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Candy Bar Cake Questions Answered!

  1. Is there a zagnut candy bar cake recipe?

    Ok so I want to make a cake for my papa's birthday and his favorite candy bar is a zagnut and well they hav recipes for all kinds of candy bars so i just wondered or if there is a cake that taste very similar.

  2. I need some suggestions on baking a candy bar cake?

    I want to incorporate strawberry charleston chews in the cake. What sort of cake mix would be best and how should i go about actually baking it! Its my boyfriend's favorite candy and its his birthday tuesday so im trying to get some good ideas.

  3. How do you make candy bar cake?

    I am looking a recipe that uses miniture candy bars in the recipe.

  4. I need a recipe for any kind of candy bar cake?

    It doesn't matter what kind of candy bar but does anyone have suggestions?

  5. Baby Ruth Candy Bar Cake?

    I'm wanting to make a Baby Ruth Candy Bar Cake for my boyfriend, but the only problem is that when I look the recipe up online, it gives me this LENGTHY all-day recipe. Does anyone know a quick recipe to make a cake that resembles that of a Baby Ruth Candy Bar? (the one online I'm talking about is called the Baby Ruth Layer Cake)

  6. Vegan butterfinger recipe? Candy bar, cake, ect...10 points!?

    I'm reeeealy craving Butterfingers right now. I haven't had one in years, but I'm pregnant and the craving is strong. I'm obviously not going to eat one, though, so can anyone reccommend a good vegan recipe for a butterfinger candy bar or butterfinger cake or some sort of butterfinger dessert? Haha, the candybar recipe would be preferred, and hopefully no ingredients that are very expensive :) Thanks! 10 points for the best recipe!

  7. how do i find instructions on making the candy bar cakes/?

    the candy bar cakes looks like a cake but it's just candy bars attached to somekind of fake cake mold.need to know the best way to attach the candy bars.

  8. Do you have a recipe for a "candy bar" cake?

    I have had them using milky way bars,snicker bars,almond joy etc. Thanks!

  9. Do u think the Xpress101 cooking ad is sexual? Like when the redhead puts the "oey goey" candy bar in the cake

    I am refering to the appliance that has two semicircular compartments. It has a hinged lid and is kind of shaped like a Foreman grill. The infomercial features an older, plump redhead who used to play on a soap opera. Anyway, does this comercial seem sexual?

  10. Can you bake a cake with candy bars in it?

    Can you bake a cake with mini candy bars in it or will they just burn? or can you put them in after the cake is made or will it make the cake deflate?

  11. does anyone know where i can find a real cake that is decorated with real candy? i only find faux candy cakes?

    i live in nyc. i want to get it for my sis' bday party. A parent of one of my students brought it in last yr. but i cant get in contact w/her. it was a chocolate cake that was decorated with candy bars, pixie sticks, smarties, starbursts, twizlers and all other sorts of candies. if any knows where i could find it i would appreciate it.

  12. what kind of glue is used when making candy bar "cakes"?

    They are so cool... check them out at I have tried using hot glue, which melts the chocolate and messes it up. Rubber cement takes way too long to stick and dry. I don't want to use tooth picks or pins of any kind. I don't know what else to use... any ideas? Thank you.

  13. Who has a recipe for a cake made with twix candy bars?

    I need a recipe for a layered chocolate cake with some kind of a filling using twix candy bars.

  14. how do i make candy bar wrappers using print shop?

    I'm looking to make a candy bar cake for my daughters birthday and I would like to personalize each wrapper to spell out happy birthday but I don't really know how to do this. I have print shop 22 and I'm guessing there is a way to do this using this program. If anyone could please tell me how to do this I would really appreciate it. Thank you timothy but that wasn't really what I meant, but thank you anyway. What I'm looking to do is spell out happy birthday...for example one candy bar will have the letter H than the next bar will have the letter A until I spell out happy birthday...( does that make sense? hope so) I've seen candy cake template sets for sale online, but I'm looking to do this on my own using print shop (if possible)

  15. Hi,does anyone know the name of this thing you make little cakes in and you put a small candy bar in theCenter?

    We had a picnic today and someone brought these little cakes.they put Miniature candy bar in the middle and baked in a few minutes,They looked like a turn over but they were cakes,I think she bought it from qvc.But she didn,t know the name of it.

  16. how do you make,step by step, a cake out of pure candy bars?

    so my friends birthday is on Monday and instead of making her the usual cupcakes I wanted to get creative and make her this cake, that I had seen in a magazine article. that was of pure candy bars. like twixs crunches reeces for example. but the directions on the magazine are really bad and I don't understand them. so does anyone know like a video or a step by step direction I could follow easily? please and thank u!!

  17. What is the BEST chocolate cake recipe you know that would taste good with candy bars on top?

    I need a really good chocolate cake recipe, and I plan to top it with a snickers bar or something. It has to be amazing, its for a familys birthday and i really want them to LOVE it!

  18. What's recipe for a cake made with twix candy bars?

    It's for my boyfriends birthday and he loves twix.

  19. How can I sub chocolate candy bars for cocoa powder in recipes for cake/cookies?

    My question originally got deleted?! Before I could write down the answer, and I'd appreciate anyone answering this for me again? I'd like to use Candy bars (regular eating kind), in place of expensive cocoa powder used in many recipes. How do I do this? Thanks

  20. Is this a Heath Bar Cake?

    I am Having a hard time making it work out like it should. It doesn't want to rize. :MIX; 2 cups of flour,2 cups of brown sugar,1/4 lb. butter,3/4 tsp. salt. ;ADD; 1 egg,1 Tbl. spoon baking soda,1 cup sour milk, 6 Heath Bar candies, 6 oz. package of chopped walnuts. Bake at 350 for 30 to 40 min. I live in Wisconsin.

  21. Chocolate Heath Bar Cake Recipe?

    a chocolate cake with crushed up Heath candy inside. I need a real recipe please.

  22. I am looking for the mounds candy bar recipe.?

    Years ago Hershey's put a recipe out for mounds candy balls or something like that. On the other side of this recipe there was one for a easter basket cake. I have lost my recipe and I was hoping some one could help me. I checked the web sight and found the easter basket cake but not the candy bar. please help!

  23. What is your favorite way to eat chocolate??

    plain, in a candy bar, cake, pie, etc... your favorite way

  24. I found Drakes cakes now I'm looking for a candy bar called Skybars by Necco in Las Vegas.?

    Anybody know of a place? In case any Las vegans are looking for the Devil dog its at Matinos cafe in Henderson.

  25. candy centerpieces, placecards, cake...?

    I saw pictures of centerpieces that had clear vases filled with skittles and cakes made with personalized labeled candy bars and also personalized labeled candy with the label saying the guests name and table number. Is this tacky? I think it is so cute, my fiancee and I are both 22 and the wedding is next May so I want things very bright and fun. What do you gals think? And if you like it what are some mor eideas?

  26. Whats your favorite kind of candy or candy bar and favorite kind of pastry/dessert?

    Reeses Candy bar and for dessert prolly cookie cake omg orasgm!

  27. has anyone had their childs birthday party at Dylan's Candy Bar?

    I was looking into it lastnight and I have to call the lady coordinates the parties. But I know it will be expensive but my question is was it worth the money and were the kids entertained? I did my sons last party at chuck e cheese and the party host was late bringing the pizza and cake and forgot his gifts from chuck e's and I was pissed.

  28. is there such a thing as a Three Musketeer cake?

    My sisters birthday is coming up. and i asked her tonight what kind of cake she would like to have for her birthday. so that i could go to the store and pick up a cake mix and bake one for her like i usually do. She jokingly said "Three Musketeer's Cake" (three musketeers is her favorite candy bar). It got me wondering if there was really such a thing as a "Three Musketeer Cake".

  29. What is your favorite candy Bar?

    Poll: Red Velvet cake or Cheesecake?

  30. I need a recipe for a cake with twix involved in it.?

    It's my friends birthday and she's in love with twix. I was wondering what I could do to invovle the twix candy bar with the cake. :)

  31. What would cross your mind if someone suggested you buy an overweight person candy, cookies, chips & cake?

    Someone over in the ETIQUETTE section asked a question about getting into an argument with her boss & writing an apology letter. & Someone suggested, "If she's overweight, buy her some candy bars." I DIED laughing! Haha! I'm overweight myself.

  32. When you go to the cinema what candy bar do you eat?

    100 Grand Bar 3 Musketeers 5th Avenue Dead Rotted Cat Abba-Zaba Aero Aged Roadapple Almond Joy Baby Ruth Banjo Bar None Barf Pie Bertie Beetle Big Hunk Big Turk Bit-O-Honey Blue Riband Boost Bounty Brunch Bar Butter Brickle Butterfinger Brain In Formaldahyde Cadbury Caramilk Cadbury Flake Cadbury Fudge Cadbury Mr. Big Cadbury Picnic Cadbury Snack Cadbury Snowflake Cadbury Spira Cadburys Tempo Cadburys Cat Hairball Crunch Cajeta Elegancita Caramac Caramello Koala Celebrations Charleston Chew Cherry Blossom Cherry Mash Cherry Ripe Chick-O-Stick Chocolate Crunchies Chokito Chomp Choo Choo Bar Nestlé Chunky Clark Bar Coffee Crisp Crachi Crispy Crunch Crunchie Cup-o-Gold Curly Wurly Daim bar Double Decker Drifter Dingleberry Bar Dubble Eat-More Flyte Freddo Frog Fry's Chocolate Cream Fry's Turkish Delight Foot in Mouth Crunch Galaxy Goetze's Candy Company GooGoo Cluster Heath bar Hematogen Heroes Hershey bar Hershey's Miniatures Hershey's S'mores Hershey's Special Dark Horse Pile Horalky Idaho Spud Kendal Mint Cake Kismet Kit Kat Krackel Krembanan Kvikk Lunsj Lion Bar Lotte Ghana M-Azing Marathon Mans Toenails Marco Polo Chocolate Bar Mars bar Mary Jane Maverick Mekupelet Milk Tray Milky Way bar Milkybar Moro Mounds Mountain Bar Mr. Goodbar Nestlé Crunch Nut Goodie NutRageous Nutty Nut Nut Oh Henry! PB Max PayDay Peanut Chews Peppermint Crisp Plopp Polly Waffle Prince Polo Princessa Puke Stick Reese's Fast Break Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ReeseSticks Ritter Sport Rocky Ro

  33. Making a cake and wondering if it needed to be refrigerated?

    Making this: I made it into cupcakes, and was wondering if I needed to refrigerate it. I would overnight, but I am bringing them to work and wont have enough room in the fridge to place them in. Do you think it would be fine to refrigerate it overnight and then leave it out while at work tomorrow? Thanks... I know there isn't an exact answer just wondering of others opinions. Even with the whipped topping it should be fine? I am going to be keeping it in a cupcake countainer, so I figured it should be plastic wrap needed.

  34. Was I wrong to throw a candy bar at my brother?

    Ok he is a fatie to his heart. He eats all day and is 200 pounds overweight and takes up joke. So today as I was going to get my slice of cake I had saved I found out the porker ate it!! I got so angry I slammed the door and sat in my room. Then the loser says oh am sorry Becky and mess andI got tired and annoyed and picked up a candy bar I bought and throw it at him.....because I know he eats out of boredom and stress and just for comfort and a quick joy. Odd when I threw the candy bar....he didn't stop crying why? Isn't food a fat persons best friend? I will never get fat : / Also I try to help, I told him lets go jogging but he rather plays Mario group

  35. Whatever Happened to These Candy Bars, Cakes, and Cookies?

    OK, I live in South Dakota, which is like living with the Engel's family in the 1800s as far as consumer goods are concerned. So... Bonomo's Turkish Taffy? Chunky? Mars Bars? and, Billy Crystal's favorite (and mine) cookie...Mallomars? Drake's Devil Dogs...I would inhale them (no chewing involved) as a kid growing up in NYC? Tastee Cakes? Thanks a lot...(I would probably pay $10 for a nice Bonomo's Turkish Taffy right now...but only in chocolate)!!! Nice site...Thanks. No Bonomo's! No Sunshine Hydrox...they were vastly superior to Oreo's (Sunshine Biscuit was located near the Queens Plaza Subway Station in Long Island City).

  36. Is it weird to be losing my chocolate cravings, after years of always having to have dessert?

    I'm 28 and ever since I was little, I would eat dessert after lunch and dinner. As I got older, I only ate dessert after dinner and I've always been thin. But lately I'm finding that I can't seem to find any chocolate that really satisfies me. I tend to eat the same foods day to day until I get absolutely sick of them. The desserts I usually eat are cookies, but for a while I got into eating blizzards once a week. I don't like candy bars, cakes or pies - but I would like something to have for dessert that wouldn't kill me with calories - and at the same time be satisfying. Any ideas? I've been buying chocolate pudding and that's pretty good...but I'd like more choices then just that.

  37. baking candy into brownies or cake mix?

    my mom's favorite candy is mounds bars, for mothers day on sunday i want to find a way to bake them into either brownies or cake mix. i want to place a small mounds, whole, into the raw batter and bake them and i would most likely be using a cupcake tin regardless of what kind of batter i would use. i'm just not sure which would be a better batter to use because of the weight of the mounds, any thoughts or advice? thanks : )

  38. Can cats eat candy?

    I want to know what, if any, candy cats can consume and not die/get sick.. now.. that includes... cakes, pies, candy bars, chocolate, hard candies.. w/e.. just.. can cats eat any of it..?

  39. Best Poll Ever! You most enjoy chocolate in what form?

    Ice cream, candy bar, cake, brownie, milkshake, M & M's, etc... Me, I love Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream, also dark chocolate bars.

  40. Poll: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Chip Cookies or Double Fudge Cake?

    Chocolate candy bar? Chocolate Fudge? Death by chocolate cake? Which do you prefer? Opinions?

  41. Who started this fight? Me or the candy bar?

    Well, I was at the checkout line at the grocery store. I saw a Snickers bar on the shelve. It looked really good but I walked up to it and said, "No, no, I don't care how good you look Snickers bar, I'm not buying you!" Then I turned my head to pay for my groceries and then I heard the candy bar reply, "bastard!" and then it flew off the shelve and hid me in the back of the head. Me while filled with rage picked up the candy bar, laid it down on the counter and started beating it with my fist. I thought it was over so I went back to paying for the food I got before the Snickers bar hit me in the back of the head with a box of debbie cakes. I got really mad, picked up a gallon of milk and smashed it on top of the snickers bar. Then I ripped it open and ate it so it couldn't attack me again, then the cashier walked up to me and said, "that would be .99 cents for the Snickers bar." So the reason why I am saying this is, don't get in a fight with a candy bar in the grocery store, or you will end of buying it. Just giving everyone a warning.

  42. Why am I allergic to anything baked with chocolate, but not chocolate candy?

    I can eat chocolate candy bars and other chocolate items, but not anything baked with chocolate (i.e. chocolate brownies, cupcakes, cake, cookies, etc.). Whenever I eat any of those, my face swells and turns blue because my throat and nasal cavity closes and I can't breathe. I always thought it was some sort of reaction with cocoa, flour, and eggs but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated!

  43. What do you really think about a Candy Bar?

    I'm thinking of having one at my wedding and need some help! I saw one question earlier, but it didn't quite answer mine. Our reception hall pretty much has everything covered, we'll have cake, dessert, a sweet table, and a chocolate fountain. I know it's not needed, but I think it would make a nice touch. Our colors are black and white, and the centerpieces at the reception will be a bright pink color. I'd like to have several different candies, black, white, and pink, but really primarily pink. So how hard is this typically? We're looking at about 250-300 people. I've found some vases that I absolutely love, along with adorable little scoops, but have no idea how much work goes into filling everything up and making sure I have enough for each guest. I've also found some Chicago "skyline" bags for them to put the candy in. Opinions? Haha, this place had everything for a great price. and we booked within a certain time frame and get the chocolate fountain for free!!;_ylt=ApQn_vao8BDhA_DBLEY52ybsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080814122037AA6lC9m Please help me choose candy too! Thanks to all in advance!