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Baby Shower Cake Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone know of any web-sites with pictures of baby shower cakes?

    I would idealistically like to make my niece her baby shower cake. Does anyone know of any web-sites with cute baby shower cakes? I think I've seen them all! I am looking for a duck cake specifically. Just need some ideas. I may even show one to the cake shop and have them make it if I run short on time. Thanks!

  2. Does this sound like a good idea for a baby shower cake?

    I see Publix does actual pictures on the cake...would it be cute to have a baby picture of myself and then have it say...Look who's having a baby on top? Any suggestions to make it better?

  3. Baby shower cake question?

    Has anyone had there ultrasound picture put on there baby shower cake? Did it turn out good or was it unrecognizable? It sounds like a good idea to do but I was wondering how it would turn out. Thanks.

  4. went to a cake store for my bab shower cake. After explaining what I wanted lady told me I could not afford it?

    I went to a local cake store to maybe get this lady to do my baby shower cake. I had a picture online of a Noahs ark baby shower cake with cupcakes. After explaining to the lady what I wanted she then told me If she did the cake I could not afford it. I really am mad at this and I feel this was discrimination. Any ideas on what to do.

  5. How to make pregnant belly cake for baby shower?

    I know how to use fondant and everything...but I want to know how to construct a cake like in this picture.

  6. where can i find pictures of cakes from food network challenge?

    on the food network challenge : mystery client episode where they had to make a baby shower cake, where can i find pictures of those cakes? especially the chocolate one with the animal prints on it?

  7. Baby shower animal cakes?

    Where can I find pictures of baby shower cakes that have to do with animals? Where can I have those cakes made at? Charm city cakes has a MINIMUM of $1000! I'm not rich...I'm on a budget here!

  8. help? baby shower cake?

    hello i need a baby shower cake , now before you go on i saw a cake somewhere on the web its like a pea in the pod baby shower cake,sweet pea? this is what it looks like: three round circles two circles green(the pea) the third circle has a babys face . it has no leaves i would love if you guys can help me find it and leave a website or picture. its not for twins or triplets and its not sitting on top of a cake. it is a cake.

  9. Will Wal-mart make the baby shower cake I want?

    Will they make one if I bring in a picture?

  10. baby shower cake ideas :)?

    My baby shower is in like 2 weeks. & i really want a hello kitty cake :) i love hello kittyx3 or something to do with zebra printttttt! & i want to be able to make it at my house. any really simple hello kitty or zebra print ideas. OR GIVE ME YOUR OWN IDEA. & MAYBE A LiNK TO A PiCTURE :) THAT WOULD BE NiCE! :)

  11. What should I do if the mom-to-be's expectations for the baby shower are more than I can afford?

    I agreed to do my sister in law's baby shower and she keeps talking to me about it and sending me links to sites with baby shower themes that she likes, down to the picture of the cake and everything. Honestly shes sucking all the fun out of it and I'm starting to feel pressured. She even said she would rather not have a baby shower than to have a crappy one. So I don't know what to do because I'm feeling kind of mad and used.

  12. I need ideas for my sister's baby shower...?

    I want to get baby pictures of her and her boyfriend and do something with them for the shower. I dont want them on the cake cause their having a girl and the cake will be pink and girly.

  13. Free diaper cake pictures?

    I have a baby shower website and I am looking for some free diaper cake pictures, other than the ones from my affiliate website. Does anybody know where I can get some? thanks

  14. What should I wear to my baby shower at work?

    A co worker of mine is throwing me a 'suprise' baby shower at work this Friday. I was snooping around and found an invitation and asked the office blabber mouth about it in casual conversation. She told me we would be playing games, having cake and punch and everyone put in money to buy a large gift. I don't want to dress up too much (remember I'm not supposed to know) but want to be cute for pictures! What should I wear?

  15. Bridal Shower Cake?

    I need to plan a bridal shower for my cousin and I want to get a cake in the shape of a dress...does anyone have pictures of some? I have been able to find baby shower designs, but not bridal shower designs. Any help would be appreciated!

  16. Would you buy this for a baby shower gift?

    I would like to know if you think this is a good gift to buy someone for a baby shower gift. It can also be used as a table center piece or you could bring it to the hospital to welcome new baby. The one pictured has 72 diapers in it and to buy 72 diapers alone it would cost approx $13. What would you be willing to pay for this diaper cake?

  17. Where can i find cake layouts for safeway or lucky's?

    I'm trying to get a cake for my sister's baby shower. I live out of town and i wont be in town until the night before the shower. I want to get one from safeway of lucky's, but i can't find pictures of cakes on either website. should i just call it in or is there a place i can find pictures?

  18. Need an umbrella cake, any ideas?

    I would like to make an umbrella cake for my baby shower, prefer 3D. Any ideas or pictures?

  19. Want to share pregnancy related pictures? Ultrasounds, bellies, clothing, anything?? (Pics.)?

    I love to show off my baby... Not so much my tummy, but I've been taking pictures, so I might as well. There are a couple things I'd like to share. If you have any pictures of ANYTHING pregnancy related you'd like to share, here's the place to do it. This board is just for fun. :) This is the first ultrasound I got at 16 weeks. This is the second ultrasound at 20 weeks. It's a boy! Here is the baby shower cake. It was too cute. Here is his new and improved dresser. My mom has had this dresser since before I was born. (I'm 21.) She repainted it and added the animals and letters. And then my week by week belly shots. Comes complete with stretch marks. lol Please share your pictures. I love looking at baby related things. :) Congrats to those of you expecting and baby dust to those trying to conceive. :) Sorry.. Know of any message boards?

  20. Does this sound like a nice, and fun baby shower?

    There going to be 16 guests about. Favor bags include- Plastic baby bottles filled with candy, homemade cookies shaped like bottles, rattles, babies, etc. and samples of shampoos and conditioners, and lotion from my shop. Games- 1. Dress the baby blind folded- Where you are blind folded and between two people whoever dresses the baby the fastest and correctly, wins a prize. 2. Don't say "baby"- Pass out necklaces at the beginning of the shower and if someone hears someone else say "baby" they get their necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end of the shower gets a prize. 3. Bottle races- Fill up bottles with juice and whoever finishes first wins a prize. 4. "My water broke"- Get little plastic babies and put them in the middle of an ice cube, pass them out at the beginning of the baby shower, and whoevers melts first without taking it out of the bag, or putting it under hot water has to yell "my water broke" and they get a prize. Prizes- Im getting two gift sets from my shop, and then stuff like picture frames, and other cool things at a cheap price. Food- Veggie plate, fruit plate, Chips, salsa, homemade cookies and muffins, and a cake. Decorations- Baby Shower banner (two), blue and white streamers, and Balloons. Then of course we have plastic plates, plastic silverware, a table cover, napkins, and cups. Does this sound like a nice and fun baby shower? ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :]

  21. need food ideas for a luau baby shower?

    im having a luau theme baby shower and we were going to treat it where the men could do some bbqing so what kind of food should we have? we are also including rubber duckies to add that baby touch, im doing a duck cake with 6 little duckling cupcakes following behind and blue tropical punch with rubber duckies in it. it will be around 2pm on a sunday.. thanks!! any websites with pictures or recipes is great!!

  22. Is Tinkerbell a good baby shower theme?

    I have three cousins who are also expecting, thwy stole my themes! They got pooh, precious moments and minnie already =(. So I was thinking Tinkerbell? I would have the colors be baby pink, lime green and white??? A kind of wedding style two tier cake with those colors and have my Grandpa put a picture of baby tinkerbell???[Hes a baker]... Well I am only 19weeks and 1 day but the shower will be in November due to the holidays coming, and I have to plan it so out of state family could be here... If you see a cute tinkerbell cake idea paste it please =) THANK U AND ADVICE WOULD HELP TO! AWW THANK YOU ALL!!! YEAH I MIGHT RULE OUT THE PINK, BUT I MYSELF LOVE TINKERBELL, SINCE MY NAME IS ISABEL ESPECIALLY!!! BUT I AGREE POOH AND MINNIE ARE WAY TO TRADITIONAL... I THINK OF TINKERBELL AS HER OWN CHARACTER, I DON'T LIKE PETER PAN THE MOVIE, I THINK OF TINK AS A CUTE LIL BRATTY FAIRY!!! I GO BY THE TINKERBELL MOVIES =) WHERE SHE SAVES PIXIE HOLLOW!!! YEAH I PLAN TO ADD PETER PAN TO, CUZ WE GOT 90% ITS A GIRL, WE SAW IT FROM BEHIND TODAY, AND HER [OR HIS] LEGS WERE ALL THE WAY FORWARD, WE COULD SEE A PUBIC AREA BUT NO PETER =P

  23. 37 weeks preggo and wanna make the baby something?

    Any ideas? I thought about making him a diaper cake all decorated and everything.... Something like that. I just want to give him a personal gift from Mommy :) I made daddy a scrapbook of all my belly pictures and i know he will share it with elijah when he is older. But do any of you have any ideas on what I could make for him before he arrives? Thanks in advance!

  24. how to make the feet and arms on this cake?

    im making a baby shower cake that is one of those ones that looks like a baby. i know that i need 2 round cake pans for the head and body, but im not quite sure how to do the arms and feet..any suggestions? please and thank you! if the link works, heres a picture of one: i would use fondant, but the mom-to-be (my sister)made it clear that she did not want a fondant covered cake..although that would be easier..i am just going to use a buttercream and make it really smooth..thanks for the ides so far!

  25. Baby shower HEELPP!?

    I'm throwing one of my best friends a baby shower. ANother good friend of hers threw her one for her "church family" about 2 weeks ago. Mine is this Saturday. I saw pictures of the other one and HOLY COW. The cake was gorgeous, 3 tiers, with fondant flower daisy's and an icing baby in a carriage on top! She had 3 diaper cake centerpieces all custom made. Gorgeous customized "can't wait to meet you, ava!" balloons and catered deli sandwiches. I bought pastel plates at the dollar tree.. I was gonna make some punch, and some mini sandwiches along with pink cupcakes... a few shower games with scented candle prizes.... I feel like my shower is gonna look sooo cheap and trashy compared to her other one!! What do I do? I'm on a budget!!! How can I make things look and feel more upscale!?!?!?!

  26. Special gift for younger sister who is throwing my baby shower.. suggestions?

    My Baby Shower is fastly approaching! :) I have a little over a month until it will be here. My younger sister, who is 18, is planning the shower for me. I want to get her something very special from the Baby and I. I was thinking about getting her a picture frame, with a poem or little saying engraved on it from a niece to an aunt. Does anyone have any suggestions of what it could say? My little sister will be a huge part of my daughters life. :) She is so thrilled to be throwing the baby shower for me. She is having a huge cake made, having the shower catered (with finger foods) and already has all of the games planned and decorations in mind! She's taken so much pride in planning for me & I want to do smtg just as special for her as a thank you. Any other suggestions are appreciated! PS. Are there any other gifts / thank yous that I should purchase to hand out at the shower? Should I fill little tiny plastic baby bottles with candy to give people as they leave? This is my first, as you can tell! :)

  27. 3rd Child... is a Baby Shower TACKY?

    My husband and I have our 3rd child on the way... I want to have a little get together (not for gifts) butto take pictures and make a cake like we did for the other 2... just so this little one can see we were excited about his/her arrival... but we DO need things. Not a lot... but we have no newborn clothes left were we passed them on to family members and charities... and if we have a little girl we have nothing. we also need new baby gates and a bouncer seat. I justdon't want to come across in a bad light for having one... I mean we already have expensive things like CRIB, HIGHCHAIR and SWING. thank you everyone... this at least makes me feel better about wanting a pre-birth day party. :) And for me it is MUCH more about the pictures and our son or daughter knowing they were anciously awaited than the gifts. :) ARTLOVERMOMMY: O I just love that idea... thank you.

  28. baby shower! need advice fast! please answer?

    my baby shower is on sunday the 5th.. 4 days away.. the lady supposed to be doing my cake canceled last night due to surgery and the picture i gave her she couldn't blow up without it looking too blurry soo we have to hurry up and go to a giant eagle or something n hope they'll make a cake for sunday. HERES THE BIG ISSUE: we were trying to involve my 4 yr old in this baby shower so.. we bought favors with stickers that say "Brandon has a brother on the way!" and the cake was going to be a picture of a little boy holding his moms pregnant belly.. saying the same.. so that the theme here was about my son Brandon since its a second shower.... NOW im stuck bc only the favors let guests know this is the theme.. im thinking of quickly changing things and the baby's room is going to be winnie the pooh so maybe this.. but we'll have to do new favors and buy a few things to show its winnie the pooh theme... someone tell me what i should do.. keep the theme i was using and how to bring it out more if i cant put it on the cake or really anywhere? or switch to the winnie the pooh theme and change things up asap ? and what to do for the cake... and favors if changing the theme need to be cheap! help!!

  29. How to make a 2 tier cake?!?

    I am making my boyfriend a cake for his bday. What size cake pans should i use? Also, im using buttercream as a filling and as a base before i put fondant on...can it be refrigerated, if not, how long can it stand before serving? Here's a picture of the cake.... im not using the bear on top and its the best cake ive seen with the colors he likes. what could i use on top instead?

  30. Baby Shower Help?

    Hi-- My question is not really about ideas really because i have lots of problem is: I'm doing this shower at my church with 4 other ladies and we all have to split the cost. We can only spend about $35 each. So i'm a little pressed for funds. Also they require you to get certain things: cake, corsage, punch, mints, nuts, plates and napkins, flower arrangement, and a hostess gift of $15 each which comes out of the total $175 that we can spend. I have so many cute things i want to do but don't have the money to do it and i am not necessarily rolling in dough to get these things myself. so i suppose my question is what can i do for decoartions that is SUPER cheap. Here are some of my ideas and maybe you can help me think of how to do them w/ little funds 1. table cloth 2. she's naming her baby AVA so i wanted to get wooden letters from hobby lobby and paint them for the table 3. framed picture of her sonagram 4. a baby bath filled with ice with bottled waters in them 5. a clothes line with little baby items hanging from it. 6. balloons Thanks so much!! remember...cheapest way to fulfill these ideas!! :) baby love

  31. baby shower help me please please please! i need all the help i can get :)?

    Hi, So i'm throwing a baby shower for my cousin, I have everything all written down and stuff so all i need is to figure out the decorations and stuff.. this is the theme of her crib LINK:,, it's the third picture that's the colors i want to incorporate into the shower... but i wanted a real theme but also wanted those colors into it so im thinking minnie and mickey or winnie the pooh... any cute theme that would go along with those colors pink and brown!! i will take any suggestions... what decorations should i get!! i just need help! this is what i have written down so far :) FOOD: Chili or Lasagna Heart Shaped Pink Cookies Watermelon Carriage Veggie Tray Pink Cupcakes GAMES: Guess mom’s tummy size Never say baby Guess the chocolate How many baby items can you name? FAVORS: Jars filled with candy/chocolate Things needed: 64 Diapers Pins Socks Baby Bottle Pacifiers Teddy bear ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (this last section things needed is for my diaper cake im making her as a present :)

  32. anyone have a site where i can find a picture of a baby stich...from lilo and stich?

    my friend has a baby shower comming up and i am making their cake and she is obseessed with stich from lilo and stich so i was thinking of putting a picture of a baby stich on it. any ideas?

  33. Is it ok to throw your own baby shower?

    I really want to plan mine myself b/c I want it on video/pictures of course & I want to pick out my own decorations & the food & the cake & everything. Is that normal or is it kind of selfish? I'll pay for all the stuff, I wouldn't expect someone else to throw me one & then I step in & say what I want & how I want it. I just want to take it upon myself & decide when to have it & send out the invitations & just do everything that strange or do people do that? Thanks a lot!! Thanks for all your answers! I know for a fact that my mother-in-law was planning on throwing me one so I'll just wait & see if she asks me if there's any certain thing I want to do & then I'll come in with what I want. Thanks!

  34. Is it normal to plan your own baby shower?

    I really want to plan mine myself b/c I want it on video/pictures of course & I want to pick out my own decorations & the food & the cake & everything. Is that normal or is it kind of selfish? I'll pay for all the stuff, I wouldn't expect someone else to throw me one & then I step in & say what I want & how I want it. I just want to take it upon myself & decide when to have it & send out the invitations & just do everything that strange or do people do that? Thanks a lot!!

  35. I need some creative ideas! Please help.. ?

    I'm doing my sister in laws baby shower, and I'm having her baby picture and her husbands baby picture on the cake.. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what to write at the top of the cake. I thought something like "Our babies are having a baby" or something, but I'm afraid that is really cheesy.. what do you think? What should it say? It should say something about the parents since their pic is on the cake, right? HELP!

  36. unusual dream-need opinions please?

    I had a dream last night. I was at some kind of picnic/potluck and my sister was there too. She was at a table with another person. There were a couple baby shower cakes in front of her and she was talking to the woman about making a baby shower cake for someone. (I decorate cakes) But she was going to make this one. She kept poking the cakes and messing up the decorations. I offered to give her my recipe for icing since she's never picked up a pastry bag, but she was rude and said no. I walked off, a bit hurt and just walked away from the picnic. I was wandering aimlessly through a vacant dusty field, tears in my eyes. I remember feeling the dirt getting into my sandals as I was walking. I looked up and there was a young college age man videotaping me. He said he was doing a project for class and he needed to video someones feet walking just the way I was walking. I figured what the heck and let him continue. I walked across the field again, then watched as he replayed the tape. What I saw was a bit shocking. It was pictures of a woman's feet, but with blood vessels all over them. Then I saw the face and it was a young woman, very pale face, dark hair and the same blood vessel tracings all over her face, like a horror film. She didn't look scary, but rather sad and pensive. I realized then that I was providing the movement for the film, and he was transferring it into animation for the film At this point I woke up. Any ideas of a possible meaning? Thanks for any and all ideas.

  37. How do you make fondant 3d decorations???

    I found a really cute picture of a jungle cake. I am throwing a baby shower for a family member and her theme is JUNGLE. I can pretty much figure out how the cake was made. The comments at the bottom of the pic said that the animals were made from fondant. I know how to make the fondant just clueless on how to make the 3d animals. Do I roll them into shape and then dye them?? Or do I dye them before I roll them?? Please help me.

  38. Help! I need someone really creative!?

    I'm doing my sister in laws baby shower, and I'm having her baby picture and her husbands baby picture on the cake.. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what to write at the top of the cake. I thought something like "Our babies are having a baby" or something, but I'm afraid that is really cheesy.. what do you think? What should it say? It should say something about the parents since their pic is on the cake, right? HELP!

  39. what do you think of this diaper cake?

    i am just starting to make diaper cakes to help make some cash while im on maternity leave and if it works i can go back to work only part time. I had my first person request a custom cake and they left it up to me how to make it. they looked at my blue cake im selling and said they want one similar to that and told me that they would like to to match the baby shower theme of light purple, lime green pink and butterflies. im selling it to her for $60 but not making much of a profit just wanting to sell a couple first to get some pictures for a portfolio first. this is the one i made her what do you think of it here are the other two i have made the one i just made with the butterfly has about 60 diapers that are pampers swaddlers size 2 ( so that they will be able to be used even on the bigger babies and moms dont have to take it apart right away. it contains a butterfly clip toy travel baby lotion, baby soap, baby shampoo, hand sanitizer on the back there are a pacifier plastic fork and spoon and pair of socks butterfly foam cut outs and a cut out that says baby and a bottle saying its a girl I would love to start an online store but it is horribly expensive to ship i dont know the exact cost but i know that they go on weight and the bigger the cake the more it would cost to ship i think 20 or 30 atleast Keisha thanks for the coupon idea. i have already posted the blue on eon craigs list for $60 and i dont want to change the price after people have already seen it for that price and i told the lady withthe butterfly 60 also going by the boy one but now that i have bought the items and added it together i am not making as much as i thought. diapers $20 for box and used just about whole box minus just a couple. $10 for toy $1 each for soap lotion shampoo sanitizer so thats $4 for al those pacifier was pkg of 2 for $4 so $2 for 1 pacifier ( save the other for another cake) socks pkg of 3 for $6 so $2 for pair of socks. fork and spoon sell for $2 for pkg of 3 sets so thats $.75 ribbon was normally 8 but i got it half off with a sale so $4 but i will normall be buying it for $8 not to mention the foam cut outs but $3 for big pkg may use others for some other cakes in future $for tissue paper hot glue not to mention hours of my time also the flower mirror on the top is part of the butterfly toy on top

  40. Sizes of Sam's Club cakes?

    I'm looking to order a cake for my sister's baby shower. I want to put a picture on the cake, but I'm not sure how big of a picture I should bring to fit correctly on the cake. Does anyone know what sizes the round custom cakes come in from Sam's. Thanks in advanced!

  41. Pregnant belly cake and diaper cake prices...?

    HI EVERYONE!! I posted another post a little while ago, and then did some more research on the prices.. If you would like to look at the pictures to give better feedback then here is the link.;_ylt=An.6QeFZzCFlwS.lro4ydd_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091001192420AAs5Gu3 if that doesn't work, its the one that is called how much would you pay for these? Anyway got some great answers and this is what I have come up with for prices.. For the belly cake (which this time I will be taking my time on lol) $ 30. and here is the prices... butter-6 ( i know 6 for freaking unsalted butter!! A rip off) eggs-2 flour- 2 conf sugar- 4 marshmallows-2 sugar-1 crisco- 2 which comes to $19, and things like butter I only buy when Im making cakes, same with sugar, crisco, and things.. So that makes me $11 off the cake, that is unless something comes up and I need more supplies.. Diaper cake.. wipes-4 diapers-15 for 132 rubber bands- 1 baby powder- 4 baby wash- 5 ribbon- 5 toy on top-14 which is $48, and if you wanted it wrapped in tulle with front exposed extra $5. So I was thinking $60 for that, and again, this time, I will be taking my time.. lol.. My 1st runs of things, I just try and throw together. which only makes me 12 off it. So my question, do you think these prices are ok?? Im making this for a lady I know, she is doing a shower for someone, and has seen the cakes I have made. I'm not doing this as a business, as one lady did point out, and was a great point, its just something I doing for someone. I usually only do them for people I know, so I have never charged. Sorry for going on and on.. But it you made it through it then THANK YOU...