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Unique Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. what is a good website to view pictures of tropical and unique wedding cakes?

    I'm looking for a wedding cake design with a white background but bright decoractive colors and details like coral and/or tropical flowers.....I can't seem to find anything thats not over the top or just plain please!

  2. What are some great places to go to buy unique wedding cake toppers ?

    Where can a bride go to find unique cake toppers to personalize there wedding to be their own? Thanks

  3. Unique wedding cakes.............?

    I am looking to possibly get a wedding cake that is for the forth of July. We met on July 4th. But still look elegant. Also any ideas for a July 4th wedding. We are from North Georgia (Dalton) and Southern Tennessee (Cleveland). I would like something maybe fireworks related or something. not necessarily red white and blue, but all ideas are great, keep'em coming!

  4. What are some unique wedding cake flavors?

    We are having a 5 layer cake and want each layer to be different. So far we only have Chocolate covered strawberry as one layer. What are some other unique and different flavors for a cake? Thank You

  5. where can I have a unique wedding cake made in Toronto?

    I would like something very tasty and beautiful but don't want to spend a ransom for a cake.

  6. Unique wedding cake toppers?? Im looking for like a skater guy ?

    so my fiance is a skateboard guy and id like to know where i can find unique wedding cake toppers? thanks! or where can i get a costum made one -

  7. Where can i get a unique wedding cake topper!?!?

    My fiancee and I are set to marry in april 09 and I am having trouble finding a cake topper that has a bride, groom and and baby as we have a 1yr old son and wanted him included. I have found hundreds of cake toppers with pets and hobbies etc. But none with children!! also im not very creative so making my own will be a last desperate attempt!! Baby will be 18mths old. And they need to post to Sydney Australia!! thanks

  8. Unique wedding cake toppers?

    My fiancee and I are looking for a specific wedding cake topper. We are looking for a pre-made bride and groom dressed in wedding attire either high fiving or the groom giving the bride a piggy back. Any ideas where we can find this? or Are we stuck with expensive custom made toppers?

  9. What is the most unique cake topper you have ever seen on a wedding cake?

    I am have the brid and groom pez our topper.

  10. Can anyone show me a unique wedding cake? ?

    I have looked online and search yahoo and google and haven't found anything that caught my eye. I am having my cousin to do it. This is only her 3rd or 4th wedding so she doesn't have her own pictures yet. I kinna found one that had like 4small round cakes then a bigger round one on top and so on. I know that is confusing but can anyone find a picture similar to that? that's what I am talking about.. do you like it?

  11. Unique Wedding Cake Topper?

    I'm getting married but I really want a special topper on my wedding cake. does anyone know where I can find a personalized cake topper? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  12. Is there a difference in ingredients for a wedding cake versus a regular cake?

    I know that wedding cakes are made in advance, usually a few days to a week, of the wedding day. I'm wondering if there is something unique about a wedding cake recipe that differs from a typical cake recipe so that the cake stays moist for so long. We're looking for a great chocolate wedding cake recipe if anyone as any! THANKS!

  13. What is a unique and delicious wedding dessert besides cake?

    If I had cake, it would be $3.75 per person cake cutting fee, too expensive. I was thinking of chocolate dipped strawberries, but what other possibilities are there? something that the hotel would not need to cute themselves, something that comes individual. When the guests walk in, they're gonna expect to see a cake, and when they don't, I'm gonna need a good replacement. They're not gonna be too impressed when they see a whole buncha strawberries layin' out on a table! sorry, when i put "something the hotel would not need to cute themselves" I meant cut themselves, instead of cute.

  14. Huckleberry wedding cake?

    I want to have a unique wedding cake and I am thinking about doing white with a huckleberry filling. For those of you who don't know, huckleberries are found in the Rockies and kinda taste like a mixture of blueberries, grape, and honey. They are purplish blue. I used to live in Montana and have family there so I think it would be cool to have something at the wedding like that. Anyway, I now live in Oklahoma and there aren't any huckleberry products here. Where is the closest? Do they have them in Colorado? Thanks!

  15. How do I make my wedding super unique?

    I am currently planning my wedding! Yea! My fiance and I want to have a unique wedding. We don't want a typical cookie-cutter wedding. Details so far: Colors: hot pink and orange (my favorite and his) Place: Church (not unique) Reception: Cheesecake and coffee (wedding cake, nuts, and mints) Music: I am going to sing to him at some point in time during the wedding. (From this moment) NO piano or organ...uck. Wedding march will be played by two ladies with bells. Time: August-6:30pm TONS of candles, and no overhead lights. (church has lights that line the walls about 20ft above the floor and point toward the ceiling.) I don't want many flowers. (to overdone.) Any suggestions as to how I can do unique decorations and/or non-traditional ideas to incorporate into our special day? I was thinking about using a ton of balloons, but my fiance isn't sure about that idea.

  16. is there a difference in ingredients for a wedding cake versus a regular cake?

    I know that wedding cakes are made in advance, usually a few days to a week, of the wedding day. I'm wondering if there is something unique about a wedding cake recipe that differs from a typical cake recipe so that the cake stays moist for so long. We're looking for a great chocolate wedding cake recipe if anyone as any! THANKS!

  17. Unique Cake... done cheap..?

    I live in NEPA and I am planning a very unique wedding for June 2010. My fiance and I are planning a country themed wedding. We want to incorporate everything that we enjoy every day of our lives. I have been looking almost every where nearby to design a wedding cake for us, but unfortunately I am losing faith in Northeast Pennsylvania's cake designers. Our dream is to have a cake shaped like two mud tires (one laying flat and the other standing on the flat tire) that will feed approximately 150 people. Thank you in advance for your time.

  18. wedding cake toppers, unique?

    I'm getting married in November and I'm looking for the perfect wedding cake topper...It has to be something comical....and NO tuxedo...cause it's an outside wedding & the Groom is shorter than me....any ideas? websites?

  19. What are some unique wedding photography ideas for formal poses?

    Here are examples of some I have found: = she has a couple where she had the couple hold up a frame and took a pic of them in the frame and some in reflections of sunglasses Basically any unique, unusual, poses for wedding photos is what I am looking for. Any ideas/links to pics that have ideas?

  20. Wedding Cake!!?

    Hey guys can anyone help me - Im looking for a unique wedding cake i want my wedding cake to look like it has pink rhinestones on it - i have looked at edible pink sugar crystals and shimmer powder - if anyone has any ideas on that let me know - also if you have any pictures of wedding cakes with pink decorations that are different and unique let me know - and if you are a weddijgn cake designer let me know - i may have you do my wedding !! Thanks guys !!!

  21. Does anyone have any unique wedding ceremony and reception ideas?

    We are looking for different kinds of ideas for ceremony and reception that our guest would truly remember our wonderful wedding day. As many ideas as you can think of would be greatly thought of! It could be from cake, table decorations, anything imaginable. Thank you!

  22. Wedding cake Pictures / Ideas????

    Hey guys can anyone help me - Im looking for a unique wedding cake i want my wedding cake to look like it has pink rhinestones on it - i have looked at edible pink sugar crystals and shimmer powder - if anyone has any ideas on that let me know - also if you have any pictures of wedding cakes with pink decorations that are different and unique let me know - Thanks guys !!! Hey thanks NikiD - Hot Pants is just stupid - first of all on her profile it says shes a man LOL but has a girls pic - so i dont know i thought gay men knew some stuff about style and differnt new things - but if i was never goin to be able to get married because i was a B%TCH then i would be a lil sour too -- lol

  23. I need help finding a UNIQUE wedding topper!!?

    My fiance and I have been going crazy trying to find a wedding topper that expresses one of his personality quirks. We have seen many funny wedding toppers where the bride is pulling the groom away from a BBQ pit, etc. My fiance is a mechanic and he wants to find a wedding cake topper of the bride trying to pull the groom away from a car that he is working on. We've tried all kinds of Yahoo searches and haven't found anything remotely close. Any suggestions as to where to find one?

  24. Has anyone seen or served RING DINGS and TWINKIES at a wedding?

    Id like to do a fun unique light hearted dessert besides wedding cake. I thought I would have passed around hostess cakes and drakes cakes on silver trays....anyone have other ideas or have seen this before?

  25. Unique wedding ideas..?

    I am planning my wedding and I need a few ideas. I want the theme to be mystical or something along those lines and I have an idea for my wedding cake but I need more ideas. Please help. This is my idea for the cake The colors that I chose are orange and black. I really want to have the wedding outside but I would consider inside too. Here is a link to what I picked out for the bridesmaid dresses. And these are the two ideas I love for my wedding dress I still need ideas for favors and anything else I could do to make my wedding extremely unique. Thanks in advance :)

  26. wedding cake toppers....?

    I'm looking for unique wedding cake toppers. Does anybody know any good websites or stores ?

  27. Unique Wedding Topper Ideas?

    Me and my fiance are marrying in may. We want a wedding cake topper, but don't want it to be the traditonal Bride and Groom just standing there. We still want it to be like that(a bride and a groom), but doing something fun or some characters in a bridal gown and veil and a tux. We were thinking Precious Moments...but weren't too sure! Pictures too please if you can! Thanks in advance! Anna, I loved that idea! But I hate eBay! Do you think you could give me a link not on eBay? Kaitlin, your link isn't working.... Oh, thanks Kaitlin!

  28. What do you think of a heart shaped wedding cake?

    I plan to have a simple three tier heart shaped wedding cake. I plan to have red roses and glass couple figurine on top. I probably will have heart shaped one layer cakes as well. Does it sound too traditional or unique?

  29. Why did the bride kneel to feed the groom wedding cake?

    I went to a wedding in Uganda, and the bride and groom cut the cake before they served the meal. Once the cake was cut, the groom sat down and the bride got down on her knees to hand feed him cake. The groom then fed his wife a slice of cake and then everyone started dancing at the reception. Was that symbolic or was that just a unique way to have cake at a reception?

  30. questions about wedding cakes?

    i need help here trying to figure out if i should have a filled cake with strawberries or blue berries in it? i also want a classic or tradition square or round cake i am giving you two cakes one i thinks is pretty and unique and they others is an ugly cake to me. please help me find some classic cakes ideals for my wedding? sites apprecited beside and appreciate all answer in advance okay cake worst cake people please the told me to bring in ideals i like to them i have a wedding coordinator and i she includes the cake in the package

  31. What are some unique ideas for a friday night wedding reception?

    We are getting married on a Friday night in November and were hoping for some unique and different ideas (food, cake, drink, whatever). Not going to serve a dinner, just heavy hors d'oevres

  32. What made your wedding unique?

    Was is the cake, the theme, the vows, the favors, the location? I'd love to hear some unique and/or funny wedding ideas. Anything to liven up a traditional, boring wedding!

  33. Wedding Cakes?

    What did you have as a wedding cake? i am thinking about getting a one-off Choccywoccydodah cake that will probably end up costing me about £800. Neither of us like fruit cake so chocolate sounds like the way to go. Anyone had anything really unique?

  34. Do you know of a bakery that makes Petit Fours in San Antonio, TX?

    We're looking for a unique wedding cake idea, and the fiance is from Louisiana so he grew up eating them. We're having the wedding in San Antonio, so I'm looking for a local baker. Thanks!

  35. What are some unique ways to personalize our wedding and reception?

    I know by choosing things that we like: music, food, flowers, decorations..... I'm just trying to figure out some things that will make our wedding "us". I mean like having a cake topper that looks like us, embroidering our last name initial on the table cloth that the cake sits on, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

  36. wedding cup cakes or not??

    im not into the traditional, everyone is doing it kinda things, i love spunky different unique ideas and i've been looking at the idea of wedding cupcakes instead of a wedding cake idea, ive looked at over 1,000 different wedding cakes, too me their all the same, im only 22 so i think that cupcakes would be a fun thing to do when me and my fiance have over 20 cousins under 21. my mom loves the idea, his mom and whole family are so traditional and make fun of me for thinking that. any suggestions??? i would love to do white or peridot green frosting and put fresh little flowers in them.

  37. NYC Wedding CAKES?

    I'm looking for the top bakeries in New York City for my wedding cake. I'm not concerned with price, just looking for the best of the best. I want something elaborate and unique. Thanks!

  38. Who did the cake for your Albuquerque wedding?

    I am getting married in August and need a cake. The family member who said she was going to do it for me has flaked, so I need a professional baker. I do not live in Albuquerque any longer, so I need to do everything from a distance with a bit of good faith, which is why I would like reviews from other recent brides (or others) to let me know who you hired and what you thought. I am considering the following places: *ABC *Patisserie C-Creative Cakes *Unique Cakes by Karyn *Jay's Creative Connection *Wedding Cakes by Kristin I have talked briefly to ABC cakes, since they have the best reputation, but their customer service has been lousy, so I'm inclined to give up on them. Reviews, insights and advice appreciated. Thanks!

  39. DYI cup cake wedding cake?

    since before getting engaged I've known that I wanted to do my own cake. With the help of my future mother in law of course. I like the idea of a cup cake wedding cake. To start with I make wicked cup cakes and muffins, plus there is no cutting fee when you have cup cakes, it's easier to serve guests, you can have as many flavours as you want, and they can be decorated really nicely. What I want is a small fruit cake on the top so we can keep our top cake. Then I want the rest of it to be cup cakes. My fiance isn't as keen on the idea as I am but I'm trying to win him over. Has anyone made their own cup cake wedding cake or have links to nice ones? I want it to be a unique cake that has elements of tradition but is fun and most important tastes good. My Bridesmaids, mother, future mother in law and maybe a few aunts are going to have a marathon of massive baking parties. It will probably be over a few days of getting together and making cupcakes. Then we're going to freeze them until the day before the wedding when they will be decorated.

  40. wedding cakes help? please?

    i am looking for a nice wedding cake so if you know a website please holla. i want a nice price. and also something very big or normal big and something unique and very beautiful it can also be weird and looks hard made

  41. Did you or are you having an unique or different type of wedding?

    I love weddings but i especailly love when they are unique or different so tell me about yours colors,cake,dress etc

  42. What is your best advice for other brides planning a wedding?

    Whether you are in the midst of wedding planning now, or were happily wedded years ago, what tips, ideas or advice can you share with other brides? What do you wish you had done differently, or what are you glad you did? What unique, personal touches did you include in your own wedding? Do you have any cool ideas on: party favors, wedding party gifts, bridesmaids attire, invitations/programs, child attendants, showers/bachelor(ette) parties, the ceremony/vows/etc, wedding cake, photography/videography, the honeymoon? (These are just 'prompts' to spark your memory - you don't have to answer them all!!) I am finishing my wedding planner/workbook and would like to include tips from real-life brides. Your input and ideas would be a huge help!!

  43. What are some unique ideas for a wedding reception in December, not using flowers?

    We are getting married in December. Our colors are red, pink, white, and black. We want to keep it funky yet sophisticated and classic. We are doing a mad hatter cake. We dont want to do flowers!

  44. What are some unique and cute names for a cake company?

    I am opening a cake company in January. I've got a few suggestions from friends and family, but I'm still looking for a REALLY good name. If you can think of any, comment...I'd love to know! Also, it can't be anything that someone else has already used, obviously. Thanks so much! Also, I will be doing pretty much any types of cakes. Wedding, birthday, etc. Nothing over the top and gaudy though.

  45. unique wedding ideas!!!!?

    i really want my wedding to be in the late summer early fall and have reds, oranges, and maybe browns as my colours!! Plz help, i want some cool ideas to have at my wedding from decorations to cake toppers!!!

  46. Fun graduation cake?

    I'm planning my graduation party and I'm looking for a place to order my cake from. I would really like a unique cake, not one of your typical flowers and piping cakes. Does anyone know of a place in the Twin Cities or somewhere else that ships, that does fun, unique cakes? All I can find are wedding cakes. Price isn't an issue. Thanks!

  47. What kind of wedding cake should i have?

    I am looking for a different kind of cake(flavor wise). I have no clue what to go with. My fiance and I don't want a white cake. Our wedding is already really crazy. So any crazy ideas would be great. We wanted our wedding to be really different and unique. Something everyone will talk about. We really love berries(strawberries, raspberries, black and blue berries) but don't know what kind of cake to go with it. any suggestions? i would do carrot cake it used to be one of my favorites until i figured out i was allergic to carrots i break out in rashes when i eat or drink anything containing carrots :(