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Elmo Cake Questions Answered!

  1. ideas how to make bday cake with dora AND elmo?

    I'd like to make my daughter a bday cake with both dora and elmo on it (sheet cake, 2 tiered, whatever) BUT... I have absolutly no creativity, so i'm racking my brain for ideas on how to put one together, but i'm coming up with nothing. could you people possibly give me ideas on how to do this? and yes i've searched google, i can find dora cakes, and elmo cakes, but not the two combined.

  2. I need help with making an elmo cake?

    I am going to attempt to make my daughter an elmo cake for her 2nd birthday. I had the idea of making a sheet cake and then making a round cake of elmo's face and setting it in the center of the sheet cake. However, I don't know how to go about doing this. Do I need to place something inbetween the cakes? If so, what?

  3. Where can I get a good free Elmo kids cake recipe on the internet?

    Chasing a recipe for an Elmo kids cake for my daughters birthday. Does anyone know of a good and easy one to use?

  4. where can i get a custom elmo cake in phoenix?

    i need a custom elmo cake for my daughter 1st birthday?

  5. Where to get a good Elmo themed 1st Birthday Cake near LA ?

    I live in Pasadena and work in Downtown and am trying to plan my daughters 1st birthday party. I would like to find a place near by that can do an Elmo 1st birthday cake that won't break my budget. I am a single mom so I am really trying to watch the cost of things. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  6. Bakery where i can Order a Elmo Jelly Cake ?

    i am looking to order an elmo Jelly cake for my daughters 2nd bday but i can't find any bakery in NY that make it. is there any where online where i can order?

  7. Any ideas for a 2yr old girl birthday cake? The invitations are Elmo.?

    It doesn't have to be Elmo, But not a bad idea. I'm just not to imagintive when it comes to this stuff.

  8. Elmo cake train?!? should i make an elmo cake train instead of a typical elmo face?

    Ive been thinking about what to make for my son's 2nd birthday, since his into Elmo, I thought a train would more interesting and fun to do then the typical "face" I was just wondering if this was okay seeing elmo has a fire department but not a train and then i would make the face an elmo face on the front engine..what are your thoughts on this idea and am i going to be silly if my inlaws see it..or what ever ..whats your say..thanks in advance.. Thank you all so much for all your wonderful tips and suggestions. It has given me some brilliant ideas of this day to come..thanks again.

  9. Does anyone know where I can get a Elmo caked made in Houston?

    Does anyone know where I can get a Elmo caked made in Houston? EIther a face or full body cake.

  10. Elmo cake, San Antonio cake shops?

    My son's birthday is coming up and the theme is sesame street. I want an elmo cake for him, but so far everything I've seen looks tacky. I want something really cute, are there any good shops in San Antonio to be recommended?

  11. Where can I find a Elmo cake pan in stores?

    In Wisconsin.

  12. Please help I need to find an Elmo cake pan?

    I have searched and searched and I can not find what I want My lil man will be 1 in 3 months and his bday party will be a Elmo theme. My aunt will be making the cake but I need to find a cake pan with Elmo's whole body because on his belly we want it to say Happy 1st bday Jd. Does any one know were I can find a cake pan with Elmo's whole body (not just his face) I found this one but it is not really what I want because I want his whole body

  13. Need help pricing an Elmo B-Day party Cake?

    Hi everyone. I'm just getting started trying to make a little money at home by making cakes and selling them. I just finished taking the Wilton courses. Can anyone tell me how much I should charge my friend for an Elmo cake for 30 people? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance:) Well, the elmo cake pan from Wilton only serves about 10-12 people, so I was thinking of putting that cake on top of a sheet cake to make the cake big enough to feed 30 people.

  14. A question about Buttercream Frosting for a character cake?

    I am making an Elmo cake for my nephews first birthday. I know that shortening is best in buttercream for decorating. Should I use more butter in the frosting to ice the cake and then make a different batch for the decorating with more shortening in it? Or can I use a recipe that is both butter and shortening and use it on the whole thing? What do you think? Let me know. Thanks!

  15. Who built what cake on Food Networks Challenge Seseme Street Cakes?

    Who built the elmo cake on Food network Challenge Seaseme street anerversity cakes? Who built cookie monster?

  16. Where to find an elmo birthday cake? (cheap but looks nice)?

    Okay... I'm celebrating my 13th birthday and decided that Elmo theme was what i wanted. I live in beaumont texas and desperately need a cake. I've did alot of searching but the cakes i found were a minimum of $80 at the bakeries! Does wal-mart, market basket, or any other stores make customized cakes? I've pasted some cakes that I like.. . please tell me if a simple grocery store bakery can make them.**http%3a// html photo_gal...cake.html

  17. Any one know Elmo Jello Cake Recipe?

    I have been trying search for a bakery that makes Gelatin cakes and can't seem to find one in the US. So I have decided to make my own. Does anyone know a recipe. is for a 2year olds Bday Party.

  18. I am baking a shaped bday cake for my son(elmo), but I want to use a bundt cake recipe, will the batter fit?

    i'm worried the batter will be too much as bundt pans seem bigger. I have used this bundt cake in a regular bundt pan and it is one of our favorite cakes

  19. where can i find and elmo cake?

    i need to noe before october 27 and i want it for my bithday thats y i need to noe quick so my dad can get 4 me

  20. I need to draw Elmo on a cake... anybody know tutorials so I don't mess it up?

    This is really last minute(my mistake... I know!), but I need to draw Elmo(just the head) on my son's b-day cake. I was planning on using, I guess its, the star tip? Anybody know of a tutorial of how to do it? I know, weird question. Would my best bet be just to do the eyes, then do the outline of the head, and then the mouth and nose then fill in the rest? OMG OMG OMG! {Walking on Sunshine} Thank you SO much!!!!

  21. 1st birthday cake ideas for my daughter?

    I looked at Walmart but didn't see anything I like. She's not into any characters (Dora, Barbie, Elmo) and can't see me getting a cake like that for a 1 year old. What did you do for your 1st bday? Ethan LOVED his Elmo doll so we got him Elmo for his 1st bday cake, but Sophie just isn't interested in any thing like that yet. Thanks!

  22. My son is turning 2 and goes back and forth between Elmo party and Mickey party, what do I do?

    He changes his mind several times a day, and if I mention his Mickey party, he says "Elmo party" and starts crying. An hour later, I'll mention an Elmo party and he says "and Mickey cake?" I need to start buying stuff, but he gets so upset when I say the wrong one, I don't want to ruin his birthday! What would you do?

  23. Help with cake decorating ideas for 2 yr. old w/elmo.?

    It is for a little girl, who wants bright bold colors in pink, purple and blue. I have taken some classes and can do pretty much whatever I see, it just been awhile since I've done a cake.

  24. How to combine a first and third yr old elmo bday party?

    Hey im trying to Plan my sons bday party im going to do a first and third year old party my theme is elmo i want to get some ideas of how to combine this party together i want to do one cake and 1 invitation for both of them one is turning 1 and the other is turning 3 yrs old.. any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.... thank you.

  25. i have never decorated a cake before. And this year for my sons birthday i want to decorate a seasme steet.?

    cake. i'm hoping for home help as for the things necessary like the right frosting and all that good stuff. Any pointer would be great. thanks P.S. His favorite character is elmo.

  26. how to get my buttercream frosting dark red?

    i made a double batch of butter cream frosting. im trying to frost an elmo cake need it that red.. how do i get it with out it turning pink - i only have wilton icing coloring in red, black, yellow and blue.

  27. need help with 2 year old bday cake?

    ok so my daughters turning 2 in about 2 weeks, at first i wanted to make an elmo cake, i was thinking of using fondant, but i know it tastes like cr@p so i'm not sure if thats the way to go for a small child....then i was thinking of simply using buttercream to decorate, but i'm not coming up with any good ideas...THEN suddenly i thought to myself, she would probably love an ice cream cake! keep in mind that i don't allow my little girl to eat any 'junk' food at all(no sweets, nothing) so this birthday cake is going to be a real treat..i really want her to enjoy it... do you have any suggestions? what did u do for your childs bday?

  28. Does everyhing at my sons 1st birthday party have to match? He likes all the characters?!?

    My son loves Elmo and Sesame Street characters, so I'm planning the party (50 people) decor to be that. My son also likes Mickey Mouse, so my husband ordered up Mickey and the gang to come sing happy birthday and do treat bags! Now should I just change the decorations to Disney instead of Elmo because of this 1/2 hr appearance??? Or can Mickey Mouse present an Elmo cake?

  29. I am looking for a Abby Cadabby Cake?

    Ok I am looking for someone who makes Abby Cadabby cakes if you don't know who that is it is Elmo's friend she is a fairy. My daughter's first birthday is in less then a month and I can't seem to find anyone who makes it. I live around Tulsa, OK please help Thank you all very much for the answers.

  30. Birthday Cake Questions!?

    Hey guys just a few questions 1. Im thinking of doing either an elmo or thomas the tank engine cake, has anyone done this and have any hint tips or photos? ( 2. whats the best cake to use, as i have to cut it into shape ?(keeping in mind its for a 1st birthday) i was hoping to do a sponge but not sure if that will work. 3. How do i make the proper frosting/icing for the cake (the fluffy looking stuff)? and last question! 4. What are the best food colouring colours /or combination of colours should i use for either elmo or thomas? THANKS GUYS/GIRLS! thanks for the reply! Just thought id add that im in Australia and im making it for Sunday. I do have the design i want and for that ill have to cut it out of the cake :)

  31. Can someone help me find a clip of Maya Angelou singing a song called "My Name" on Sesame Street?

    I know that it was from season 25 and the song is called "My Name" or "It's My Name". I really want the tune and the words to the song, so if anyone knows where I can find that, it would be great. But the Sesame Street one is the best. I'd really appreciate any help I could get! Thanks! P.S. It's not the one where Maya sings "N is for Natasha" nor when she sings Pat-a-Cake with Elmo.

  32. 1st Birthday Elmo/Sesame Street theme?

    My sons 1st birthdays is coming up soon and Im buying things now. He will be 1!! EVerything is going to be sesame street/elmo. Im ordering his cake and having decorations. My question is:::is he too little to have a pull string pinanta? He can pull the strings and there will be other kids there also. AND should I do little goody bags?(Or is it not needed at all) With little things in them? I know he's only 1 but this is his 1st birthday and its a big deal. Thanks

  33. Cake help?

    I make cakes, and need to make one for a customer's daughter. I'm not sure about a theme, although I know that I don't want to buy a shaped pan to use once and then collect dust. she's almost two, and I've been told that she loves the wiggles, elmo and dora the explorer. The cake needs to be able to serve about 25 people.

  34. one year old birthday cake!?

    My son is only 8.5 months old and I know its took early to even think about his first birthday cake, but I can not help it! I am so happy that my son is going to be one and at the same time I am so sad he is not a baby anymore. Anyways, I was just wondering if you made your son's birthday cake or you bought it? I want to make his because I love to bake and I want to make his cake special, but my only problem is he is so young how do I even determine what to draw on the cake? What did you toddler's first birthday cake have on it? (elmo, etc..) Please explain any birthday experiences, your ideas with me would be great. Thank you in advance!! Also I am not having a big party for my son. I see no reason to when he is so young. It will probably be a only a few of us.

  35. Where can I find a bakery in Rochester, N.Y or surrounding areas that can make customized sculpted cakes?

    3d cakes. Bakeries that can make any thing I want out of cake. It's for my sons b-day. I really want elmo or curious george.

  36. easy to bake cake that can be frosted or iced without being too sweet?

    my cousins birthday is today (2yrs.), but i want to bake him a cake, i want to ice it or maybe frost it, so it looks like Elmo, i don't have time to go buy the Elmo baking pan so i want a cake recipe that will taste good not overly sweet with the icing or frosting i wanted to do a box cake but then i was thinking it might be too soft to old the frosting or icing, any ideas?? thanks (i want it to taste good because my family always criticize my cooking lol...they always expect me to be Betty Crocker but i usually use betty crocker without telling them lol.) i don't want to buy a cake, im a broke college student! so please help lol thanks.

  37. Where can i buy baby sesame baby shower decrations?

    I have been looking all over and i cant even find anything online. Baby sesame decorations have baby Elmo,big bird, and cookie monster. I am throwing my sister a baby shower and i need the decorations i found a cake and the games i really want the signs and the hanging decorations.

  38. Tot with fear of birthday cake part of Bday party?

    My daughter is turning 3 and does not enjoy being the center of attention. At birthday parties she hates the part where the cake come out with the birthday song and candles. She doesn't like the singing and the clapping after the candle has been blown out. She usually starts to cry and I have a feeling she will go hysterical and bawl at her own birthday party if we bring out the cake like you normally would. She has seen Elmo have a birthday on TV and she was happy to watch that, but when it comes to reality, she seems to get scared. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can calm her fears or another way to acknowledge her birthday at her party? Should I just skip the singing and candle part and just serve the cake? Thanks for the answers! Yes it will be a bit strange not to blow out the candles but it'll keep things calm and peaceful. Just wanted to see if others thought that she might feel like we forgot to make her feel special!