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Baby Shower Cake Questions Answered!

  1. Can you help me with baby shower cake inscriptions?

    I'm throwing my sister a baby shower (baby boy) with the theme "Jungle Friends". Can you help me to find good inscriptions for a baby shower cake?

  2. What is the most you would spend on a baby shower cake?

    Just a personal opinion question... How much would you spend on a baby shower cake that feeds about 60 people? What do you think is a suitable price?

  3. What kind of message should we put on a baby shower cake for a girl?

    We are having a baby shower for a guy here at work. His wife is having their second daughter and Im trying to figure out a cute/funny phrase to put on the cake..I'm not sure on what color or theme for the cake, pink seems to ordindary..Please help! :)

  4. Good flavors for a Baby Shower cake?

    I had orignally planned to have a professional make the cake for the baby shower I am throwing for a friend, but after getting quotes...I have decided to just make it myself. What would be some good flavors other than white and chocolate?

  5. I need to know what store that can make a beautiful baby shower cake also taste good?

    I Tried Krogers , Walmart , those cakes is very original, I need something very special for a special person, can you help me to find some location that sales baby shower cakes

  6. Airplane decorations on baby shower cake?

    Im havin a biplane themed baby shower cause im havin a boy and his room is decorated with planes... I need to get the cake for the shower but dont know where to go to get either a biplane drawn on top, or where to get miniature airplanes to put on top of the cake...Ive tried lots of craft stores and what not for mini planes but cant find any... Any suggestions?? Thanks guys!

  7. what to write on a baby shower cake?

    my cousin is having a baby girl her shower is this weekend. i am not sure what to write on the cake. please help!

  8. Where in NYC can i get a really yummy and pretty baby shower cake?

    im helping to plan my baby shower and i want to choose the cake,however im having difficulty finding a bakery in nyc metro area which sells really pretty and good tasting cakes.

  9. what is a funny baby shower cake inscription?

    We are having a baby boy, my first child. Would love do a funny or zany inscription on the cake...something different and fun! Please help!

  10. i need recommendation for a baby shower cake, i live in bell gardens.... can someone pls help....?

    im trowing a baby shower and i need to find a bakery that gives good service but specially that has good cakes..... so if anyone know a bakery pls let me know .... i live in bell gardens but i could drive to LA, so pls... outhere people tell meee

  11. Looking for a specific BABY SHOWER CAKE!!!!!!?

    I want a baby shower cake with an icing tree with some birdies sitting in a toasted coconut nest. I need a pic of a cake like this. Can you find one for me??? PLEASE!!!!

  12. How Much Should A Baby Shower Cake Cost?

    I'm wanting a two tier cake for my shower. I want the top to be about 8" and the bottom to be about 12", about how much would this cost.

  13. I need an acronym for B A B Y to put on a baby shower cake?

    I'm doing a baby shower cake in the shape of a story book and I want to put a cute baby acronym along the left side but Im not sure what each letter could stand for. Thank you :)

  14. how much was your baby shower cake?

    i want to get a custom baby shower much do you think it would cost?

  15. what do you write on a baby shower cake?

    Ohhh. I forgot to mention, in our culture, we have the baby shower AFTER the baby is born.

  16. does anyone know any winnie the pooh quotes i could put on a baby shower cake?

    my friends babyshower is pooh themed & she wanted like a quote that had to do with pooh on her cake, can anyone think of any? by the way shes having a boy & a little figure of a baby pooh & tigger will be on the cake if that helps thanks!

  17. What do write on baby shower cake for a little girl?

    The the theme for the shower is little pink feet

  18. What should be written on a Baby Shower cake?

    I would like to put a nice sentiment on it not just congrats! She's having a girl and her name is Alexis

  19. Cookies rather than cake for baby shower?

    I am planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law and am contemplating doing iced sugar cookies for dessert rather than cake or cupcakes. The main reason is because it will cost me a lot less, and my budget is dwindling for this project. The other is because the rest of the food will be finger foods. Serving cookies would keep the finger food theme also. Do you think it's tacky to serve only cookies and no cake?

  20. making baby shower cake 12, 10, 8 in round covering w/ fondant what is the best type of cake to use?

    I will decorate each differently, Largest with pink fondant diamonds 10 in with multicolored fondant dots, and smallest multi colored stripes topped with fondant bow. I need the most stable cake possible....Please help!!!

  21. What to put on baby shower cake?

    1. Little hands and little feet Baby Mylie is oh so sweet 2. The big day is drawing near Baby Mylie is almost here or any other suggestions

  22. What do you think of this baby shower cake?

    I would love to try to make something like this but it looks so too hard to make but can you believe how this looks so real?

  23. Looking for a Baby Shower Cake?

    Live in Ashburn VA was planning a last minute shower[8-15-09] for a friend of mine. Wanted to know where to get a sheet cake that didn't break the bank.

  24. Im looking for small plastic jungle animals to top a baby shower cake.?

    i want baby looking animals, not realistic.

  25. Inscription for baby shower cake with Special Delivery at the beginning!?

    I need a little saying that starts with Special Delivery other than Special Delivery for Tom and Kim. Please HELP!!

  26. Filling for baby shower cake?

    I wanted something good like strawberry something, or chocolate raspberry, or a gnash of some sort. The baby's sex is unknown so no color restrictions.

  27. What should you print on a cake for a baby shower?

    I am ordering a cake for a baby shower for a co-worker and we are not sure what to print on it...Congrats? Good Luck?? Welcome to the world? I'm just looking for opinions on whats the best to say. Thanks