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Birthday Cake Questions Answered!

  1. Birthday cake?

    my girlfriend's birthday is this Friday and i want to make her some kind of special birthday cake. Nothing too complicated, but nothing too simple because she's a aspiring culinary student so recipes or websites with good ones would be greatly appreciated (preferably a recipes from scratch, i don't want anything out of a box.) Thanks in advance -Evan

  2. birthday cake?

    ok, so i need to make a birthday cake tomorrow for my dad and don't know what to make. he likes anything and everything so its not really a problem but any ideas would be great. i want to make a sandwich one (with 2 layers) and not a classic victoria sponge, i don't need recipes, i can look them up but any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!

  3. Birthday Cake?

    I would love to make and decoate my sons birthday cake...he'll be 7. I just don't know where to start and I have no experience at this. Does anyone have any tips or ideas? I have googled till I can't google no more and just can not seem to find what I am looking for. Please, help. Also, I live in no man's land and do not have access to alot of things. I just need something simple but cute and still tastes good. Thanks!!!

  4. BiRTHDAY CAKE!??????

    how do i get a photo on a cake? I remember they used to have ads in the grocery store that said you can get an image on the top of a birthday cake. where do i go to get a photo printed onto the top of a cake? it's edible too the image is just printed on the icing

  5. BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!(:?

    Hey it's my birthday tomorrow and I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of cake I want. What do you recommend? Cake Flavor: Frosting Flavor: Any toppings: Thankss!!(:

  6. need a good birthday cake recipe that is seasonal and appropriate for a 49 year old.?

    my moms birthday is this weekend and i want to bake her a birthday cake from scratch. its summer so i want something more on the light side. maybe strawberries...just not triple choclate fudge cake, lol. there is a resturant where i live that sells this amazing cake but i cannot find a recipe anywhere close to it. its a light colored cake topped with strawberries and drizzled with a cream chese glaze. thanks for any help!

  7. First Birthday Cake - How do I cut a cake into the number 1?

    I have a 9 x 13 pan, and I want the final cake to look like a number one for a baby's first birthday. I had a book with some ideas, but can't find it anywhere.

  8. Do you have any really good birthday cake or regular cake recipes?

    I need a really special birthday cake! I don't want the regular kinds. Do you have a special cake recipe? I need one for my mom's birthday cake (It doesn't have to be labeled a birthday cake)

  9. What is the difference between Wedding and Birthday cake?

    clarification: talking about the actual cake, not the decorations or layout. Supposedly wedding cake always tastes better than a birthday cake. Are there different ingredients in a wedding cake? I've known people to only buy expensive birthday cakes from wedding cake bakers. Just curious if there is a difference in the mix or the baking process.

  10. What can you use instead of a birthday cake at a party?

    My dad's 50th birthday is coming up, we have organised a surprise dinner at an exclusive restaurant. The dessert at this restaurant is fantastic and we have opted not to have a birthday cake for this reason. I feel as though one of the main celebratory components of the birthday party is missing without the cake - it feels less personal and special. Is there something else I can do or use in place of the birthday cake?

  11. How should i make an elephant birthday cake?

    It is my sons first birthday in a couple of weeks and i want to make a birthday cake for him. We are going to the zoo so i think an elephant cake would be fitting.... How would you recommend i create this cake?

  12. Advice for baking the perfect birthday cake?

    My son's birthday is tomorrow and I am baking a cake for his party using a store bought cake mix (Funfetti) with icing. I am not much of a baker, I can follow directions and the consistency always turns out alright. But I never fail to mess up the frosting! Silly question- are you supposed to cut the cake out of the pan and turn it upside down before frosting? How long should I wait before doing if so? Thanks for your advice!

  13. How to make a birthday cake healthy?

    I'd like to make my daughter her first birthday cake, instead of buying one. I would ideally like to make one that is of a healthier variety, as we dont' really eat alot of white sugar and flour, and while it can be sweet and somewhat of a treat, I'd like to keep it so it won't give her a total belly ache. I was thinking like a carrot cake?? I just don't know. Any suggestions?

  14. What is the lowest calorie birthday cake flavor?

    I'm ordering my brother a birthday cake today, but he is on a diet. I wanted to get him a cake he could enjoy, without completely wrecking his diet. I was just going to get a small 8 inch one with decoration. What is the lowest calorie birthday cake flavor: carrot, white, chocolate, or yellow? Or would a cookie or brownie cake be lower calorie? Thanks for the help!

  15. How do you make a cheetah shaped birthday cake?

    My son's birthday is on Saturday, and he insists on a cheetah cake - help! I need to know how to make a cake in the shape of a cheetah. Whenever I suggest another animal shaped cake, he says no. Can you think of a good website where I can find some instructions on how to make a cake shaped like a cheetah. Thanks!

  16. How to decorate Birthday cake without Fresh cream?

    Hi , I mistakenly bought Multi Purpose Whipping Cream , i need to decorate a Birthday Cake for my husband , i have a whipped cream and cooking chocolates and cherry . How do i decorate using all this . Pls advice

  17. How can I make the birthday cake icing from stores?

    I want to make a birthday cake soon and I need to know how to make the icing..I don't want to make the kind that comes in the jars with like duncan hines on it. I want the recipe for the kind you get on the cake when you buy a pre-made one from the store. Sorry if that sounds confusing.

  18. Where can I get a Birthday cake in NYC?

    I need to buy a birthday cake for my daughter - its her first Birthday!! and we want to make it special. We are new to NY and were wondering if anyone had tips on where we could get some good birthday cakes - preferably in downtown Manhatten. Thx.

  19. What should you consider when letting baby have birthday cake?

    I've heard that people will make a birthday cake for baby and a separate cake for everyone else. I know part of this is to let the baby have some fun with her food. But what about the cake ingredients? What's a good cake for a new 1-year-old to eat? What should you consider when buying or making one?

  20. How does one pop or lock a birthday cake?

    In the song Fire Burning by Sean Kingston he says and or asks to pop it lock it drop it that birthday cake. Now my question is how does one pop or lock a birthday cake, and why would some one want to drop it? Birthday cake is a delicious food item. Why would you pop lock or drop it when you could simply eat it and enjoy your self?

  21. Does anyone have a good recipe for a banana cake for a birthday?

    My boyfriend loves anything banana flavored, and banana bread. Tomorrow is his birthday so I would like to incorporate this into his birthday cake. Most recipes I find are something like a banana bread shaped into a cake pan. I'd like something fluffy and light and delicious, that I can frost or put whipped cream on and use for a birthday cake. If you have a recipe, please post. Thank you!

  22. How can I write Happy Birthday on a cake?

    I am baking my mom a birthday cake tmrw and don't want to buy the decorating gel. Is there a way I can make my own or something? Are there other ways to write on a cake? Thanks. I only have chocolate frosting, I don't think the food coloring will show.

  23. What type of cake makes the best birthday cake?

    I am looking for a good recipe to make for a birthday cake. Something other than a regular yellow or white cake with frosting and sprinkles. My boyfriend turns 31 next week and I would like to make something special. Anyone have any ideas?

  24. How many calories are in a slice of chocolate birthday cake with frosting?

    My birthday is coming up this weekend and I'm going to break my diet to have a slice or two. How many calories are in a slice of chocolate birthday cake with frosting? The cake is a simple chocolate cake with white frosting and red roses bought from walmart.

  25. How do i make a birthday cake for a dog?

    I have a golden retriever who is 10yrs old soon. I've seen a birthday cake especially for dogs in some shops, but I'd love to make my own. Does anyone know how to make one?

  26. Where can I order a birthday cake made up of cupcakes for my 3 year olds birthday?

    My 3 year old is celebrating his birthday in school, and I hear it is easier to serve cup cakes, but I want to order cupcakes put together like a cake, like i see in magazines and other places. Where can I order this in an affordable place?

  27. Alcohol cake for a birthday party?

    I need to make a birthday cake for a 21st birthday. It obviously needs to have a strong alcohol but still good flavor. I'm open to really any type of cake or cheesecake. Only problem is people attending are allergic to nuts. I need recipes with it. I've already googled and couldn't find any good recipes. so if you could give the recipes you have used.

  28. What kind of cake should I have for my birthday?

    My mom has been making my cake for my birthday since I was 4. I'm 21 now and she still wants to make me a birthday cake. I like pretty much anything, except for coconut and chocolate cake that has fruit in it, like Black forest cake. I think she's made every kind of cake in the spectrum and nothing is too hard for her. Any ideas?

  29. How much is a birthday cake that serves 48 at walmart?

    My birthday party is definitley a long time away (next month), but how much is a walmart birthday cake that serves around 30-40ish people?

  30. How do I make my friend's birthday cake really special?

    I have a 13 year -old friend, and her birthday party is coming up really soon! I want to make her cake SUPER SUPER special, but everything seems so ordinary. I don't want a plain old square cake. Any ideas ???

  31. What should I write on my birthday cake?

    My mother's birthday and my own are only six days apart, so I'm surprising my mother with a cake for both of us. I need something cute and clever to write on a Mother/Daughter birthday cake. Any suggestions?

  32. how do I make a transfer for a birthday cake?

    How can I make a transfer for a homemade birthday cake. I'd like to draw a design and then transfer that design onto the cake. Does anyone know how to make one of these things?

  33. Can I make like a normal birthday cake but with brownie mix?

    I want to make like two round cake pans and layer them how you would normally do a birthday cake, but use brownie mix and have it be a "brownie cake". Will this work?

  34. What are some birthday cake ideas for my dad?

    My dad's birthday is on Tuesday and I am in charge of picking out his cake. His girlfriend gave me some money to buy it with but I have no idea what to get.

  35. How to make a woman shaped birthday cake?

    I was needing to know how to go about make a woman shaped birthday for my bosses birthday and he wanted a birthday cake with tits and a body, but I can't find any website telling me how to make it. Can you please help?

  36. How many days before serving, could I make a birthday cake? And what is the best way to store it?

    The cake will be either a victoria sponge style or chocolate sponge. Will definately be a sponge cake anyway! Sorry for the silly question, I am attempting to make my daughters first birthday cake! Thanks in advance...

  37. How much would a small birthday cake cost in Harrods?

    I'm thinking of going to Harrods to get a small birthday cake to be given to my German exchange partner in a restaurant (obviously not very bit as she's going home the next day - about 6"x6" maybe (or similar, it doesn't have to be square)). I was wondering how much that would cost? Are the cakes very expensive? Thanks, ~ Mystic.

  38. What is a recipe for a homemade birthday cake my cat can eat?

    My cat came to live with us about a year ago, he was a stray and we took him in. The vet guessed that he was about three years old, and he is a really picky eater! I want to give him a special birthday. Can anyone give me a simple recipe for a cake my cat can eat and will like?

  39. I need to make a birthday cake in the shape of a pineapple. Any suggestions and has anyone tried?

    My two year old's birthday is coming up and we are doing a Hawaiian Luau theme since he was born there. I want to make a birthday cake shaped like a pineapple.

  40. Can you help me find a recipe for a diabetic birthday cake and frosting with carb exchanges listed ?

    My 3 yr. old daughter has been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My stepsons birthday is this weekend and I planned on just getting a recipe for the birthday cake online. There are thousands of recipes, but not many with the carb exchanges listed so that I know how much insulin to give her. Many of the recipes online are for adults. I need a recipe for just a plain white cake. Also I need a recipe for a diabetic frosting as well. Please help if you can!

  41. You made a cute animal shaped cake for his birthday. What was the cute animal?

    Looking for an answer from a specific person. She made a birthday cake in the shape of a cute little animal. She'll remember what kind of animal it was.

  42. Would this birthday cake idea work?

    So for my birthday, I was going to make a dozen molten chocolate cakes in cupcake tins, then I would use those cupcakes and line them up in a rectangle to make a cake. I would finish it by putting either chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream frosting on top. Do you think that this idea would work? P.S. Which should I use? Buttercream or ganache?

  43. where can order a birthday cake around totten or romsey area England I am from the US?

    I am visiting my mom for her 90th birthday and planning a surprise party and I need to order a cake, I will arrive 2 days before the partyand pick it up. It needs to be in or around the Totton or Romsey area, I might even be able to do Salisbury.

  44. Does anyone know a great way to make a birthday cake with a skittle theme?

    My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I want to make a cake for him. Skittles are his favorite candy and I thought that a cake that had a skittles theme would be a great treat. I have searched a lot of internet sites, but had no luck. Please give me as many ideas as you can before August 4th.

  45. Anyone know any inexpensive birthday cake places we can order online?

    I want to get a birthday cake for one of my friends whose birthday is coming up. She lives at another state so I wanted to buy her a birthday cake via online. Has anyone ordered a cake online before? I need a company who will delivery nationwide, and is not THAT expensive. Every site I looked at, it's too expensive. I wanted to get a cake plus shipping that is less than 30 dollars or at least less than 35 dollars. Anyone know a good place that is reliable and relatively inexpensive? Thanks!

  46. What is a good Birthday Cake to make?

    It is my Birthday tomorrow and I want to make a cake, I need to make one big enough for 15 people.

  47. Where can I get a chocolate mouse cake for my Birthday made and delivered?

    I am in South Carolina and don't want to make my own birthday cake.Thanks for any help.

  48. How can I make a picture of a birthday cake from typed writing?

    I've seen people make images from typing in emails. I want to know is it possible to make a birthday cake and is there website where I can copy it from? Example is a smiley face :)

  49. How can i make a vegan birthday cake easily?

    Hi, my friends vegan and her birthday is coming up soon, so i wanted to try and make a birthday cake. I really need a recipe or two that can be made easily as my kitchen skills are non existent lol. And ideally from ingredients i can get from a supermarket. Thanks. wow thanks for all the replies, i never expected that many. There's quite a lot of different recipies there so i'll have a look through and see what i can come up with. Thanks again.

  50. Where can I find a birthday cake for my cat in Orange County?

    My cat is turning 5 and I want to get him a birthday cake. Where can I find one that is pet friendly?