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Baby Shower Cake Designs Questions Answered!

  1. Help choose a baby shower cake?

    I will be doing a baby shower soon. Could you assist with choosing a cake design. If you will, please share why you choose the cake. There is no theme for the baby shower. The honoree is having a baby girl. Thanks. 1. 2. 3. 4. Number 3 will have pink color instead of blue.

  2. Making a Baby Shower Cake want puppy/frog theme ideas on how shape or design? To feed 35-40?

    Help!!! Baby is a Boy. The Mother likes Blue and Green...Matches the nursery.

  3. Need ideas for a nice unisex baby shower cake that is NOT using fondant icing...possibly preg belly cake?

    its my sister in laws baby shower in 10 days and I still haven't decided on a cake to make for her. It has to be unisex in design as the gender is yet unknown but something that still has a bit of wow factor, yet easy to make as I am not a genius in the kitchen but I do alright and I will be pushed for time.... any pics/links you can come up with for me? Do you think a pregnant belly cake made with thick smooth butter icing instead of fondant would still be nice? Like this but with butter icing...or would it not turn out as nice? or do you think one made like a onesie would be cute? I could cut the shape out of a rectangular cake? Maybe using butter icing here would be better than with the pregnant belly cake?? Any help or advice when it comes to making cakes is appreciated!!! thanks rachelle, but two of thos links are diaper cakes lol

  4. Baby shower ideas....PLEASE HELP!?

    Okay so I have this strange need to have perfect cakes for every event... I am having a little girl due June 7. My baby shower will be in April and well, I have NO IDEA what kind of cake design i want. I want something that is cute and girly and not something everyone else has.... CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME... INCLUDE LINKS TO CUTE SHOWER CAKES OR SOMETHING. I AM FREAKING OUT.... (i know being pregnant there are better things to worry about, but for some odd reason, I have always been real stressed out person when it comes to parties, sorry) ALSO I NEED SOME IDEAS FOR CHEAP BUT CUTE PARTING GIFTS TO GIVE OUT, AND SIMPLE GAMES TO PLAY. I AM IN A RUT SO PLEASE HELP! THANKS!!!

  5. diaper cake? ideas plz?

    i am looking for a good diaper cake design for a friends baby shower. she is have a girl and i have offered to make the cake. i need help with ideas. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. can someone help me do a menu for my baby shower?

    my aunt is giving my a baby shower and its this coming saturday...she asked me to come up with the menu so i could have somewhat of a input in the babyshower so im clueless as to what is what...she let pick out the cake and design but i just dont know what kinds of food to serve...the only thing i have is the drinks and i will have bottled water,2 flavors of soda,and a blue punch i found online...the shower will be 2-4pm...and the only food i have is FRIED CHICKEN DRUMLETS...i would like fruit,some sort of salad,vegatables and whatever else you can think of...thanks

  7. do u know any good Ideas for baby showers?

    I am throwing a baby shower for my sister but I cannot find any good games. do u know any? Do u know any good designs for a cake? I am throwing a baby shower for my sister and it is going to be a baby boy and it is not co-ed just sum friends. a out door party. I cannot think of any good games and do u know any good designs for a cake

  8. Baby Shower Opinions Needed.?

    Okay. So... to make this short, I'm stuck planning my own baby shower...Yeah, I know tacky, sorry. I have no other choice because everyone has backed out on me. (Great friends, right?) Anyway, I got my invitations made and sent them to about 30 people. I don't expect that many people to show up. I would be more inclined to think that about 15 people MIGHT show. This is my first time really planning anything, and I've only been to 2 baby showers in my life, so I'm trying my best here. I don't have a theme, but everything is going to be pink and brown because I got all of my other friend's decorations from her baby shower last month (which is a huge help!) I do not intend on spending a lot of money on my shower, because to be honest, I think showers and such are quite overrated and a waste of money when you go too far out of your way. So I'm keeping it simple (since i'm paying for it and organizing it myself.) My shower will be in the middle of october, from 2 - 4 pm. If that matters. For my food menu, I want to keep it to simple finger foods that are CHEAP, easy, and not incredibly messy. I'd also like it to be cute, so I will do my best to "dress it up" with matching plates and cups, napkins, decorations...ect. That's not a problem. Here's my food menu: Cake (of course) Sandwich fourths (with toothpicks for easy grabbing) Cheese and Crackers Chips and dip variety Cookies A bowl of hersheys kisses A bowl of either mixed nuts or trail mix and off to the side, (this may sound crazy) but I want to design a flower out of jello and pudding pie. My plan...for the center of the flower, make a chocolate pudding pie (to match my chocolate napkins and plates) and for the petals, pink jello in individual clear cups. (The jello cups will design the petals around the pudding pie...and yes I know the effect won't last once people start taking the cups of jello...oh well) It's cheap and easy... Any other suggestions?? For drinks, I want to do something simple. I will have punch in a large punch bowl. People will also have the option to have a cup of coffee (my family is full of serious coffee addicts!) and of course water if the guests prefer. For games, I would also like to keep it simple. Most of my guest (I think) will be adults who won't be interested in silly little games, but moreso grabbing a cup of coffee and talking. I do have some guests my age that are coming who insist on games, so I have to attempt to please both groups. My games aren't going to be anything silly like "smelling the diaper and guessing the chocolate." Here is a list of the games that will be played at my shower: 1)Guess how many m&m's are in the bottle. 2) Baby Raffle - each guest will take a miniature sized plastic baby with a number on the back. Whoevers number is called gets a prize. (May call two numbers??) 3)Measuring game - each guest has to guess how big around I am using special measuring tape. The closest guess gets a prize. 4)Index card game - Each guest is asked to write down on an index card, her best piece of advice for me (pertaining to having a baby) and write her name on the back. When everyone is done I will go through the cards and pick the advice that I find most useful. Whoever's name is on the back wins a prize. As far as prizes for the games, I also want to keep this very cheap! The prize for the bottle game will of course be the bottle of candy, lol. Other prize ideas are things such as candles, lotions, chocolates, perfume...stuff that I can pick up for a very reasonable price...(any suggestions!???) Dollar store maybe??? And finally, for party favors, I would like to make cake balls and put maybe 5 or so in each bag (not sure what kind of bag I will be using) and give them to the guests that show up. Does this sound like a decently planned baby shower?? Anything you would change/add if you were me?

  9. Can someone please help me with ideas for a baby shower?

    My sister is having a boy (who she's naming Jaiden). She's single and this will be her first child. I think greens, browns, and blues would be cool for colors for decorations. I also decided to serve cake (maybe icecream too if that's not totally weird?) Since I'm very indecisive and don't know how these things are supposed to go I'm having a very hard time figuring out the rest. Can someone please give me some ideas on how to make this a good (and memorable) baby shower? Also, do I have to use the "cutesie" invitations? I don't feel like designing any myself, but the cutesie invitations I find everywhere are kinda boring and aren't very memorable.

  10. Book baby shower invitation ideas?

    We are having a hard time coming up with the design of an invitation for the baby shower coming up. The theme is lullabies. The shower itself will have lots of little "props", like: Jack and a candle stick, Little cakes marked with a B, etc. We also want everyone to bring a book instead of buying a card with the gift. Originally, we were going to send out little white easter eggs for "Humpty Dumpty" with all of the info inside, but we can't get the eggs here in time to send out etc. SO, anyone have an idea (that isn't cheesy-like folding a piece of paper in half to create a book) that goes with the lullaby theme and can be inscribed with the poems about bringing a book instead of a card? I am at a loss now!!

  11. Question about diaper designs/brands?

    Alright, so this isn't a question of what diapers are the best or what-have-you, it's actually kind of a silly question... I received a diaper-cake for my baby shower just recently (this woman must have spent HOURS doing it! and with a 6 month old baby herself!), but I'm curious as to the brand of diaper. I don't know her very well (she is the wife of one of my boyfriend's co-workers), but he never remembers to ask what kind of diapers they are... anyway. they have a frog design around the band, and then there are little frog designs amongst the bottom part of the diaper. i don't think they're huggies, because i've gotten samples of those in the mail, and those are winnie-the-pooh themed, i believe. unless different sizes have different patterns, and then they could be huggies size 1. any ideas? i figured you would be the safest people to ask, as you are all diapering your children in some brand or another. i'm entirely too curious for my own good =) ah, scatter-brained me... that 2nd paragraph doesn't sound right. let me clarify: **i don't know her very well so i can't ask her, and as my boyfriend is... well... MALE... he tends to always forget until he is almost in bed to ask his friend about the diapers.

  12. Edible photo on whipped creme icing?

    I'm trying to get a cake for my friend's baby shower, but she wants whipped creme icing instead of buttercreme. I've been reading that photo's are hard to replicate on whipped creme icing due to melting. If I can't have a photo copied onto whipped creme icing, can themes or designs be done using whipped creme icing or would the themes and designs have to be in buttercreme?

  13. Please help! How do I make whipped cream easier to decorate with? I am trying to make a very important cake! ?

    I have been using a very simple recipe for a whipped cream topping for a tres leches (3 milk) cake. It's one cupe of heavy whipping cream, 2 Tbsp ganulated sugar, and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, and of course beat it until stiff. My problem is that it is very difficult to do anything with except spead. It is not very thick at all. What can I do about this? I've seen a few recipes with confectioner's sugar, should I use that? Also I heard to try double cream but I don't know how much of a difference that will make. I am going to make a cake for someone's baby shower and I want to be able to spread the topping neatly and possibly make some designs. Please if you have a better recipe for a more spreadable and decorative cream please let me know. Even if you don't want to give me the exact recipe please point me in the right direction, Thanks! Please be specific even if you're not willing to give me an exact measurement. I really can't afford to try this numerous times.

  14. Best Bakery in San Antonio, TX? Im new to the area?

    I'm in need of a great bakery that offers both great tasting cakes and great designs for special occasion cakes especially for baby showers.

  15. I need help with a business name?

    My husband and I each have our own side business going and we need help with names. Should we have one name to include both businesses or a name for each business ? I make diaper cakes, baby gift baskets, baby sock bouquets, diaper wreaths, nursery night lights etc. I am also a graphic designer and do baby shower invitations and announcements. My husband builds wooden cribs, high chairs and toy boxes. I hand paint designs on the toy boxes. Any ideas would be appreciated !!

  16. can someone help me with a menu for my b.s?

    my aunt is giving me a baby shower and its this coming saturday...she asked me to come up with the menu so i could have somewhat of a input in the babyshower so im clueless as to what is what...she let pick out the cake and design but i just dont know what kinds of food to serve...the only thing i have is the drinks and i will have bottled water,2 flavors of soda,and a blue punch i found online...the shower will be 2-4pm...and the only food i have is FRIED CHICKEN DRUMLETS...i would like fruit,some sort of salad,vegatables and whatever else you can think of...thanks

  17. Marshmellow fondant helpppp...?

    I'm throwing a baby shower and I decided I want to make my own cake with my own design but i dont know how to. so i read online for different fondants and found that marshmellow fondant is very very popular. I havent tried it yet but what i want to know is: 1. Does it taste good? Is it to sweet? 2. What kind of cake would I be able to use that would taste good with marshmellow? chocalte? red velvet? etc?

  18. Small celebratory present for couple who just found out they were pregnant...any ideas?

    I was thinking of designing a small diaper cake however I need ideas for what to include and how to decorate it. (I've made a few larger diaper cakes in the past so I've got experience, this is just a different situation than when I made the other cakes...) They are still in their first trimester and do not know the gender yet so I was going to use both pink and blue ribbons to tie the diapers...although mostly blue since they are hoping for a boy. (They are hoping for a boy because they already have a 2 year old girl.) I'm looking for a phrase (something like "hoping for a boy" or "fingers crossed for a bouncing baby boy") and maybe a symbol of good luck (like a horse shoe or four leaf clover---something like that) to put a sign on the diaper cake Also since my husband is best friends with the father-to-be, we'll probably be giving them a larger (more practical) present at the baby shower and possibly another one after the baby is born so I need ideas for small, cute and fun things (small toys, cute baby items) to decorate the diaper cake this point in the pregnancy its all about happy celebration, not so much about planning details for the baby just yet So any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated PS- for those who don't know what a diaper cake is a diaper cake is a bunch of diapers rolled up and stacked to look like a cake then decorated with ribbons, baby toys, baby clothes, etc.. also, sometimes useful things like big bottles of baby powder or baby shampoo are hidden inside the "cake" here's a google image search of diaper cakes: shows some good examples of what a diaper cake looks like ***Sorry I think I posted this in the wrong section***

  19. Help with Cupcakes Design?

    does any one one of a elephant cupcake Design it can be just cupcakes or pull apart cake just something cute for a baby shower for a boy