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  1. Cake decorating?

    I am very creative and would like to take a stab at cake decorating. I make delicious cakes so that is not a problem I just need to know what tools I need to start with. I also would like to know what kind of frosting to use. On the Ace of Cakes they use this sheet frosting that just covers the cake. What is it? Thanks! ;D

  2. cake decorating?

    I am looking for a beginners class in cake decorating in the pontypridd area

  3. Cake Decorating?

    i need some ideas for decorating a cake. we have to decorate a cake for home ec. and the winner gets a prize so we want a really good cake if u could pleaz include links or pics thanks sooooo much

  4. Home cake decorating business: Illegal in many states, but people seem to still do it? How, why?

    I would love to start a home-based cake decorating/bakery out of my home since I can't afford a store. I discovered running one is illegal here. But I come across a few people who whip out their cake portfolios and try to sell you their services anyway. I'd like to make birthday cakes for maybe friends of friends and just have them pass the word around that I can bake custom cakes. Would you still do it and try to keep it low-key or just forget your dream? The reason it's illegal in GA is because it is food, and that they will then require a seperate building w/ a commercial kitchen, then inspect it. But I have ran across several women in the past who just do this out of their own home anyway.

  5. How did you start your cake decorating business?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting a cake decorating business and want input from people who have started a cake decorating business. How did you get business? How much did you charge for each cake? Did you specialize in a type of cake? *Please answer only if you have started a cake decorating business. Thanks! Do you own a cake decorating store? Or are you just guessing. Once again, I need answer from people who have actually experience first hand.

  6. When decorating a cake, what is the best way to get the icing completely smooth?

    I'm teaching myself cake decorating and this is my first cake. I want a smoother look and the spatula just can't do it. Any tips or ideas? THANKS GUYS! I do have a large metal spatula.

  7. Can a person get a cake decorating job without going to culinary school?

    I took some Wilton classes in the late 90s and really enjoyed learning how to decorate cakes. I once inquired at a local cake shop about jobs and they said I needed an art degree. Their cakes are like 3-D sculptures. Well, I'm sure not all places have the same requirements. Just wondering if entry-level cake decorating jobs are available for those with no professional experience. Also, how is the pay?

  8. What are some good cake decorating books?

    I want to get my friend a cake decorating book for her birthday because she loves decorating/making cakes. I do not know anything about cake decorating. What are seom good books on cake decorating?

  9. What are good cake decorating contest categories?

    I just finished course 1 of cake decorating and want to have a cake off with the person I took it with. Here are some categories I have so far... Cake Moistness Overall Taste Appearance Creativity Any more ideas?

  10. How to start a cake decorating business when your a teen?

    i already have an order for a baby shower cake. i have taken cake decorating classes and i love to do cakes. My dad is making me business cards. What else do i need? im 14 not 16

  11. Can anyone give me cake decorating tips?

    Hey everyone, i'm 16 and wanting to start a small, casual cake decorating business. I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful hints on cakes that would hopefully help. I'm planning on taking a class soon, but would be appreciative if I could get some tips from the outside world =) And maybe how much you'd pay for a well-baked cake for perhaps a birthday or someone special. Thanks guys!

  12. How do i go about starting my own cake decorating business?

    I've self taught myself on how to do some cake decorating and hope to go back to school for some formal training, but i'm curious what materials i would need and any other information i would need to start a sucessful cake decorating business. Thanks!

  13. What are some really good Cake decorating Ideas? Also, what are some really good Cake recipies?

    I love to bake cakes and cupcakes. I was wondering if any of you knew any creative cake decorating ideas and recipes.

  14. How can I transfer photo to cake top for decorating.?

    We are into cake decorating, and having hard time transfering pictures (such as horse head etc.) on to cake icing to decorate. Have had to mostly trace then try to make out where tracing is. Does anyone have a good way of transfering photos or pictures to a cake top?

  15. What are some tips for beginners at cake frosting/decorating?

    I need some tips and my little cousin is helping me. We are beginenrs at cake decorating and its our dads birthday and were gonna make a cake for him. Can we please have tips or videos from youtube?

  16. What is a good book on teaching cake decorating?

    I am looking to try my hand at cake decorating, I need a good book that teaches the basics.

  17. Hi everyone does anyone know how to make a cake decorating tip out of scratch?

    Hi everyone does anyone know how to make a cake decorating tip out of scratch? I need it for writting on the cake and one for the border of the cake.

  18. Does anyone know of a really great cake decorating website? With tips and recipes?

    I am going to start a business, about cake decorating, meaning i would sell things like B-day cakes, but i have SOME recipes but i need more especially for cakes. Anybody know about marzipan, sugar paste, or have you used the Wilton color mist? If so is it good? Websites on this???? Thanks.

  19. Is Wilton the best way to go when it comes to cake decorating supplies?

    I have been interested in cake decorating for a long time, and recently I decided that I wanted to invest in some really good quality cake decorating supplies. I'd like to do this professionally if can one day, so I want to buy good quality utensils. Is wilton the best way to go? Or is there something more professional that I could find... I was thinking of purchasing the "ultimate kit". Is it worth it?

  20. What is the science behind cake decorating?

    In science we need to learn choose an interest of ours and find the science of it. I chose cake decorating and I can't find the science of it. Please help!

  21. Where can I find trade cake decorating supplies?

    I live in the midlands and I am looking for a warehouse or supplier where I can buy cake decorating supplies at low cost. Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

  22. What is the best way to get into cake decorating as a career/business?

    I would like to know how to get into cake decorating as a career/business? What type of training should I get? What is the earning potential? Is this a good business?

  23. Where can I buy quality cake decorating tools in or around Toronto?

    For example, featherweight Wilton pastry bags, couplers, tips, etc? Specifically I would like to find a place that sells the metal Wilton pastry bag tips - I've been to Cayne's in Thornhill but they only sell sets. Anyone know of a store around Toronto that sells quality cake decorating supplies?

  24. Cake making and decorating book with dogs made from icing on the front?

    I saw it on sale in an Urban Outfitters, but it isn't on the website. It's topped the New York Times bestseller list, or has been recommended by it, but I don't know which. Basically, its just a cake decorating book, and on the front cover, are three cupcakes decorated to look like dogs. It's quite large. If anyone sees the book, could they give me a link please?

  25. How can I start a home based business in cake decorating.?


  26. What are good online cake decorating classes?

    Olay I recently took a Wilton decorating class at a local store and I was unable to take the second level of it so I was wondering if there are any cake decorating classes that I can take online. I know I can look at the tutorials on YouTube but I really want a certificate that proves I tookthe courses.

  27. What are the first steps in getting started in cake decorating?

    My daughter is 14 and she is obssessed with cake decorating tv shows. This is the first time she has had a passion so I would like to know where to get her started. What would you suggest? the more details given the better.

  28. What is gum paste (for cake decorating) made of?

    I have celiac disease, which means I can't have gluten, which is in wheat, rye, barley and oats. I have found some really good gluten-free cake mixes (honest), and would like to do some cake decorating. I love those wonderful sculpted decorations, which I learned were usually made from gum paste. I haven't been able to find a list of ingredients. Even the Wilton site doesn't say. Does anyone have a container of the powdered mix and/or the premade gum paste that can post the ingredients? Or anyone else who is gluten intolerant who has experience with it? Thanks! Nancy

  29. Where can you go to learn about cake decorating?

    I would like to open my own cake decorating shop in the future, but until then, where can i learn more about cake decorating?

  30. What is the best career path to pursue cake decorating?

    I'm not looking at the full "Culinary Arts" path, more of the cake decorating, and all around meal decor. You know? Where they cut a tomato to look like a rose... that sorta thing. What type of schooling would I want to look into for that?

  31. What kind of material can be replaced instead of heavy cream for cake decorating practicing?

    The heavy whip cream for cake decorating can only last one day, I wish can find a material which can be replaced instead of heavy whip cream for practicing.

  32. Where can I find cake decorating supplies on Oahu?

    I've been searching online for a while and can't seem to come across any cake decorating stores. I need to get some supplies for a cake but I can't seem to find any stores on Oahu. Anyone know of any on Oahu HI?

  33. Where can I find a set of cake decorating tips?

    I really want a set of cake decorating tips. With the bags if possible. I can't find a legit set. I want like.. a bigger set. Around 50 tips. But any suggestions at all will be extremely helpful!! :) Best answer will be awarded! Thank you in advance.

  34. Any good cake decorating books?

    I want to be a pastry chef and I want to know what kind of cake decorating books you have heard of. I want to make cakes that are really expensive and gorgeous and I need a book that teaches me. Thanks! Thank you all! You guys have been such a great help. I want to go to the CIA extremely bad. They have classes there, and I want to take one this year if I possibly could. Thanks again for the help!

  35. Where can I take cake decorating classes in Denver?

    I am willing to go outside the central area-just looking for a place to take cake decorating classes. Thanks!

  36. How to make a cake decorating??

    Im interesting in cake, cupcakes and cookie decorating. Did any of you know how to do it or is there any site that show step by step with picture to make cake decorating??

  37. Can an airbrush that is meant for painting be used for cake decorating?

    I need an airbrush for cake decorating and was wondering if it was possible to use one that is meant for paints except I would use airbrush food colour. Also if anyone knows a good place to purchase an airbrush in Ontario, or the GTA area please let me know. Thanks.

  38. Do you have to buy anything extra when you take the cake decorating class at Michaels?

    I'm doing the 1st course for cake decorating at Michael's and wanted to know if you have to buy anything extra? I know you can buy supplies for 10% off while the class is going on, but if I don't have to at this point, I dont' want to. Do you have supplies for you to use/practice with while taking the class?

  39. Does any one know what the cake decorating tip # 880 is for?

    Does any one know what the cake decorating tip # 880 is for?i know it is for a border but i am not sure how it looks like, can anyone please helpme.

  40. Where can i find the rules, laws, requirements to open a home based cake decorating business?

    I'm going to start a home based cake decorating business but someone at work told me that i could get in trouble with i think she said the fda for baking at home... I want to look that up to see if its true but I cant find anything online... i googled it but all I find is how to start a business... but no rules or regulations. any help would be wonderful!

  41. How do I get a small business booming what kind of advertising? It is for cheesecakes and cake decorating?

    I'm trying to start a small business with cheesecakes and cake decorating and I just need alittle info.

  42. I am looking for cake decorating supplies. Can anyone share inexpensive websites to find a good variety?

    I recently started taking cake decorating classes and would like to expand to "theme" cakes. I hope to start selling cakes soon. Can anyone give me a few good inexpensive websites that I can purchase cake kit supplies? Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance! Carrie

  43. what do i need to start a cake decorating business with a co-onwer?

    we are starting a cake decorating business and im not sure what i will need to do or aquire in order to start up my business. will i need to make it an llc or sole proprietor? do i need to get a business license?

  44. How can I get a job in cake decorating?

    I like cake decorating, candy making, etc. I don't have the money to go into business myself - nor am I sure that I want to. I'd love to work in an awesome bakery that does high-end cakes, candies, cookies, etc. - not the kind of stuff you can just get in your grocery store. I don't want "mass produce" type of work - meaning I don't want to spend my entire day icing 20 cakes with the same design - I want to do custom-type work. I don't have a pastry degree although I'd love to get one -just can't afford it. How can I find an internship or something like that so I can get a job in this industry? Other problem - I live in KY - and I don't really know of any high-end bakeries...... anyone have any ideas?

  45. Can a modeling airbrush be used for Cake decorating?

    My wife is looking for an airbrush for cake decorating and I thought I read somewhere that an airbrush for model cars and the like can be used so long as it's purchased and used for only that of course. Is this true and what are some airbrush kits that are known to work well for this purpose. The actual cake airbrush kits are quite expensive from what I have seen. Will the coloring for the cake airbrush work well in the modeling airbrush?

  46. Simple cake decorating ideas for a 10 year old boy's birthday?

    The cake is a rectangle cake and I want it to be very unusuall but not to hard to decorate. He likes ALOT of frosting on his cake. So any ideas of how to decorate it? Pretty and simple? I was thinking of an ocean cake or mountain cake. But mybe yiou have a better idea. If anybody has any pictures please post them. Thanks!

  47. How do I start up a cake decorating business (ohio)?

    I've always been interested in cake decorating, and I'm pretty good at it. Recently my family, and friends have been telling me I should start a business, any suggestions? Any suggestions on where to start?

  48. I want to make my best friend a birthday cake, decorating tips and recipes please?

    I want it to taste like the inside of a fortinos, food basics,etc, you know, the ones you just order and pick up. If you don't have a recipe for it no problem but please give me some decorating tips. I want it to have ribbon, flowers, and somehow glittery. I really want decorating tips most of all because i could always buy ready made stuff ;) Its going to be two layer cake by the way. Be as creative as you can be people :D

  49. Anyone out there know of any really good instructive books on cake decorating?

    I have become very interested in cake decorating. Working primarily with fondant. Also I am extremely interested in learning to make gum paste flowers. Is there anyone that has these skills out there and could you give me some true advise. This is a serious question for me. Please stick to serious answers - humor is always appreciated though! Thanks in advance.

  50. Writing a thesis statement for a cake decorating research paper?

    I have a paper due in a few weeks and I STILL dont have a thesis statement. I am doing my paper on cake decorating and the history, tips, and techniques that are needed. Any help??