and a crystal tree that has a silver trunk. We've only decided on one flower which is a calla lilly. We have some black/white damask decor like votives, candles, picture frames and some other things. How else can I incorporate the silver? And what color flowers would be ok to use besides white? I would prefer a little bit of color and I'm leaning towards purple. Advise please :) We have also considered taking the silver out and using black, white and purple. But purple seems to be tricky b/c only certain shades go with black and some purple also looks tacky for a wedding.

  11. any ideas for a black and white themed wedding?

    i need help for my sisters wedding....she is having a black and white themed wedding..ideas for dresses,cake,flowers,etc.? no rude answers if so i will report you.

  12. What do you think of my wedding cake?

    Ive already asked this question but want to clarify: My wedding colors are white and black with red accents. I am having a 3 tier fountain wedding cake with the two staircases down the sides to two smaller, 2 tier cakes. I have a white cake toppers (calla lillies inside a heart for the smaller cake and a white dancing couple for the larger cake). I don't want a complete black cake I'm worried itll be too dark or look gothic.So I thought a white cake but have a black lace design on it (so it looks like black lace is wrapped around the cake a little white will show but itll be mostly black), then some red flowers. (there will also be a ring of flowers around the cake. Opinions or ideas please. Clarification: BLack will b fondant, it doesnt stain, I want more black than white because my cake toppers r solid white. and I know it is a difficult design with the lace and everything, but a professional is doing my cake. (and its not solid black)

  13. What do you think of black and white photo transfers on a wedding cake?

    My fiance and I are zeroing in on a wedding cake design. Okay the truth is I'm zeroing in, My fiance doesn't like cake and since I promised him I'd bake his favorite pie and make sure he has ice cream at the wedding he says I can choose whatever as long as its on or under budget. LOL! I've got an idea I think would be great and would cost less than budgeted but am not sure if will come across as stylish or tacky. I love the idea of a three level octagon shaped (eight sides) cake. Some of the sides will decorated by black and white photo transfers of baby and toddler pics of ourselves, the location he proposed to me at and a few wish fulfillment images of locations we intend to visit and images that represent desired states of being ie love, joy, friendship, abundance and adventure etc. Essentially the baby pics with mothers on the 1st level, pic of location he engaged, a great informal engagement pic of us on the 2nd level and future wish fulfillment images on the third level. This is also an olive branch gesture as my future mother in law is essentially being shut out of the wedding arrangement details as she confuses her opinions with facts and a defacto decision The cake is meant to be classy but distinctive. The cake will be lemon with white on white icing, the odd silver embellishment with the black and white photo transfers all delicately framed by icing so they look like framed photos and with a touch of colour from the red rose petals strewn around the base. Great? Too much? Tackier than a counter top covered in spilled molasses?

  14. Wedding ideas and photos of anything black and white theme with red and orange accents?

    My wedding will be next August and I have definitely decided on black and white with orange and red accents but I want more ideas on centerpieces, cakes, decorations, dinnerware(i am on a budget so decorative paper plates), etc. Anything would help at this point! Thanks in advance to everyone!

  15. Black and white wedding?

    My fiance and I are planning a black and white wedding. The more into this I get though, the more complicated it becomes. When I thought of flowers all white seemed too drab so I though about introducing a light pink accent color for flowers and maybe black bridesmaid dresses with which? white or pink sashes? i like whiteI cant figure out where the accent color should go asside from flowers. And is it okay for the groomms cake to be totally off color scheme? Like, his will probably be brown and red and that clashes so bad!

  16. I need advise...I am having a black and white/ivory wedding and don't know about an accent color???

    There are gorgeous black /white marble floors at the venue. BM dresses are black and all have white lillies. Black table clothes and the centerpieces are cakes with off-white icing and white flowers. I have planned to incorporated a damask pattern on napkins, favor boxes, table/menu cards and vases. However, the chairs the venue provides are gold and the table settings are a bone color with a gold rim. Should I incorporate more gold into my decor (candles, beads, favor boxes, etc.) or forget it and stick with all black/white???

  17. Can I still wear a white dress on my wedding day if the groom wants the theme to be black and silver? Tacky?

    Groom wants a black and silver theme. Can I still wear a white wedding dress? Any suggestions on other colors? I would like to hear any stories of previous weddings and themes/colors....and about the many people were invited and about the honeymoon

  18. I'm planning my Red, Black and White wedding, can anyone help me find some pictures for inspiration?

    Flowers, Reception Hall, Gowns, Food, Cake... ANYTHING!! Links to pictures would be GREAT!

  19. I'm having a Black and White wedding...?

    Hello, I'm getting married on octoboer 11th 2008. And I'm having a black and white wedding, with deep red flowers and need a little bit of advice.... First off I'm having troubles finding a florist in Minnesota...If you know of any that there prices are not to high let me know and also I don't know much about flowers and I'm not sure what kind would look good? Maybe with me having such a eligant wedding color probably stick with roses? Second off can anyone recomenned me to a cake maker in MN. Does local grocey stores do good (ex. Corborns, Lunds Bylers, Cub?) I've heard they are cheaper. and lastlley I need some ideals for center pieces.

  20. White Sox Theme Wedding?

    Ok here it goes... My fiance and I love the Chicago White Sox. His dream was to get married at U.S Cellular (aka Comisky Park), but since I would rather be married in a church, I have decided to go with a sox theme wedding. If you don't know what the colors are for the white sox, it is black and white. I do not want to go with a black and white wedding, so how would I be able to incorporate the chicago white sox into my wedding? Ideas so far: place card holders that look like tickets to the park a 2005 world series cake (mini version) and a traditional wedding cake Wedding party being announced as "Now for your starting line up...(then announces the bridal party as we all walk through the door wearing jersey's. that is all I can think of... I still need some ideas for bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decor. If I decide on this wedding it will be in the fall. If I choose a spring wedding I will have something completely different.

  21. Black and White themed Wedding, Ideas??

    Semi-formal, evening wedding, church ceremony, 150 guests, Black BMaid dresses with white sashes, and white bride's dress with black accents & men all in black. Any other ideas??? Centerpieces, favors, Food, cake, drinks??? Adding a secondary color??? Silver, fushia, turquiose???

  22. Halloween and white with a hint of Nightmare before christmas?

    We are having black and white roses...huge candy bridesmaid dresses and pin striped tuxes...NBC themed cake...anyone have some other ideas?

  23. Black,white and red wedding?

    I'm looking for ideas for my chosen wedding colors. We're getting married indoors in early October. We're trying to find budget friendly ideas, hopefully some DIY ideas, that will pull everything together and make it look wonderful. I'm thinking Mostly black and white with splashes of red...real red, not wine, or brick...crayon red:) Any suggestions? I'm having a hard time finding any sites or images to give me ideas......decorations, cake, dresses, flowers, etc. Please help! I'm so stressed out about planning this that my fiance suggested that I just worry about the fun stuff like decor right now.....and i am...stressing about that...:)

  24. I found a black and white picture of LeAnn Rimes cutting a 4 tier wedding cake, where can I find this in color

    The wedding cake in the picture has pears and branches on it. It is a picture of her and her husband cutting the cake.

  25. non traditional wedding ideas?

    I was inspired by a white and black wedding cake with red roses seen here: And decided to use these colors for my wedding. I know I don’t want a tradition wedding. In replace of tull, flowers and other boring material used I want to use feathers, mirrors and beads. The typical just wont do so I really need help coming up with unique ideas. Just to give you an idea: for place cards I found theses really cool ball and chains and painted numbers on them attached is a card with the person name on it. PLEASE HELP ME no idea is to far out the box. thanks :) oh what do u think of my brides maids wearing black?? To marlene c the ball and chain place card holder are to be taken as a joke and not so serious. And NO I DON’T WONT A TRADITIONAL Wedding not even a little bit.

  26. Black and white theme....another question.?

    Ok, so I've tried looking through the other black and white wedding theme questions and I've been disappointed. I have an accent color of a royal/cobalt blue. I need pictures of like decorations for the reception/dance. Pictures of bouquets and maybe some cute (yet not too expensive) food ideas? I've googled and yahoo'd and keep coming up with the same sites over and over. Any new ideas people have would be very helpful. I found my cake already, as it matches my white w/ black wedding dress. And i have the bridesmaid dresses. I'm a very visual person. Are there any websites that show black and white decorations or pictures of ways other people have done black and white or anything? I really want some pictures.

  27. purple wedding cakes?

    we are trying to figure what one we like the most our colors are purple white and black... These are our faves out of the like 20 we were looking at lol,%20purple%20ribbon%20and%20flowers.jpg

  28. What is an alternative to using black and red frosting?

    For a wedding cake and wedding cupcakes... we were thinking plain white cake with silk black and red roses... any other ideas?

  29. how do you make Fondant?

    i am make a black and white wedding cake for my school i am 17 year old and i have never made a wedding cake and i need help making a bow whit fondant and making fondant to ♥thank you☺♥

  30. Anybody know where I can get personalised wedding cake topper with white bride and darker skinned groom?

    Have been able to find black grooms but my sister's fiance is half Sri Lankan so just need him to be darker skinned. She likes the cartoon style ones. The wedding is being done on a budget so would prefer it not to be too expensive. Cheers

  31. black and ivory input!?

    have a few Q's... i'm doing a black/ivory or black/white wedding (depending on how white or not white my dress is) with a hot pink or fuschia accent. for the reception i want to do mainly black/white (or ivory) with a little bit of accent color here and there. 1. black or white tablecloths? which ones are easier to rent or find? 2. black or white napkins? 3. black or white chairs? 4. black or white dishes? which is easier to rent? which looks better? 5. where would i put my accent w/ all the black and white? just in the flowers? (which i want to be hot pink gerber daisies) will be in a small would i decorate an itty bitty white country church w/out overdoing it but still keeping w/ the theme? 7. what are the easiest, cutest, funnest centerpieces i could do? 8. would i need placecards or seating assignments for 60 guests? 9. i want to do cupcakes for my 'wedding cake'. how many cupcakes would be best for 60 guests? i would like some extra left over. can you have a bakery just make the cake topper that would go on the top of the cupcake cake? like this one at the top? cuz i think my fam will be making the actual cupcakes

  32. Can I use fake ribbons on my wedding cake?

    I absolutely love the cakes made at Publix and so I'm having them make my wedding cake. One thing though...they do not use black icing. I want a white cake with small black polka dots or the look of ribbon on the edges. Can i buy black ribbon so they can use for the edge?

  33. The wedding cake from the movie Because I Said So....?

    I am looking for a picture of the wedding cake at the end of the movie. It was the black, white, and red cake for the moms wedding. If anyone can find me a picture that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

  34. Would you get married in Black and Gold?

    this will be my second marriage and Im no spring chicken anymore ,but Id still like to look pretty and styly.... I woke up one morning thinking black and gold ( maybe the sash ,or gold lace bolero type jacket...... It is winter here too at the moment so cant wear anything summery......( cuz I do love pastels alot too )..... friends says sis says wear what you like God dont mind ,hes more interested in other things What do you think...... ( btw if ya think black n gold is strange I saw this awesome black wedding cake with piped white design-amazing!.... wow...!! theres a song called that ???... i will check it out ..thankyou

  35. Wedding Color Disagreement?

    My fiance and I are planning a 2009 wedding. But we are having a disagreement on the wedding colors. So we both decided to let you all decide. I want a black, pink, and white wedding. I want my wedding cake to look like this but with black and pink flowers. I want my brides maids to wear black dresses and have pink flowers. He doesn't think black is appropriate for a wedding and just wants the colors to be pink and white. But he likes the cake minus the black flowers of course. And he thinks my brides maids should wear white dresses. Which I absolutely vetoed since I am the bride and I should be the only one in white. So it's up to you all because I don't know what to do. Do you like my idea for a black, pink and white wedding. Or his idea for a pink and white wedding? Thanks

  36. MY wedding?

    Ok, my wedding is next august....yesterday I was talking about it with my soon to be mother in law, and she hates all of my ideas. I want a black and white wedding. I am wearing black, and my bridesmaids are wearing white. My cake is black with white decor, and she is just bashing all of it!!! She has already planned MY wedding, and she said that too!!! THEN she told her youngest son (who is 10 right now) that he can be the ring bear....and that I would ask him to be....I'm sorry but 11 is to old to be the ring bear...I want my little cousin to be it. And she told me if I didnt ask tyler that he would be hurt! What am I suppose to do in that situation? This woman is driving me crazy. They have all boys, so its not like they have to pay for a wedding and they arent offering to help, and they want my rehersal dinner to be spag. and garlic bread. How do I put up with her until the wedding, and how do I tell her to chill the f**k out with out causing issues? All of my bridemaids have tried on their dresses, and it looks awsome. I haven't bought mine yet, but its not a goth wedding at all!!! I am one of the most ungoth people there is!!! It looks really good and its different. Also, I can't stand Tyler. Yesterday at the lake he started crying and screaming cause he couldn't catch a minnow with a net, and his other 2 brothers could (they arent very mature) He takes toy drums away from his 2 year old cousin, and when he doesnt get his way he throws an temper tantrum. He drives me up the wall!!! He is the most obniouxus lil boy I have ever seen. And he does want to be the ring bearer. I dont want him to be....if he wants to be in the wedding, then he can be an usher just like my brother are. Also, they can afford a super nice dinner. They just spent 1600 on fireworks. If they are willing to spend that much on fire works and like 20 on my dinner, then I'll have some major disscussions with them. I want MY dream wedding, and that includes a nice rehersal dinner.

  37. How much will my wedding cake cost?

    I want the my cake to have a different flavors for eack layer of cake. bottum layer chocolate fudge, second layer strawberry shortcake, and the top layer lemon. with black and white icing for all my cakes.

  38. Does anyone know where i can buy mixed race wedding cake toppers?

    Does anyone know where i can get mix race wedding cake toppers with a black/brown bride and white groom?

  39. Wedding Help Please?

    I'm having a black and white wedding, with red as an accent color. I'm having it in April 08. My dress is black & white, the bridesmaids are black w/ red trimming, the cake is black and white and the flowers are roses. I'm just wanting some ideas for decor (church &/or reception), and I'm not sure what I want for food either. It's between sub sandwhiches displayed on platters w/ chips, nuts etc or having appetizers or even having a couple different food stations. My mom and dad are helping some but we are still trying to look great with not a lot of money to do it with. All ideas welcome. Thanks!!

  40. New wedding info..?

    Ok, so we are still getting married in April 2008. With the dress I fell in love with, as well as the bridesmaids, I know want a black and white wedding with royal/cobalt blue accents. I need pictures/ideas for everything now.....decorations for church, reception , flowers....etc. All help will be appreciated (as long as it's not sarcastic.) I know to not over do it with the black, and I wont. I just want something to match my dress. Here are the links.... That's my dress. That's my bridesmaids, only trimmed in blue not pink. Also have a picture of an IDEA of the wedding cake, just ask and I'll email it. Thanks all. Ok, I can't put the picture of the cake on here b/c a friend emailed me this cake picture so it doesn't have a link. You have to give me your email address to get it. Sorry.

  41. Flower arrangement ideas for a pink/white themed wedding

    I will be making my own arrangements and desprately need some ideas. Its a pink/ white wedding theme. The table cloths are white w/ pink runners and black chairs w/pink sashes. I have pink and white paper lanterns and a pink cherry blossom cake--kinda going for an SLIGHT asian theme. I want to also add sme color so I dont overdo it with the pink and white but I have NO IDEA what colors would look nice and compliment the scenary. The vases my FIL bought are just simple textured clear vases. Fat at the bottle and skinny at the top. Here's the closest pic I could find. Yea, boring.

  42. Should we use this cake topper since it came from his family?

    We've already ordered a black and white wedding cake with very elaborate scrollwork, this is what it'll look like: Because it has such a fancy design, we figured not to do a cake topper or any flowers at all and just leave it as is. Last night, his family presented us with a monogram cake topper and engraved champagne flutes, which is extra nice of them since it was out of the blue and they haven't participated much thus far. The cake topper is very nice, but I really didn't want one at all! This is it, with our initials of course: Should we use it? Should we not use it and if they ask afterwards just say the caterer forgot to put it on? I feel like a cake topper would ruin the look of our cake. Any advice? PS I want to tread lightly here and not hurt any feelings since these will be my in-laws in a month.

  43. What do you think of this cake? We are having a summer wedding for 40-55 people, most people we know always do eat the fondant so I'm not worried about that.My aunt is going to make our cake for us. Do you like this cake? The flowers would be purple and (possibly) red too. We thought the main cake could be chocolate and the cupcakes some lemon and some white choc chip. Does that sound ok? Thanks for any thoughts x

  44. Future mother-in-law upset that there will so many "black" traditions at the wedding. Is she racist?

    Future Mother-in-law (who is white), is already upset that FH and I will play rap (old school rap-nothing with vulgar lyrics) and rnb at our wedding. Now she is freaked out that FH and I willl "jump" the broom, which is an old African-American tradition that dates from slavery. It is done at all the weddings in my family, something I told FMIL. When I told her this, she said, "But my son isn't black and you sweep with a broom, you don't jump over it." I told her that was the custom in my family and I was offended by her comment, which I thought was in poor taste. Thank god, she shut up with that and didn't say anything until my husband told her we would also have kente cloth at the wedding. FMIL displayed her ignorance again when she said that was "ridiculous and whover heard of such a thing. That cloth is no kind of color scheme." FH told his mother she was being rude. Again I also told her she was being offensive. When she was told there would be no wedding cake, but rather red velvet cupcakes, she asked if that was another "cultural" thing and asked where all "this stuff" would end and why couldn't it be a normal (i,e,more like a "white" wedding"-she didn't say that, but I knew that is what the old battleaxe meant.) She then said she had been to weddings of black coworkers and they didn't have to throw their culture in everyone's face, as she says I am doing. I told her if she could say nothing nice about the wedding and the choices made by her son and myself, she should keep her unwelcome and ignorant views to herself. My question is this: Is this woman racist and why must she open her big, fat yap and show her ignorance and disdain of and for my culture at every opportunity? Last night, she told my FH via email that there were "too many black traditions" at the wedding and what would she tell her friends? Why is this woman so upset that I am proud of my culture and why is she objecting to all the tradtions that go with my culture?That comment to me backs up her ignorance and shows that her sole concern is her friends and her saving face and not the happiness of her son and myself.

  45. What do you think of these colors for a wedding?

    I plan on getting married in December, and I have a great love for the colors Red, Black, White. These are very beautiful colors when put together, and I've seen wedding cakes and decor with these colors. I just want some input... Because my wedding dress is going to be an eggshell white with Black embroidery on the trim part. The dress has a train and will have the black embroidery as well... Here's the pic of the dress.. Like I said, the wedding is black, red, and white... and some positive input and ideas is greatly needed. Thank you!! Thanks a bunch!! Also, the bridesmaid dresses will be red.

  46. What is the best wedding cake website?

    I have looked at the and a few other websites, but I cannot find a cake fits my interest yet. I plan on having the possibly a blue cake? Because, our colors are pool blue, silver, black and white. What websites can I visit to get idea? I'm not necessarily looking for a pool blue cake - because I know that is rare. However, I am looking for interesting cakes that will give me ideas for my cake.