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  1. I need an original recipe for a candy, cake, pie, or cookie made with peanuts!!!?

    I want to try to stay away from the usual, like peanut butter cookies, peanut butter pie.... Any candy, cookie, pie, or cake made with peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil is acceptable.

  2. What do you think of this Candy Cake idea?

    I know I asked this question before, but I want some other ideas. Me and my one friend are having this cooking contest at her dad's party on Teusday, and 3 friends of hers and I are going to make 2 or three cakes for the party. I was thinking of like Putting down some chocholate graham crackers, then melt some Reeses peanut butter cups, then, mix some crunched up Twixes up with the Reeses, then, put some 3 Musketeers on, and then put some whipped cream on it? I know (for those of you who already read/answered this question), that I changed it up a bit, but o well. I wanted to make individual cake things, so then It would be easier to make. What do you think? Does it sound good? Please leave suggestions. Execpt things about Twinkies. Please make the recipe short enough that I can make it in about an hour. Sorry, wrong section.

  3. What is the best type of pie, cookie, cake, candy, ice cream, and fruit on earth?

    Label like this: Pie: Cake: Candy: Cookie: Ice Cream: Fruit:

  4. How can I avoid, eating candy, cake, cookies, and sodas when Im on diet??

    Everytime I go on a detox, I fail by eating candy and drinking Coca Cola.. I dont want to fail anymore! Please help!! By the way I live with my parents, and they by allot of junk food and unhealthy foods.. I cant control them, and they say they want it..

  5. What do you use to make candy coating for cake pops?

    I've looked it up on various websites, but none of them have specific instructions on what the candy coating that you dip the cake pop in, actually is. I don't mean the chocolate coating, but the normal cake pops that have a hard outer shell that is melted candy coating. What candy do you melt? i really doubt that jolly ranches are used for the coating ;| A girl in my class always brings cake pops to school and their shells are always different colors - is that just because she uses food dye or she uses a different candy for each color?

  6. Can I put popping candy in a cake?

    I want to make a cake for my partner, I want to put popping candy in it somehow... I was worried that it might just dissolve if I bake it so I am planning to make a butter icing for the filling, could I mix it in with that? Thanks! I thought that as popping candy pops when it comes into contact with water, it would be ok when mixed with butter icing, which is oil based rather than water based? Thanks for your detailed and helpful answers so far...

  7. What is your favorite type of candy, cake, brownie, muffin and pizza?

    Well, I'm trying to figure out the best food to eat in the foods/candies I just told you.

  8. Help! I'm looking for a recipe for an orange, candy cake?

    it's a dark cake. I believe it might have had rum or a liquor in it and it had orange slice candies cut up in it. My mother had the recipe back in the early 70's.

  9. what does it mean if im addicted to cake and candy?

    i like those $2 square slices of different cake flavors at Albertsons i get like 4 of em lol and i like i addicted? i weigh 117 and at 5'6 you b|tch

  10. How do I bake a cake with candy mixed inside of it?

    OK, I want to put skittles in a cake. How would I do this? Should I mix in the skittles with the batter and bake it as I regularly would?

  11. Can and if so how can I attach candy melt candy to my fondant covered cake?

    I made my first fondant cake for my wedding tomorrow and it turned out beautiful! We have some white chocolate shells I made with candy molds that we would like to attach to the sides of the cake I need to know if this is possible and how? Thanks!

  12. what is a candy cake?

    how do you make it or how to get rid of your candy???

  13. Candy Cake ideas?

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make candy cake ideas under $20-$40? Me and my friends are doing this thing whee we make cakes and we are going to our local Wal-Mart for the stuff and we are going to try to get the supplies for the cakes under 2 minutes.We're doing this because it's my one friend's birthday and she LOVES to make cakes and stuff and she wants to see what kind of cake we can make. We want small cakes, because there isn't going to be that many of us. I also wanted to bring some home for my brothers, since they LOOVE junk food (they ARE NOT fat and neither am I). I was thinking of like crunching up some Twixes puting it at the bottom (like layering it), then put some melted Reese's peanut butter cups on top of the Twixes, then like whipped cream and creamy vanilla Ice cream on top with some 3 Musketeers??? Please, leave suggestions. I am only 13 and I come from a creative family, but I can't cook very well, just draw really good. So, please, leave something simple. I only know how to make Chocolate chip cookies, pudding, Noodles, garlic bread, and one other thing that I can't remember. Me and the people who are going to be at my friend's house don't really like twinkies. So please, don't list anymore Twinkie stuff. I already have 2 or three anwsers that have to do with Twinkies.

  14. How much candy oil to use in a cake recipe?

    I'm experimenting with a new recipe and I had to buy flavored candy oil in place of flavored extract to find the flavor I wanted. I know the oil will work fine in a cake, but I am unsure as to how much I should use. I do know that because it's so concentrated I should use way less than I would with an extract. But how much? Let's say a recipe calls for 1 tsp extract, how much concentrated oil should I use? Thanks!

  15. I need a new candy or cake recipe to make for family get-togethers?

    Im wanting to make something that none of my other family members make at Christmas time. Got any ideas? Please include the recipe if you can, that would help. Thank you!

  16. I received a Tea Cake/Candy pan for Christmas...?

    It is made by Noricware. VERY COOL PAN!!!! I assume I can use any cake mix and glaze- but I'd like to find a special recipe. The pan says I can make candy, tea cakes, jello jiggles, etc in it.Feel free to share a fun recipe for me to try in my fun new pan. Thanks for sharing!

  17. What is the best type of cookie, pie, ice cream, nut, cake, brownie, fudge, candy, fruit, and vegetable?

    List them in this order: cookie, pie, ice cream, nut, cake, brownie, fudge, candy, fruit, and vegetable.(O.K. you don't have to do the last one if you can't think of any good one) P.S. No matter what people say I think the tomato is a vegetable, yeah I said it vegetable so if it is your favorite fruit it doesn't count.

  18. Creative names for a cookie, candy, and cake shop?

    I need ideas for creative names for a shop that only has hand baked cookies, cakes, and candy? Any ideas?

  19. I am looking for a recipe for a cake that uses candy orange slices?

    I've found the recipe to make the cookies but I can't find one to make the cake.

  20. what type of candy can i use when making a animal cell while baking a cake that i can get from dollar general?

    i am making a model of an animal cell,but i am baking a cake for it and i need some type of candy that i can get from dollar far i have m&m's and gummy worms.please's due on Wednesday and i need to get the candy before Sunday. if your wondering it's a seventh grade project.

  21. What type of candy/edibles shall I put in my treasure chest cake?

    Im making a big pirate treasure chest cake. Its going to be propped open with golden chocolate coins, candy necklaces, and ring pops spilling out. what other types of candy or edible things can you think of that resemble treasure?

  22. ice cream and cake or ice cream and candy?

    or candy and cake? whats your favorite flavor?

  23. any one know about candy cake it was a recipe we made in girl scouts years ago?

    it had oatmeal in it and was put in a pie pan and it got hard

  24. please help me to build a candy cake?

    can you tell me how to build it step by step please see the picture below thats how I want the cake to look like

  25. Is it tacky to have a cake and a candy buffet (for favors) at a wedding reception?

    I wondered if along with the gift table, head table, and a lighted 'ice bowl' for punch if it would be overkill. I hope not but thought I better get some input.

  26. cheap and easy cakes to make for kids cake and candy?

    hi any oe know of very cheap and easy cakes to make for kids cake and candy tommorro

  27. If I remove simple sugar (ie. candy, soda, cake, etc.) from my diet will I lose weight?

    Have you had experience with this? How much and how long did it take you to lose weight?

  28. if there was one american candy or cake you couldn't live without what would it be?

    i live in the uk and want to try some american candy, so whats the best?

  29. Cake Decorators: How do you color candy while you melt it for candy molds?

    Do you use powder coloring? I used powder and my candy came out spotchy. The powder did'nt seem to dissolve. What am I doing wrong?