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  1. Baby Shower Gifts & Cake?

    My baby shower is on November 14th. Im having a boy. Its from 3pm-7pm. Its kind of going to be a big event. My invitation list has about 45 people on it. I have a lot of friends & family. Well anyways we are going to play about 5-6 games. I don't know what to give out for gifts when a person wins. I know the typical bath & body type gifts but I want something different. I don't want the gifts to be cheap & I don't want to have to spend a lot of money either. Any suggestions on gifts? Also, Im debating about weather I want a cake or a cupcake cake [cupcakes put together to look like a cake]. If I get a cake its going to have my ultrasound on it. Please answer both questions & if you have any other ideas that I can do at my baby shower PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!!

  2. would it help to offer one for free ? got any ideas to help?

    i am making diaper cakes to sell them. I hav ethem posted on craigs list but im not getting as many as i thought i would. would you be more willing ot buy a diaper cake for someones shower if they are offering a drawing for a free custom made diaper cake. I have posted a ad for a contest for a free diaper cake that i will make custom made for a mom in need. do you think that will help attract business? I really want to see if i can get this kicked off so i can only go back to work part time or not have to go back at all. my baby is 4 weeks nad my husband feels so bad that his income is just a little under what we would need ot let me stay home . I love making these. do you have any other ideas of things that i could make that are related to baby gifts. i have thought about trying the baby shops but i already would be making only $10 profit on most of them since I cant buy stuff wholesale since johnsons and pampers only sale by the truck loads

  3. what to make for a baby shower?

    So I want to make something for my cousins baby shower (something edible), something easy to make and not very expensive lol, but I don't know what. I wanted to make something sweet, cuz I think that's all I'm good at, and my family loves the sweets lol. However my cousin is diabetic and all the things I can think of have alot, alot of sugar in them, I'm not saying it has to be completely sugar free, but probably less than 2cups of sugar and 2 sticks of butter would be best lol.I was gunna make a cake but they're buying a cake, and again it has alot of sugar in it. Anywho if you have some ideas for me that would be great! Oh and btw the baby's a boy if that helps at all.Please give me some good ideas,and please include the recipe, thanx! :D

  4. 34 weeks pregnant... What else can I put into our Baby Memory Book? SUGGESTIONS LOVED!?

    I'll post the categories and if you can think of anything else that can go in them, please share your ideas. The book I'm getting has a journal entry side (It has fill in the blanks for each category.) and on the other side, a side for photos, trinkets, memorials, etc. Sections: Mommy - Pictures of me will go here. Daddy - Pictures of my boyfriend will go here. Mommy & Daddy - Pictures of us both together. Our Family Tree - Pictures of my parents and his parents, as well as my cat. (I just want my cat there.) We COULD put pictures of his and my siblings, but I don't think there would be room for 8 more pictures... But I might try it.) Mommy's Pregnant - Picture of me pregnant, & the positive test. (The one I got at the health department.. it's really thin, so I think it should fit.) Visiting the Doctor - First appointment card, and the ultrasound pictures. Baby Shower - Invitations, picture of the baby cake, and the thank you cards IF it'll fit. (The cards are bigger then normal pictures, so I don't think much more will fit here, but if you have suggestions, feel free to share.) That's all I can put in it right now, since the next section is about my delivery. There are a couple of sections where I'd really like to add more, but can't think of what I could possibly add, like the Visiting Doctor Section and the Mommy's Pregnant section. Thanks. I actually have been taking pictures of my bump since week 12, but my stretch marks look kind of icky on my side. Not sure if I'll do this or not. I will if there's room.

  5. If someone offers to help with your baby shower, should you expect them to pay for it?

    Sorry if this is very long, but I wanted to make sure everyone got a bit of an understanding of what I’m going through. I am a first time mom, so all this is very new to me. My sister and sister-in-law (brother's sister) were asking me about having a baby shower and I asked them if they would want to help. I'm not sure if this is where the confusion started since I asked them if they 'wanted to help' versus 'wanting to throw me a shower'. They both have 2 children, so I figured they would know how things work. I assumed from the beginning that I was supposed to be paying for everything. They never told me any different. They offered to help pay for some things and I was very grateful. However, EVERYONE was asking me why I was paying anything towards my own baby shower when I started talking about budgeting for it. At one point, my sister even told me that she didn't think I understood how showers work and that I was supposed to sit back and let them handle everything. She said 'let us handle this, we're the ones that have done this before'. So, they basically wanted me to sit back and let them plan everything at mostly my expense. I didn't know any better. I didn’t know that in their eyes a baby shower was white linens and catered food with little or no games or decorations. They were talking about taste testing the caterer foods and one of them even spent $90 on lotions, soaps, and little prize gifts for the 25-30 people I wanted to invite (after I mentioned I wanted to have games). I had no idea they thought a baby shower was this way or that they would spend that kind of money just on gifts for the guests. They paid for the lotions, prize gifts, and cake, so I didn't complain. As least not yet. But every idea I had, they disagreed with. They even stepped on my toes and almost screwed the FREE facility I was able to work out for the place to have the party. Finally, I asked them as nicely as I could about the fact that people were saying I'm not supposed to pay for my shower. They, of course, were quick to say they couldn't pay for everything because of the economy, etc. And, that they could only put in about $150 each, which they had already spent most of just on the lotions, gift prizes, and a cake. They even said that both of them paid for their baby showers themselves and that they thought I was crazy to think they would be able to pay for everything. (I found out later that each of them had TWO baby showers, with at least one of the showers totally funded by someone else). Personally, I was thinking of a cheap cake and some cute cheap party favors for less than $50. Maybe, I'm missing something. Hey, I understand that the economy is bad, so I gave them the option to walk away. They didn't want to. So, now I'm forced to look like the bad guy and only allow them to make decisions based on what they are willing to pay for. I can't afford to throw my own baby shower on their champagne taste. They even asked me if I could ask my husband's side of the family to help financially with the baby shower. I refused. I do not think it is my place to ask people for money for my shower. I felt bad enough having to have this conversation with THEM about money. They couldn’t understand that I saw no point in throwing a shower if the cost of the shower was going to be the same or more than the cost of the gifts I would receive. I get the feeling they are more about the ‘look at me’ factor than the actual purpose of having a baby shower. I actually would love to just cancel it and buy the baby stuff myself, but I'm trying to not kill my relationship with my sisters totally. So, I figured if I have to pay for the food and make the crafty items, I shouldn't have to run it by them. I don't have the $400 or more for just the food that they were originally planning for. If I spent that on food, I couldn’t buy the plates to put the food on!!! In my mind, when I thought I was supposed to be paying for it, I was only wanting to spend $300 AT THE MOST to throw the entire party. Does anyone think I'm being too mean? What would you do in this situation?

  6. How much should I charge for these cakes?

    First off I am not trying to sell them, I know there will be people talking about Y!A isn't for selling, this is a genuine question. I have enough inquires already after doing a cake free for my cousin's baby shower that if I follow up on all of them i'll be busy.... I can do like the letter shaped & number shaped cakes...some I make are just the letters and then if it's a not a full name (just initials or a number) I place them on top of a larger sheet cake. My question, and the reason I haven't followed up on these requests, is I have no idea how much to charge for them. My mom said she would charge per letter because each one is a different cake. So obviously a "1' for 1st birthday or "Mia" for a baby shower would be a lot easier than "Timothy" or "Gabriella"...Also, the more the cakes the more it would cost me so I feel like it should cost more based on letters too....Kinda something like this: 1-2 Letters/Numbers: $ 3-5 Letters/Numbers: $ 6-7 Letters/Numbers: $ 8-10 Letters/Numbers: $ Each additional letter/number after 10: $ Price for sheet cake if one is placed under letter/number: $ How much should I charge? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also if you have a better idea i'm open to it! Thanks in advance! Thanks Amy02, that seems like a very easy solution to this! I've racked my brain all day trying to figure out a good method for this.