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Baby Shower Cake Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Hippie/Punk themed baby shower cake ideas?

    I am making a cake for a friends baby shower, she is very Punk in style and very Hippie in mind, I am trying to come up with creative cake decorating ideas. Any Help?

  2. Baby shower cake and food ideas?

    I need to a recipe and decorating ideas for my baby shower cake, there is no theme to the shower but im having a girl. Any food ideas are also great. Any ideas help thanks!

  3. Any ideas for a baby shower cake for an adoption?

    I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend who is adopting. Any cute ideas on cake decorating for the event?

  4. baby shower cake ideas. Mix baby.?

    I have a shower that Im putting together and the baby is a girl and half black and half cute. ( If you are against this then please skip to the next question with out commenting,) Anyone have an idea? There will be about 60 people attending. I'm planning on doing cupcakes but that's all I got.

  5. What are your ideas for a baby shower cake saying?

    I am having a Co ed Hawaiian luau baby shower. Its to be kinda a sunset. I am having a little girl. I want a saying that incorporates the luau theme and isn't just a boring old traditional, it need to be funny or new. Any ideas will be great!!!

  6. Baby shower cake Ideas?

    My mother is throwing me a co-ed baby shower next month and the only thing that she will be needing help with is a cake! Now I would love to make a cake or cupcakes but I don't know what would be cheaper! I was thinking about her buying a cake from publix but my mother isn't doing very well financially. Do you think it would be better to make a cake then buying one. I might have around 20 people there its going to be a BBQ since its going to be in FL (hopefully the weather is nice) Please no one say something like your not supposed to be doing anything! I am aware of all of that but my mother cant bake well at least burns cookies or brownies lol.

  7. Help! Angel baby shower ideas. Need cake and dessert ideas for angel theme. Pics please!?

    I need angel baby shower ideas for a cake and dessert menu. I would love to find some pics of some beautiful angel theme baby shower or wedding cakes. Please help! Google is just not cuttin it for me... Thanks!

  8. Having a baby shower...any ideas for a cake?

    Does anyone have any websites or any cake ideas for a baby shower? I am having someone make it, just wanted some ideas to give them. The baby's room is going to be butterflies and flowers. Just wanted something different and cute.

  9. What to write on a baby shower cake?

    I have to order a cake for my sister's baby shower...any ideas on what to write on it. All I have come up with is Congratulations Katie. Has anyone seen any neat messages on a baby shower cake or have any good ideas?

  10. Baby shower cake inscriptions....I need ideas today please?

    I need a small baby shower saying to go on the baby shower cake. The theme is princess I would like for the inscription to include. Princess Lauren............. please help

  11. Any suggestions for an adoption baby shower cake?

    I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend who is adopting. Anyone have any cute ideas for a cake?

  12. Baby Shower Food, any ideas on what to serve?

    we have a menu already started for the baby shower we are hosting for my sister in law. We have the desserts pretty much covered with pretzel salad, pumpkin dip, a coconut dessert and a baby shower cake. We also have decided to have finger sandwiches of ham salad, egg salad, and chicken salad. we need some kinds of appetizers to go with the finger sandwiches. Any ideas would be helpful.....

  13. Baby Shower Cake Topper?

    I am looking for a store or website that I can find cute, but elegant cake toppers for my baby shower. Any ideas?

  14. What to put on my baby shower cake?

    Now if i put ''for example'' Welcome it unaproriate since ''emma'' isnt actually here yet? or should i just put -BABY SHOWER-? ANY IDEAS?

  15. baby shower cake - winnie the pooh?

    I am having a baby shower for my sister. It is winnie the pooh themed. Does anyone have any "poohisms" that would be good for a baby shower cake???? HELP!!! Any ideas would be helpful - even if they aren't winnie the pooh themed. Not sure if it's a boy or a girl. The shower is this sunday, and I have to order the cake today!!! Hoping someone out there has something creative I can have written on the cake - which we are also decorating with winnie the pooh characters.....

  16. Turtle Baby Shower Ideas?

    I'm having a little boy and his nursery is themed turtles with the colors brown, blue, and green. I would like my baby shower to follow the same theme. I need some ideas cake ideas, games, invitations, prizes..etc. websites would be FABULOUS! thank you

  17. baby shower?

    I need some ideas for a friends baby shower cake,its a girl,but she really doesnt have theme for the nursery or shower,wants me to kind of think of something,just wondering if anyone had any ideads on what could be done.I make alot of cakes so if it's elaborate thats good,i am just trying to stay away from the normal congrats cake,i want somehting really special.also does anyone know how to make gum pastes i have a recipe for marshmellow fondant but dont know one for sugar paste/aka gum paste?also is gum paste edible?

  18. I am completely stuck on baby shower ideas?

    I am throwing a baby shower for a friend of mine. She's not into traditional themes or cutesy stuff. She loves jellyfish, owls and lots of color. I'm trying to think of something quirky and whimsical to do. She also does not like cake so I need to find something to do instead of a cake. Can you help me think of some stuff?

  19. I need to make a cake for a double baby shower-girls-and they want a nautical theme...trying to get ideas...?

    Both woman are having girls and would like to have one cake to share. They also wants a nautical theme, which in and of itself is hard, due to most nautical themed items are blue and white and not a traditional color choice for baby showers. I have decided to used rolled fondant around the edges to look like rope and cut out anchor shapes and stick them to the sides of the cake, as well as make chocolate candies (pink) to arrange around the cake as well. I have two problems... 1) I cant figure out where to find a ship or anchor cookie cutter 2) I cant figure out what to use as a cake topper . All you bakers out there...HELP!!!! I am a member on (hmarie_73)

  20. in need of baby shower ideas?

    i want winnie the pooh theme at the baby shower!! i need ideas for cakes? decorations? food? drinks? nething 10 points

  21. I need some great baby shower ideas for activities, favors, and decorations?

    Also, what kind of cake did you have, such as decoration or writing on it? We are trying to do a casual and easygoing shower, with both guys and girls invited. Extra Info: It is being thrown for me and my husband, we are having a girl, and we already know the name.

  22. What should I put about the baby on this baby shower cake?

    I need an acronym...the actual cakes are in the shape of a story book and along the left side, the letters B A B Y will be in a vertical position but I need something to say about each letter. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :) I asked in this catergory because I need to get some "creative" ideas............

  23. Cheap Baby Shower Ideas?

    I am going to Florida in Feb for my baby shower by that time Ill be 6 months so my husband and I are going to be driving from Montana to FL! it will be a lot cheaper then flying since tickets flying from Montana are outrageously expensive.Any who he and I are going to be on a tight budget my mother is going to have the baby shower at her house, so we were thinking about maybe a BBQ kind of baby shower instead of catering. Do you think baking cupcakes would be better than ordering a cake? any ideas on how to stay cheap lol Im not paying for much and besided im planning out the baby shower with my mother I just need cheap ideas. and also the only reason why Im planning is because My mother wants what I want. She asks me what I want and the only thing Ill pay for is baking the Cup Cakes.

  24. I need some last minute baby shower ideas! HELP?

    OK, So my baby shower is in 3 weeks, and I have NOTHING ready. I need help. Not even the invitations. I was going to make them with Photoshop, but my sister went to get them printed and every time she went something went wrong. So I just gave up and told her to just buy some that you fill in, and be done with it.. But besides that I have NOTHING else.. No favors getting ready, no ideas for games, I don't know who's getting the cake.. any ideas for game prizes? I've seen a few online like lotions, candles, & small stuff.. Any good ideas? What kind of stuff did they have at the showers you've been too, Your baby shower? any good games? it's a "Co-Ed" baby shower, not just girls.. I'm having a boy. by the way.. (: Thanks!!

  25. a fishing themed baby shower cake?

    ideas for a short verse for the cake that includes the fishing theme? the father is a huge bass pro fan, hence the theme. I just can't figure out a saying/verse to go on the cake. All I have is "catch the joy , she's having a boy!" seems to corney maybe?

  26. I need some ideas on making a cake the shape of an angel . Its for a baby shower, with an angel theme.?

    Maybe atip on a recipe&decorating it too,. PLEASE

  27. Baby Shower Ideas for a Baby Girl?

    My sister is pregnant with her first baby and we just found out its a girl. Do you guys have ideas on centerpieces, cakes, gifts, invitations etc. If you guys have ideas include a website if you have one. Thanks again.

  28. What can I put on a baby shower cake for an unwed mother of 3? Something funny, not hurtful....?

    I’m hosting a baby shower for a friend and she is a single mother of 3, working on her fourth child. I want to get something funny / cute on her baby shower cake. Nothing hurtful, but just something that is kid of tongue in cheek about the fact that yes, we know this is your 4th kid and we love you anyway. : ) Any ideas????

  29. Baby shower ideas?

    My friend and I are doing a shower for a friend. Her husband blew the surprise and now she is almost planning her own shower :) She wants no games and only advice on paper about having a girl from guests. Any cute ideas? For cake/food, or what we can do if she doesn't want games?

  30. Baby shower ideas.....I have never hosted a baby shower and havent been to one in over 20 yrs. Other than?

    cake what else can i serve? This is for my soon to be daugher in law. What about drinks? I need ideas that are reasonably affordable. Thanks

  31. I need some ideas for a baby shower?

    My sister is having a boy, and we are already making like the shower cake, punch, a fruit platter, and veggie tray, finger sandwiches. what else would be good for a baby shower? **Also we need games to play and win a small gift. ** I also need to know on the decorations anything other than blue and white balloons, and streamers?

  32. Does anyone have any decadent ideas for a baby shower?

    We are already doing petit fours, chocolate covered strawberries, and cheese cake lollipops. My mom has been catering baby showers lately and I am trying to find some new idea for her. It doesn't have to be desserts, those are just my favorite to talk about. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks! Nobody cares if you like baby showers! I just wanted some ideas for food not what your perfect day would be. Maybe some people have showers for their unborn child duh!

  33. baby shower ideas?

    ok so im throwing my mother a baby shower and so far this is what i got its pooh themed. pooh plates,napkins,cups. pooh goodie bags filled with candy little pooh crayons,frizbes and penciles for litle favors. pooh dipper cake. i got banner that says baby shower and a little table center pice that says baby shower. gifts i got for her there i 6 gusts not including the mother so she will get a gift from eatch of them as well i got dipper bag i added 2 bodysutes,pooh hugiess wipes, baby lotion,bower,body wash. little sunglasess a baby bottal. then a pooh big pj for baby like for winter and 2 pairs of slippers and tenis shoes. i think thats all and thats not enough so any ideas of favors gifts anything not to expensize homemade if you know any. thanks so much p.s its a baby boy first of all i was writting in a rush i dont have all day to sit on the computer so thats why i spelled words wrong. and i do have lots of games like food test game word puzzles bean gusse lots more i also made a slide show fot the baby shower. and im serving pizza dr.pepper sprite, cake chips, bear cookies, ect

  34. Would you make someone a cake for their baby shower?

    I am good at making cakes (I am not bragging) anyhow my neighbor is having a baby shower April 7th and here is my idea so tell me what you think: Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Icing with white rosettes. A baby girl trinket box ontp of the cake along with congrats and it's a girl. These would be decorations for the cake cause i am not going to write anything on it. (I made one like above for my sister and she loved it but i am wondering if you all would have anymore ideals as to what to put on top of the cake?) Thanks and sorry that this is long.

  35. Baby shower ideas?!?! What do you think? Gift favors!?

    I am having a baby shower this weekend and it is going to be a little different than normal ones, i got a condo for the weekend and on saturday night all my close girlfriends are going to come and help decorate for the actual shower on Sunday, well we are doing an Ocean Theme because i am doing her room in Ocean Theme, i thought that for a gift favor we are doing 6 games that we could give out gold fish in little tanks or a plant, do you think this is cheesy? I also though we could do cupcakes with fish on the top and give those to the winners, I was just thinking about random cool ideas but i thought i would gather peoples opinions because my friends tell me yes to EVERYTHING.. I am trying to go inexpensive because we all have invested so much money as it is. Gold Fish? Plants? Pretzel Rods dipped in pink white chocolate? Decor Cupcakes? Anything ocean related any ideas? We are having an Octopus cake and little fish cookies. The baby is suppose to be a Pisces but if she comes early she won't be, that is why i thought the ocean theme was good, plus i LOVE bright colors, not to much into pink EVERYTHING, if you know what i mean! Thank you ANY ideas would be awesome 10 points to best!!!!!!! I wish i lived by a beach....HAHA stuck in Indiana, where it is currently snowing:( We are also making Pinatas for the party, i am excited to see who can hit the pinata blind folded we are making a star fish and a blowfish, and i figured the fish could be center pieces?!?

  36. Please help with what to write on a baby shower cake?

    Hey, So my sister is 8 months pregnant and as one of my things to do on my "to do list" for her baby shower this weekend is to get the baby shower cake. I want to put a baby rhyme on the cake to personalize it. I was thinking to put, " Twinkle, twinkle little star, baby, baby your not to far." Please let me know if that sounds lame or if you have any ideas. Description of the Cake: A stork (kind of looks like a duck) wearing a pink sash with little pink flowers on the border of the cake and a pair of pink booties in one corner. Thanks!