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Elmo Cupcake Cake Questions Answered!

  1. tips on frosting cupcake cake?

    im going to make a cake like this which is made out of cupcakes. any tips on how to frost it from beginning to finish

  2. Food coloring in icing?

    I've heard that to achieve an intense red color in icing, you can add up to 1 oz. of red gel paste/cup. I mixed it in and got a nice deep red. However, I found it's really messy! After sticking it in the ref for a few hours, I took out the icing and dipped my finger in. My finger came out a ghastly red that was a little tough to rinse out. Now I am horrified. Is it possible to use icing colored with that much paste and not get your teeth stained when you bite into it? Yes, I am doing an elmo cake thing. How do they make Elmo red without getting kids' teeth stained by the icing? i do not want to use red jimmies. I have seen elmo cakes/cupcakes with deep red icing. Does this mean all the kids' teeth turn out red when they eat it?? Help, please!

  3. what birthday cake for a 17 yr old male?

    i was just wondering if cookie monster and elmo cupcakes were too young for my brothers 17th... any other ideas he likes motorbikes, cars but did that last year i might do big bird as well but not sure he does have a fun side to him and i thought he might see that...with that cake... the rest of the party will be normal its just the cake...its just to put some fun in the birthday...

  4. How much should a 2 year old birthday party cost?

    I am starting to make a budget for my daughters 2 year old birthday party that is about 3 months away. Last year, we spent about $450 for a Sesame Street themed party and that included: -Elmo appearance -Invitations, tableware, decor, etc -Food, cake and drinks -Birthday toys There were about 20 adults and 20 kids. Personally, I don't think this was over the top but I am sure it is to some people. It was her first birthday and we were so excited on her behalf and ours for making it through the first year without any major incidents! Now I am starting to plan her 2nd party, and going to keep the Sesame Street theme to recycle on some decorations and leftover tableware. We are going to invite about the same amount of people. I want to either rent or buy a bounce house. My daughter loves bounce houses and slides. Also, we bought the elmo costume last year so Elmo will be coming back for a visit this year (at no additional cost). She won't be getting any other toys if I buy a bounce house. Should I buy or rent a bounce house? What is a workable budget for that amount of people? We will more than likely grill hamburger and hot dogs, have a few salads, etc. and have cupcakes and ice cream. No offense, but I really dislike when people say she won't remember it. We will remember it and have pictures and stories to tell her. Plus the entire block is very close and we invite some of them over as well. We each have co-workers and family we invite. Keeping it limited for us to 40 people is small. Based on our needs, what is a good budget? Especially since we are looking to buy or rent a bounce house? I love the idea of Disneyland! We had thought about doing that in a couple of years for her birthday, instead of a party. Seems like people are getting the wrong idea. My daughter only gets presents 2 times a year, Christmas and birthday. And she doesn't get to see family anymore often than that because we don't live close enough to have them over like that. Birthday's are a very special occasion for us.