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Cake Pan Questions Answered!

  1. Can I use a springform cake pan to bake a boxed cake mix?

    My springform pan is just the size I need for the birthday cake I want to make, however I am not certain if you can put regular cake mix in a springform pan without it running out the bottom. I have never used a springform cake pan before, but I do know they are typically used for cheesecakes and the like. So, if I put a boxed cake mix in the springform pan, will it turn out as if I used a regular pan? Or should I just make do with my other cake pans and improvise to get what I need, so I spare myself a potential mess from the springform pan? Thanks for your advice!

  2. Can you Exchange 1 kind cake pan for another?

    I have a carrot cake recipe that calls for it to be baked in 2 10-inch round cake pans. However, I need to make a sheet cake. My questions are: 1) is it even possible to exchange the 2 10-inch round pans for 1 rectangular pan; 2) if so, what size rectangular pan should I use; and 3) how much of an effect on my cooking time will occur?

  3. Can you bake angel food cake in a regular cake pan?

    I'm proposing to my girlfriend this weekend and her favorite cake is angel food cake. What I wanted to do was cook the angel food cake in a regular (deeeeep) baking dish, and hollow out a space on the bottom to put the ring box. I know that angel food is normally made in the pan with the hole in the center -- will it taste bad or turn out wrong if I use a normal deep baking pan instead? Thanks in advance!

  4. can you use regular box cake mix in a angel food baking pan?

    I want to make a cake that calls for a fluted bundt pan, i could only find a angel food cake pan, will the cake turn out right?

  5. How to adjust cheesecake from two 9" springforms to one 13x9 cake pan?

    I normally make my cheesecakes in two 9" springform pans. I butter up the insides of the pans liberally so the cake separates from the pan easily. My crust is basically a liberal amount of butter and crushed Famous Amos cookies. I bake the two cakes at the same time for 3 hours at 200 degrees. What adjustments should I make if I want to bake one cake in a 13x9x2 glass cake pan?

  6. What is the best kind of cake for a detailed molded pan?

    I bought a lovely cake pan at Williams & Sonoma that makes miniature cakes (bit bigger than cupcakes) shaped like flowers. The petals are pretty detailed and I want to know what kind of cake would best fill in and keep the details as theyre baked. I was thinking a dense cake but i'm not sure.

  7. Can I make a regular cake in a tube cake pan?

    I need to make just a regular cake but all I have is a tube or angel food cake pan. If I use this and lower the baking time, will it turn out okay?

  8. What happens if I bake an angel food cake in regular pan?

    I bought a duncan hines angel food cake and I didn't know it requires a tube pan that I do not have. What happens if I bake it in a regualr cake pan? I promised my son strawberry short cake tonight. Is there anything I can do without having to go back to the store? Thank you.

  9. How Many Boxes of Cake for a Wilton Cake Pan?

    I bought a star shaped cake pan, and the directions say to use a 2-layer cake mix. Does that mean to use 2 boxes of cake mix? I've never made a cake before... Thanks to the person who actually answered the question. As for the rude person- I'm old enough to have a child, you moron. I've just never made a cake.

  10. When you bake, do you put flour on the bottom of the cake pan?

    Is that still necessary? I have read online that 'greasing' the pan is enough. I think I read somewhere that someone doesn't do anything! What do you do? I am greasing bottom of pan and then using flour, you know..the "old fashioned" way but it is a pain in the butt. I just hate it because tonight some of the flour was forming like little balls with the oil I had put on on the bottom of the cake pan and there was hardly any there!! So I had to wash out two cake pans before putting in the batter and then start all over. Seriously, the cake pan is part, getting it ready for baking is the most work.

  11. Can I use a metal cake pan to cook a casserole in?

    I want to make a casserole, but I don't have a readily available casserole dish. Is it possible to make in a cake pan?

  12. How high should I pour the batter into the cake pan?

    I'm making a standard 9 x 9 square cake. The pan is 2" deep - how high should I pour the cake batter into the pan? I would like it to bake so that it's to the top of the pan but I of course don't want it to bake over the edges. Help!

  13. Where can I get a cowboy cake pan by friday in Arkansas?

    I need to know where I can get a cowboy (or bowlegged cowboy) cake pan by friday in arkansas. We have a b-day party and that's the cake my friends hubby wants. He never helps with ideas for a party but he finally gave an idea and we can't find the cake pan anywhere. Please help if you can and thank you for the responses.

  14. How many people does a 9x13 inch cake pan serve?

    I need to bake a cake that will feed 20-25 people. Will a 9x13 inch baking pan serve that many people for cake? I was thinking of make two cakes - each 9x13 and layering them on top of each other so people could have small pieces but a good amount of cake.

  15. In making a bundt cake pan, is there any tips for using cake mix?

    I have a bundt cake pan shaped like a Castle, and I'd like to use some cake mix- any tips for me, like is Duncan hines better than Betty Crocker or should I vary anything in the recipe? Here's the pan I have, I have never make a bundt cake. Also, how do I frost it?

  16. How do i make a giant cupcake cake without buying a cupcake pan?

    I've seen the WIlton cupcake cake pan, but I don't want to buy it. Is there any way I can bake a giant cupcake with cake pans I already have? Help!

  17. Can i use aluminium cake pan on a combination microwave (oven is Panasonic GD576M and has no Covection button?

    Panasonic GD576M Oven 1000W capacity (1300W Grill) - facility to Microwave, Grill, Combination cooking. Can use metal cake pan if used in combination mode? Can anyone please explain how preheating is done if I use combi mode - to bake cake?how much time would be required for baking?

  18. Where could I find cake recipes for a 11in X15in Sheet cake pan?

    I am looking for recipes that will fill this sheet cake pan. To use box mixes would cost way to much.

  19. What is a cake pan with food release?

    I have a recipe for parmesan potatoes (hashbrowns) from a local restraunt and it calls to use a cake pan with food release. I dont know what this is. Thanks.

  20. Can I bake a pineapple upside down cake in a regular cake pan?

    I know that sounds silly but every recipe I have come across says to just put it in the skillet and bake it but I'd prefer to use one of my cake pans instead. Has anyone else used a regular cake pan? Does it turn out as good as if you use a skillet? I've made TONS of cakes but never a pineapple upside down cake so I'm pretty clueless. Please, no rude comments, they're not needed here. Thanks.

  21. Is there away to stop a cake pan from leaking the bottom comes out?

    I have a heart shaped cake pan, the bottom comes out, it has a hook thing on the side. I just got them not long ago, but to long for the store to take them back. When you put cake mix, corn bread mix, really anything in it, as it bakes it drips out the bottom of the pan. The bottom is in it right. what can I do to make it so wont leak as it bakes?

  22. do you have to use a angel food cake pan?

    When making a angel food cake from a box mix, do we have to use the pan with the hole in the middle or can we just use a 9-in. round cake pan would this affect the cake? so basically the angel food cake pan would release it easier? it would'nt affect the cake? b/c i wanted to make a round 2 layer cake without the hole and the shape of the angel food cake pan

  23. I have an aluminum cake pan, can I use it as a jello mold?

    It is a penis shaped cake pan, but I want to use it to make one giant jello shot!

  24. Can you make zucchini bread in a bundt cake pan?

    I want to make two of them, laid on top of eachother to resemble a pumpkin. Will a zucchini bread recipe work just as well in my bundt pan? Do I need to double it for each cake?

  25. How do I keep blueberries from sinking to the bottom of my cake pan when baking a cake?

    I make a blueberry pound cake with fresh berries that I pick myself. The recipe calls for a Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines Butter Recipe yellow cake, cream cheese, eggs, water and the fresh blueberries. The recipe is very simple. All the ingredients are combined and then the blueberries are gently folded into the batter. It is baked in a bundt pan at 350 for about 50 minutes. The problem is that all the berries sink to the bottom of the pan so when the caked is inverted all of the berries are at the top of the cake. They should be evenly disbursed throughout the cake. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong in the preperation or if my oven is messin' with me. I've even tried rolling the berries in flour before folding them in. It's a great cake with the berries at the top, but better when they are all through it. Any suggestions????

  26. How do I bake a 2-layer cake with one cake pan?

    I need to bake a 2-layer 10-inch cake, but I only have one 10-inch cake pan. What is the best way to go about this? One time I had to let the batter sit for 30 minutes, because I had discovered my milk had spoiled and had to get more at the store. It turned out flat and dense. I'm afraid that will happen to the second layer if I leave it waiting for the first, and I'm reluctant to do it by half because I thought I'd heard somewhere that some recipes don't divide well. It is a feathery light chocolate cake that is leavened with baking powder, and you have to fold in 3 egg whites. If I do the whole recipe, I think I'll at least hold off on whipping the whites until the minute I need them. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks everyone

  27. How can you get the cake out of a pan without ruining it?

    I always try to bake a cake and I oil the cake pan but when I take it out it is always ruined. Help please.

  28. Do I need to use an angel food pan for chiffon cake?

    I am making a chiffon cake that says to use an angel food cake tube pan. I don't have one! WIll it be ok to use 2 8" round cake pans?

  29. where can you buy a heart shaped cake pan? Like at what store?

    I want to make my boyfriend a heart shaped cake for valentine's day. But i dont know where to buy a heart shaped cake pan... HELP!

  30. How should I grease a cake pan so that it comes out PERFECT?

    I have tried dusting with cooking oil and flour, and cooking spray. They work but there are always spots that stay on the pan. What is a fool proof way to make sure my cake comes out of the pan clean? Like what do I put on pan and EXACTLY when is the best time to take it out? I usually wait til its completely cooled.

  31. Does anybody know where I can find an Eagle Cake pan? Or a pan that look slike an eagle?

    My brother is having his eagle award ceremony and mom wants to make a cake that looks like an eagle. Even if it is a small pan she can put it on top of a sheet cake. Or do you have any other ideas? We don't want that edible screen printing stuff though.

  32. How big is an angel food cake pan?

    I have a box of angel food cake mix, and I am putting it into special little cupcake molds. I want to know how many cups of water fit into your pan so I know how much batter to put in my cupcakes! So, if you wouldnt mind running to the kitchen, I will definitly award the first person with the best answer!

  33. What is the difference between a brownie pan and a cake pan that have the same dimensions?

    Can I bake brownies in a cake pan?

  34. Cookies in a heart shaped cake pan?

    I wanted to make my boyfriend a heart shaped cake out of cookies. I just wanted an opinion if you think the cookies will get messed up or mushed if i place them in a heart cake pan close together to form together? or will they just melt into each other?

  35. Why did my angel food cake pan leak?

    Today I bought an angel food cake pan (the tube kind with a removable bottom). I attempted to make a mocha angel food cake. The batter leaked out the bottom and all over my counter. What can I do about this? The little sheet of paper with the barcode on it says "angel food cake pan" and aren't springform pans the ones you use for cheesecake? It isn't one of those. It has the removable thing with the tube thing...haha, good description, right?

  36. How much cake batter do I need to fill a 16x16x2 in cake pan?

    I am baking a cake and the recipes on each individual box only tells me standard amounts need for regular baking pans, I need to find out how many boxes of batter I need to fill my pan.. thank you! thank you for your answers.. turns out two boxes did it.. and while I appreciate the technical answer one of you gave, I am dyslexic so trying to do math and read directions would be too much work. But thank you anyways..

  37. I want to buy a thomas the tank engine cake pan. Know where I can get a new one?

    There are a few pans available on eBay, but they are used. It seems that no company currently makes a cake pan for Thomas.

  38. How the hell do you line a deep cake pan?

    I have to line the deep cake pan with paper. Its one where the base comes out. How do I do it. And the sides?? Im nealy 8 months pregnant and nearly having a breakdown over it so id appreciate any advice :)

  39. what would happen if i use a differant cake pan size than instructed?

    say a recipe says 9X9, but i only have a 7X7 cake pan, would it make a difference? how? any differance in the taste?? smaller = sweeter? someone can explain that?

  40. How do I use my Wilton Angel Food Cake Pan?

    I just bought this tube cake pan from Wilton which is described as an angel food cake pan. The tricky part is that there is a removable piece. The actual tube is detatched from the outer circle and I have no idea how to keep the batter from running out. Help?

  41. Has anyone ever made a cheesecake in a decorative cake pan?

    My daughter wants a cheese cake made for her graduation party. I thought it would be nice to have it shaped as a graduation hat. Has any one ever had any luck making a cheese cake using a regular or shaped cake pan. I think it would need to be made with the crust on the top, so when I turn the cake over it would be right. Any ideas?

  42. Where do I buy the stuff to engrave a cake pan?

    I have purchased an engraved cake pan before, however I know that with the right equipment, I can do this myself. Any idea how I get started?

  43. I've been looking everywhere for an eeyore cake pan does anyone know where I can find one?

    I've looked on ebay and all the cake pan sites that I can think of.

  44. Where can I find a lingerie shaped cake pan?

    I'm throwing a lingerie party/dinner/bachelorette party for one of my friends. We want to bake a lingerie shaped cake but I can't seem to find a cake pan. If anyone knows of any good suggestions on web sites to find something like this or any direction in how to make this on my own please help. Thanks!

  45. What kind of cake pan is needed in bake an even, round cake?

    Hi there. I'm looking to decorate a cake with fondant. What kind of pan do I need to bake it in? I've heard you need certain kind of pans to ensure that the cake bakes evenly and whatnot O_o?

  46. Where can I buy a skull & crossbones cake pan or cake mold?

    I'm searching for a skull & crossbones cake pan or mold for my daughter's birthday. I'm desperate. Teenagers can be quite unforgiving! Please help!

  47. can you use bundt pan instead of a funnel cake pan for angel cake recipe? Box or scratch both?

    Don't want to buy a funnel cake pan so can I just use a bundt cake pan or will it stick really bad to the bundt pan ? 'thanks

  48. Anyone know where I can find a shark cake pan? Or some kind of shark cake?

    My soon to be 6 year old wants a shark birthday. I have looked at all the birthday party sites I can find. He's not into the Shark Tale movie we're just looking for a shark cake. Pictures or websites would be helpful and a plus! I would prefer to make it myself so he can help me but it doesn't matter either way. I Google shark pan and get stuff that is just cake pans ect. Please don't respond with answers that aren't really going to help me. I'm desperate! Ha! Thanks in advance.

  49. How can I make a Giant Cupcake Cake without buying a $30 pan?

    How can I make a cake bake not with a flat top but with a large mound? Can I use something that is common in most kitchens, like a metal bowl? I have a 6" cake pan...I thought for the bottom I wd bake two of those. But how to do the top?

  50. Do I need to use a bundt pan to make a bundt cake?

    Can I just use a regular cake pan for a bundt cake mix?