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Walmart Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. How much are walmart wedding cakes?

    I am helping my big brother and my best friend plan their wedding and i wanted to know if anyone had bought a wedding cake at walmart. Because they are tight on cash

  2. does walmart offer many styles of wedding cakes?

    im looking for a replica of another simple cake. will they help me, or do i need to choose from their kits? i know a local grocer offers only kits but after seeing the cake they agreed to do it, i just dont trust them with my cake.

  3. walmart/ grocery store wedding cake..?

    I was wondering if anyone got their wedding cake from walmart, or any other major grocery chain.. if so, did you like how it turned out? Do you have pictures of what it looked like? Do you know if you can customize them at all or if you pick them out of a book like you do the birthday cakes? A friend keeps pressuring me to get my cake there cause I'm trying to keep costs down... but I'm a little leary about getting from it from a grocery store. I'm in the Puget Sound (washington State) . No publix, unfortunately.

  4. Giant Eagle or Walmart Wedding Flowers?

    I am having a small wedding ceremony, and I want a small bridal bouquet and grooms boutonnière of red roses. I don't want to spend a lot of money on this, especially because thats all I need for my wedding. I know Giant Eagle does wedding cakes, but do they do wedding flowers also? If you don't know what Giant Eagle is... its a grocery store. Does Walmart do wedding flowers? If so, how much would it cost for me to have a plain bouquet of red roses with white ribbon and grooms boutonnière of a red rose made? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Ummm... getting married in June... growing them sounds nice but I'd be walking down the aisle with clumps of sod and seeds...

  5. Is buying a wedding cake at Walmart cheap?

    I was looking at some but I dont know how people will react. How would youreact?

  6. can anyone find me pictures of cakes from walmart, albertsons, safeway..?

    I'm deciding weither to go with a grocery store wedding cake, and would like to see some finished products. So if you're friend, relative, etc has used one and you have a picture, or if you can find one online.. it would be appreciated.

  7. can i view wedding cakes.?

    im getting married and i want to order a cake from walmart.

  8. Is WalMart any good with cakes?

    I'm tempted to get my wedding cake done with them. I just want chocolate buttercream icing, white cake, marble cake, and probably yellow cake. Adorned with mango calla lilies... what do you think? Serves 118 people, I have 70.

  9. how does one become a wedding cake desgner/decorator?

    are there certain classes or even degrees u need to do things like this? look at the wedding cakes she designed..they are absolutly breathtaking!!! it may take a second to load but i promise u its worth it...completely gorgeous!! p.s has anyone ever eaten fondant before? i know its generally used on wedding cakes but my dad said its nasty...what does it taste like? i almost bought the fondant at walmart just so i could try some haha

  10. Grocery Store Wedding Cake...?

    Were getting married In October and are on a tight budget, we have most of our basics covered and are now trying to figure out the cake. I have been told to check out cakes at Walmart and Kroger's, which I have not yet, but was wondering if anyone has ever seen a wedding cake from either of them, were they nice, and what the price range was. Thanks!! Oh im not dissing grocery store cakes, thats where my sister got hers but it was at a place called publix which we do not have in Ohio. But her cake looked and tasted amazing!!

  11. Make your own wedding cake??

    I am having only 10 guests at my wedding, and it will obviously be cheaper to make a small cake myself. Has anyone tried the wedding cake decorating kits at walmart, etc. that has the fondant and accessories? If so, how difficult was it and how was the quality and the taste? Thanks in advance!

  12. Using fondant on a fake wedding cake?

    So to cut cost we are just getting sheet cakes from walmart but i still want to make a cheap fake cake. I'm buying 5 styrofoam squares off the internet to make it.That will be $30. I don't make cakes and I never have before so I was just wondering if fondant is really hard to work with. Is there something easier to use? I'm not too sure about using regular frosting because I don't know how well it will hold. Does anyone have any pointers? Is there anything(cheap) else I could use if fondant is too hard to work with?

  13. $1500 wedding budget advice where can save money?

    My budget for our wedding in November is $1500. Hopefully, we are going to get to use a church and it's Multi purpose room for about $200 i am still working on it. I found a plus size wedding dress online for $150 it's plain but my mom said she can embellish it and she is making the veil. I am making my own invitations it will just cost $20 for printer ink. I found some great party favour's online for $80 that we can get our names and date put on. I found sterling silver engrave able wedding bands for $50 each. We are having a pot luck reception. I know people frown on this but MY family is all for it. My aunt is making my flowers. Since we are getting married in the fall we are using pumpkins and gourds for decorations. We are getting the cake from walmart and since there will be 20 kids there I am making a cup cake tower for them so i don't need that big of a wedding cake. My sister is burning me cd's and we are going to borrow a sound system from a friend. My sister and dad will take most the pictures. Instead of getting disposable cameras and having to pay to Develop them we are getting some cheap Memory cards and asking people to bring their digital cameras and then leave the memory cards in a marked box. Bridesmaids are buying their own dresses, guys are just wearing brown slacks and cream colored shirt. For grooms gifts we are getting them matching ties. I am not sure what for the bridesmaids yet. So far we are within the budget... Any suggestions???

  14. where can I find a miniature walmart?

    Me and my fiance met while we both worked at a walmart. We were going to have a fountain beneath our wedding cake but we thought it would be sweet to place a little fake walmart store. I've checked ebay and googled it and I haven't been able to find one. Any suggestions?

  15. Cake and wedding band timeline?

    When did you order your wedding cake? Also When did you get the wedding bands ordered? I only ask because I am getting married in October and the cake is something I'm dragging my feet on because I really don't want to spend $300 on a cake that will look pretty till we cut it then will disappear! It would be like going to a steakhouse and getting a sirloin for $100. I just want to get my money's worth out of it. . . Do you see anything wrong with getting a cake from the WalMart bakery? I don't but my FH and his mother do for some reason. . . maybe it clashes with their (upper class) lifestyle, but I personally like the cake there and it will only cost $150 for the small cake that we want. I know we have 3 months to go and that should be enough time to do this in, but just to I can have an idea, when did you do yours? Just to clerify, the walmart cake would be our "show cake" we are already having a family friend make some half sheets to serve everyone from. I get the ideas about having a sheet cake and I already have that covered, but what I wanted to know the first poster answered closest to, when should I have ordered it or when can I get away with ordering it to have it make and delivered on time.

  16. inexpensive structure for square wedding cake 8''-12''-16''?

    i bought a cake pan set at walmart for squares sized 8'', 12'', and 16'' and want to assemble them into a 3-layered wedding cake, but the square cake plates and pilars are almost as expensive as the pans! i would just do dowel rods and cake boards but i want space between the layers (cake plates and pilar style) i tried ebay already with no luck. does anyone know where i could find e.g. wilton square cake plates and pilars for less?

  17. If I go to school for pastry chef, which one in South Florida is the quickest?

    Also, when I get my degree what is the best approach to open up my own bakery? I have noticed there is not much bakeries out here everybody usually goes to Publix (a supermarket) or walmart. See if I open up one I would start out with wedding cakes since they are custom made. Then hopefully from there I will expand and make for other occasions.

  18. I need help designing a wedding cake for a friend. Any ideas?

    Here's the deal. She had planned to have a nice but cheap wedding. But then her car broke beyond repair, and now she needs to buy a new one. With the new car payments she is unable to pay for the wedding. She can't put the wedding at a later date either, because her grandmother has cancer and she (friend) has to have the wedding before she (grandmother) passes on. What they are planning on doing is basically skip on the church and priest and go to the lawyers with a white dress from Walmart or something. And have a potluck after party. As I do have (minimal) experience with making cakes, I offered to make the wedding cake. She sent me a picture of the cake she had wanted and asked if I could make it with a few variations since she didn't like the flowers. Here are my ideas so far along with the original cake. If you have any suggestions for how I can improve my ideas please tell me. The blue on the bottom is a fondant ribbon that she said she wanted. I changed the color because she isn't really a "pink" type of girl.

  19. Does the wedding cake have to have the same colors of the wedding?

    I am getting married in Aug 08. I still have to find someone who can make our cake the way that we want it. We cannot afford to go to a proffesional cake decorator so we have to go with walmart or giant eagle cake. We found a cake at walmart that we really like but it is does not have any of the colors we are having. So does the cake have to have the same colors? Thanks for all the answers I mean do the flowers/decorations on the cake have to be the same color. Sorry Yea we are going with a white cake The ones at walmart have to be ordered so we can't get the cake the way we want

  20. How can i save money on my wedding?

    My fiancee and I are getting married next summer with the max of $2,500 to spend. I know the wedding dress and reception are going to be the most expensive part. I don't want anything big, a church wedding with a reception in the towns firehall. I am going to have 4 bridesmaids and my fiancee will have 4 men on his side. So do you know of online stores that sell bridesmaids dresses for cheap but still look cute and do you know how much renting tuxedos are? My fiancee wants a white tuxedo with a baby blue tie=) I need just little ways to save on money,anything really would be helpful. Like is walmart an ok place to buy a wedding cake and if so do you know the price range of them, I want a 3 tier cake just simple=) Again any advice will help=) the cake prices, the dresses online, renting tuxedos, djs for reception, flower prices, anything at all. thanks so much I live in a small town in PA. So we aren't buying that fancy dinner stuff for the reception. We will have food but not the meal thing for each person non of that chicken or fish plate stuff haha. Call us redneck but around here that is a little to out there for a small place like this. The firehall costs $150 for an all day rental but I am friends with the fire department so I am sure people will help with that. Our food arrangement is going to be expensive but not to much. You know we will have mac salad, beer, soda, wine, sandwhichs, snacks, and so on. Like I said call us redneck haha but its normal around here. Just to explain about the food costs, just so everyone knows $2500 will not be used all on food. We have 3 children so $2500 is a lot to spend for one day for us, this is why I do not want anything crazy expensive=) Thanks Ok maybe peolpe from small towns should answer this lol, for the dj my maid of honor's husband offered to dj but I feel guilty that is way I was asking costs, by what everyone is saying here though maybe taking them up on their offer would save alot of money=) I just want everyone answering this to understand we are from a small area, I am sorry I did not inform you when I first wrote this haha, so costs are not as high here as they are in cities=) but anywhere you are I know weddings are expensive, I know the wedding I want is not unrealistic for the costs in my area, i have attended weddings around here where they have only spent $2000 and had more than what I am looking for=) we are simple people who have wanting a simple wedding asking for advice to save money, thanks again for the advice, I wanted to clear up though that we are from a very small area=)

  21. Can anyone recommend a place that we can get a wedding cake made in Hagerstown MD....?

    We can go to Hagerstown MD, Martinsburg WV, Frederick MD, & any surrounding areas. We are NOT interested in CINDY SWEETS or WALMART. Also we are looking at a reasonable price range... thanks if you do not know a place please do not post. and i am looking for an actual bakery etc not a grocery store thank you

  22. Tips on how to have a nice wedding on a small budget?

    I really need some wedding planning tips and advice for a small budget of $1300. My mom is buying my dress and his mom is making our cake. We thought of getting food at walmart/sams club for the reception. Do you have any other ideas that can help us have our wedding on a small budget?

  23. what is considered a white trash redneck wedding??

    see my daughter want to get married at hooters. and she thinks that paper cups and plates are mighty fine and serve hot dogs and beer.and the cake is one u buy at the walmart.her wedding dress was bought from the thrift store and her bouquet is from the 99 cent store

  24. Looking for a nice R wedding cake topper??

    I bought a R wedding cake topper from the knot for $24.00 and it looks like a piece of junk. It's terrible! It's so cheap looking, it makes walmart wood letters look nicer. My soon to be husband was very excited to have a big R on the cake for his last name. I was wondering did anyone know a good place or website that sell intial cake topper other then Worst comes to worst I could go to the craft store and make something but right now I was looking for something I could just buy. My FI doesn't ask for much and he's even going along with wearing a little bit of pink so I would like to get him the R cake topper! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! This is the one I bought- but when you get it, it looks like a crappy piece of bent metal... you would never believe it!!

  25. What do you think of February for a wedding?

    In the midwest....with purple and silver for the colors? Here is our church: Here is our reception venue: Our cake will look like this but instead it will have buttercream frosting (beige color) and swirls instead of dots...with purple ribbon and this for a topper: The BMS dresses are Alfred Angelo style # 7069 in violet. They will wear silver shoes. We will have roses and stephanotis for the bouquets. We will have silver and purple hershey kisses in clear plastic boxes tied with silver ribbon and tied with a note that says "thank you" in silver. What do you think?

  26. $5K Budget Wedding Help! (20PTS for Best Answer)?

    My fiance and I are planning a wedding for Saturday, March 19, 2011. We have about $30K in our savings account but only want to spend no more than $5K on our wedding since we plan to buy a house shortly after and feeling that much of our savings will be better invested in a home. Here are the things that are set in stone already: the date, saturday march 19, 2011 the reception is being help at our gun club that we belong to, it had a hall big enough to hold 170 people and enough room for a dance floor and a small stage for a DJ. There is also a full size kitchen for food preperation, best of all the hall is FREE! We will however had to rent chairs, tables are already there! I do NOT want a potluck dinner, just my personal feelings, however I do plan on having a buffet. There will be 4 people in our bridal party The cake is already taken care of, thankfully I have an aunt who is a wonderful wedding cake designer and said she would make our cake as our gift. We have 140 people invited but are expecting around 120 to attend. Here are the things I still need: Invitations ( I saw invite kits at walmart that you printed yourself at home for $19 for 25, wondering if there are a good idea, I want something that looks nice) Favors, I want them Food/Drinks/Dinnerware DJ Attire for our selves and wedding party (traditional attire) Ring for him (my engagement ring came as a bridal set) and anything else that I am forgetting feel free to throw out there How do I pull this off w/ $5K We live in Cincinnati, Ohio if that helps! Thank you so much


    do you have wedding cakes

  28. Do you think this wedding will be possible with a small budget?

    We're getting married June 12th..kinda quick..but its our 3 year anniversary and I really wanna do it then. We're having it at a very small church that his mother goes to and we used to go to when we were little. I'm going to try to get a cheaper dress from Davids Bridal, my mom's friend is going to do bouquets for me and a little bit if floral decoration...very little though. We looked at walmart and target and they have cheap little decorative stuff we can use..pretty much everything we need. theres a basement to the church where we're going to have a small reception. our mothers our going to cook..and my mom is going to make a DIY cake from walmart. I've read brides maids and groomsmen buy their own I guess I have no worries about that...just will be difficult finding some inexpensive dresses for them...we're all on a small budget. I think we just have to give a small donation to the church..we're not doing a honeymoon unless his parents surprise us with that..the marriage license is like 90 dollars..which kinda sucks but we'll eventually be able to pay that..i'm going to do the layaway thing at davids bridal and just slowly get the decorations and everything from walmart and target..i found a pretty flower girl dress for verrry cheap. i don't really expect a lot of gifts are anything..just trying to have a wedding that is somewhat nice with what i have. do you think this will work and advice on ways to make this happen

  29. Is this a good idea for a wedding?

    Im gettin married in 7months and we have decided we are goin to get married at the courthouse because we cant afford very much and we dont want anything big and fancy. My mom and others are not happy with our decision but we dont care cuz its our wedding. we are just planning on having just mainly family and close friends at the wedding ceramony. after the wedding we were goin to have a little get together at the menno lake park. i figured we could just have a cake from walmart and some drinks. and being that it is at a lake since it should be a hot day people could go swimming. then after the little get together my husband and i would go get a jucuzzi suit at a hotel and just be with each ther alone the rest of the day/night. you think i could do all this on $300? ok the $300 includes the tux$70, drinks$40, hotel room$128, marriage licesne $30, and cake $25. i already have my wedding dress which i got for $20(used to be $200) and i have the shoes and the jewlery and my friend is going to do my hair and makeup for free. plus my bridesmaid is goin to wear he last years prom dress so that is free. then we have alreaady purchased the wedding rings. and we already have the plates, cups, and silver wear. am i missing anything?

  30. small wedding questions?

    okay, i have a bunch of questions about a small wedding we are having for about 40 people. 1. we were thinking about plastic table cloths just because it's cheaper and easier but someone told me that would be a bad idea. is it? 2. as far as church decor is it tacky to only have an aisle runner, we were thinking about pew bows but i think they're ugly. is there something else cheap and simple we could use or do we need anythingn at all? 3. we don't want a guest book, does that scream bad? 4. also how does the pictures after the wedding thing work. do guest just go and hang out outside until all the photos are finished or do we walk out and get the rice thrown and then just go back in or how does that work and if people wait is there something we could do to keep them entertained. 5.i was thinking about walmart for the cake, has anybody went through them, and how was it. also does anyone know if they do catering and how that all works? 6. is there anything else i need to know

  31. Where did you get your cake topper?

    We're not buying a wedding cake, someone is making one for us, and I really don't know where to find a decent topper. I looked online on alot of favor websites, but they all seem to have the same ones, and none of them i really like. does anyone know a website, or even a store that they sell them besides walmart...thanks. Sorry we want a traditional bride and groom, but we're being picky about it. most of the brides are blonde, and i'm not...etc...

  32. Is this wedding dress too fancy for my "casual" wedding?

    I am planning a very casual outdoor wedding in a local park. Invitations will be "e-vite"; my bouquet will be from Vons; the guys are wearing suits, not tuxes; the picnic tables will be decorated with 99c tablecloths from Walmart, $10 potted plants from Home Depot & a plant pot filled with $2 Trader Joe's wine; the cake will be 2 sheet cakes from Costco (we could change this to a "real" one). Otherwise, we'll have it catered (buffet, luau style food) and have a DJ and covered dance floor. I had originally picked this dress: which fits with the overall theme because it's casual. But now I've got my heart set on this one: (scroll down the page for the best picture). Do you think the second dress (my favorite) makes the rest of the wedding seem too casual? Thanks so much for your help!

  33. Small wedding help please?

    My fiance and I want to do a small church wedding without a reception. We want to do the wedding dress, tux, unity candle, vows, etc. No cake, dancing, food, etc. though. Who all do I invite without being rude? We want immediate family but how do we do it without shutting everyone out? How do I tell my guests in the invitation that there won't be a reception and that they should mail us gifts? We're registered at Walmart. Do I just include the Walmart registry announcement cards or what?

  34. small wedding help please?

    My fiance and I want to do a small church wedding without a reception. We want to do the wedding dress, tux, unity candle, vows, etc. No cake, dancing, food, etc. though. Who all do I invite without being rude? We want immediate family but how do we do it without shutting everyone out? How do I tell my guests in the invitation that there won't be a reception and that they should mail us gifts? We're registered at Walmart. Do I just include the Walmart registry announcement cards or what?

  35. My sister is driving me crazy with her Bridesmaid dresses!?

    So heres a little background info; Im the oldest of all my siblings (8 girls, 1 boy) This sister of mine is the one right below me (2 years younger) She is getting married in May and wants me to be her matron of honor (I am married, have been for 4 1/2 years and have had two children) I am already helping out with her wedding, Im currently in school (and my husband is in school too) but when this semester gets out we will be packing up to go to where she lives (my parents are near there) to be there for a month prior to the wedding to help out, visit with family. Over the last few months I have gotten pretty good at making cakes (with fondant, etc) and she wants me to do her cake which is fine Im excited to do it and show off my talents i guess. ANYWAYS, first of all, she has done NOTHING to deserve this wedding she is getting (rebel against our parents, trashed their family name, lied about them to people, etc...) It is ten times better than the wedding my parents gave me when I got married and they are in a worse financial situation now more than ever because their business went down with the economy last year. and shes getting it at some garden, with a huge wedding party and gorgeous invitations and catered and all the WORKS and I got a walmart wedding in an industrial church gym. just a little FYI. My bridesmaid dresses were nothing fancy, just a dress that was cheap and fit all the brides, but they were modest and flattering on everyone. Well she has picked out an immodest dress (something that I cannot wear for religious purposes) that would look HORRIBLE on me and quite frankly after having two children in the last 4 years, my body isnt what it was when I got married and she is a size two and same with all her other bridesmaids (in fact she asked our cousin to be a bridesmaid and later kicked her out, claiming it was because her wedding party was too big, but she told me it was cause she was ugly and fat, Im lucky i made the cut because she thinks im pretty and im her sister) Everyone is already bending over backwards to give her something she totally doesnt deserve and she is kinda being a total butt about it. To my face she is sweet and nice and tells me I can get a different dress but turns around and tells my mom Im trying to upstage her on her wedding day. as if my size 20 self could upstage my size 2 sister. RIIIIIIGHT. Anyways. I feel bad that I might have to get a different dress, but the one she just picked out for everyone doesnt even come in my size and the dress is HIDEOUSLY unflattering on plus size women (especially one with a baby pouch) I have been losing weight and have lost a total of 70 lbs since I had my last baby a year ago (would still like to lose at least 40 more before the wedding) Am i being rediculous to want to look good in a dress I have to buy and keep when I am already a poor college student and dont have tons of extra money to spend on something like this (and yes all the bridesmaids are buying their own dress and my mom cant afford to pay for mine) I alreeady have done alot to help her because she gets overwhelmed really easy and freaks out over little things and So i have done alot topoint her in the right direction, and she has really liked most of it, expect for anything I point out to her about dresses. BLAH am I being rediculous?

  36. does any one know where i can find?

    a 14" cake stand? i have checked... all the craft stores... christmas tree and target and all i can find is 12". my wedding cake is 14" round... any ideas? besides online i checked there as well they only have 12" i have been searching for months..and can only find the 12" one and every were i see 14" they are like $100 or more well thanks but i cant afford a 150 cake stand

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  38. Anyone know a cheap wedding photographer near Akron, Ohio?

    We are getting married on June 13, 2009. The cheapest I have found is Affordable Photography, with a cost of $700 for 6 hours of service. I am not looking for anything real fancy, I can make, and would rather make my own album from pictures taken. Just want a lot of originals, or a CD full of pictures that i could print them myself at walmart. I am on a tight budget and $1000 is way to much out of my range. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, any ideas for a good place to get a cheaper cake? $300 is the average price I am finding. Again, looking for a simple but nice cake to serve 75-100 guests. *nix the cake part, cake was bought :)

  39. TO: Most Bang for My Wedding Buck?? Help!?

    Check out, select your state then city and then pick Events and you should find all kinds of vendors that can help you. I found a Country Club with a Gazebo that will provide: setting up chairs for outside; the Reception room-tables-linens-dinnerware, etc.; appetizers; Cash Bar with Bartender; after Ceremony the dinner with Salad, 2 Meats, 1 Starch, 1 Vegetable, Rolls; Champagne Toast; Cake Cutting; 2 Private Rooms for the Bride & Groom to dress and change in; and all clean up for $1,050.00. I also found a photographer who is still in college looking to do Weddings for her portfolio, she is free. My daughter goes to school with a student who will do the DJ/MC for just gas money. I am making the 3 tier cake - it's not that hard - get a Wilton book and follow directions. And I'm making all the decorations; plus Ring Bearer Pillow, Toasting Glasses with the Bride & Groom's clothes, Gift Card Box & Guest Book. I'm very crafty too but it's very easy. An idea I just had today was instead of buying 7 vases for the tables, which even at the Dollar store is going to cost $7.00 I am going to buy a box of 8 - 17 oz. glasses and 8 tumblers for $9.00 at WalMart and use 7 of the glasses as vases for artificial flowers on the tables and then after the Reception they can have the whole box and after washing the glasses they are as good as new! Other than the Country Club the most expensive thing would be flowers but check online for wholesale distributors. My daughter found her custom made Bridal Gown at and it is beautiful and was only $78.00 (yes seventy eight dollars) plus $40.00 for shipping and reviews on the site were all good - no alternations needed, etc. Hope this post helps someone!

  40. Does anyone have any $ saving tips on how to throw a cheap wedding reception? I need to find a place fast!?

    I already have and paid for the dress, the cake is being taken care of as well ( mother in law ) I found a church to do it for $150 flat but where I am having a problem is where the heck am I going to have my reception. We are using our economic stimulus. checks to get married. Our budget is $1,200. the church and marriage license fee's have to come out of that money as well. I found flowers @ walmart and we are doing all of our own flowers. My boss is going to work out a deal with me for food because I work for a restaurant that he owns. I need a location is what I need and for cheap. I need some tips on like where to call I live in Bradenton Florida but just like suggestions of places that you might try that you know wouldn't cost much. ANY leads will be helpful I am running out of time. Thank you in advance and if you have any other questions I will make sure and keep up on this to answer you ASAP if I left anything out. THANK YOU SOO MUCH if you help and please help if you can =) I want it to be cheap but not cheasy. I really want to avoid a trashy wedding, I have an 18 months old daughter to support as well as work so thats why I resorted to asking you guys. The inlaws are getting too crappy with me about this and to be honest I'd rather not give them any more say so then they already have this is our wedding and I want it to be perfect. OK the church rec center thing is a good idea but most churches wont let you bring alcohol on the church grounds. I was looking at the website that one of you guys posted in your answer and it gave me an idea to call motels and see about their meeting rooms. Also when using the fake flowers from walmart they actually are very reasonable. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all paid for their outfits as well. so thats less I had to pay too. I am trying to make it great food, good drink and a decent hall that can be decorated to the nines. I am not planning a dj just a good sound system with some cds I have been putting together for a while now.

  41. Am I overreacting about a family situation?

    My brother in law is getting married and my husband is the best man. I have know him since he was in 6th grade and over the years have taken him and his fiance on vacations, gave them money (totaling over $3000), bought them food, and paid bills for them when they didn't have the money. My husband has never wanted to help them the way we have, but I felt bad for them because they had no one who was able to help them, so I insisted. They would always say thank you but never really sounded like they appreciated it. Now they are getting married in 4 months. My husband is the best man and my son is also in the wedding. I however, have not been asked. I am not too upset about this since I have been in a few weddings and always end up paying for things that are not my responsibility (such as wedding flowers or pitching in on the cake). But what is irritating me is that they made it clear to tell my husband that him and my son will be riding in the limo and I have to drive myself (after making a comment about how much room there is in the limo). Then they also said that I will be sitting alone for dinner. I know it is usually normal that only the wedding party rides in the limo and sits at the head table, but for some reason it is really bothering me, almost feeling like they are trying to leave me out on purpose. But they are not hesitating to ask me for money to help out, not including the fact that my husband has to throw the stag (the groom seems to think that my husband will pay for the stag and all of the money made is going to him, not to help cover any of the expenses. and none of the other groomsmen will help), I received an invitation today for a cash bridal shower, she wants a cash bachelorette party, plus a cash wedding gift, whatever gifts my husband has to get his brother, and the suit rentals for my husband and son. They have made it clear that the reason they want money is to pay for the wedding and honeymoon. I know they can do whatever they want with the money, but if you cant afford a wedding then why do it now? They are only 21 yrs old. The groom is the only one working and he works part time at walmart. I have bill collectors calling my house for him because he changed his number and wont answer when they call. They are so broke that they had to turn off all utilities except heat and electric. I am almost feeling like I don't want to go, but wondering if I am overreacting? I havent made it a point to say anything except to my husband, but he doesnt see my point...probably because I'm the one forking out the cash and sitting in the corner. If I am over reacting about this then why am I so upset?

  42. mom's what would you do about the 1st b.d. party now? i'm at my Witt's end with it now, thank you?

    okay first 3 of the moms told me that i couldn't have ice cream as they don't want their kids getting dirty, so i've resolved that issue, i made is just immediate family so i didn't invite their kids, in april when we were having a big party, i reserved a local water park, but when we decided to just have family, we got it down from almost 70 people, way too many for a baby, to only 13, 2 kids both under 6, so we decided to have it in our yard, and just have a cook out and maybe let them play in the baby pool, as we have enough seats for that well then last wed, my sil called and said she was bringing 8 people with her, and then my mil told my hubby on friday that she invited his 2 aunts and their family, people we don't talk to ever, and then we saw his uncle in walmart sat night, and she was mad we didn't invite her, so i tried explaining it was just immediate fam this year, she said well judy is coming and she hasn't seen j (my hubby) since he was a little boy, so then she informed us she's coming, we don't have enough seats for all these people, and his b.d. is in 2 1/2 weeks, today i called all the local parks trying to reserve one, but they are all booked till the middle of july, i've already sent out the invites for here, so do i just call the extra people and tell them listen we want it small, i'm not trying to be rude but we don't have the room here for a lot of people i tried pizza hut, they won't book a party in the summer, as they do most of their business in the summer, we have a mcdonald's, bk, and dairy queen and that is it for party places where i live, the closest chucky cheeses is 3 hours away, there really is no place to have a party here that isn't already booked or not willing to have a reserve party now i asked mcdonald's and they said we could have it there but they won't block of play land, or give us a certain spot for it, and no cake, toys or anything like that, everyone has to buy off the menu, and the same for bk. dq has 3 tables inside, it's really a run in and pick up your ice cream and leave. so should we make his b.d. party a month after his b.d. or should i just call these extra people and just tell them they can't come, or will they probably just show up anyway? thank you, i'm sorry it's long, have a great week. oh and to rent enough chairs for the occasion, it's going to cost $75 per hour edit, sorry, we saw his uncle and aunt in walmart, she was pissed we didn't invite her, sorry.