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Baby Shower Cake Sayings Questions Answered!

  1. Does any know any good cake sayings for a baby shower cake for a baby boy? Something unique?

    I don't want to use the same old stuff, like welcome baby blank. I don't want to use the same old stuff like welcome baby blank. Her theme is bees so maybe a play off that......???

  2. Baby shower cake sayings?

    We are having a little girl named Isabel Naomi and my best friend is throwing the shower but we need to order the cake and we don't know what to put on it. 1 cake is animals and the other is booties...what is your suggestions?

  3. I need ideas for sayings to put on a baby shower cake...?

    I need to know some short, nice sayings to write on a cake for a baby shower....quickly! lol, my shower's in one hour! ((I'm not writing it on, my mom is, but she wants to know what I want it to say and we can't think of anything extra special)) Ok, whoever wrote "accidents happen everyday..." I know you probably weren't supposed to be joking, but I just couldn't stop laughing when I read that. Thanks for that. But, yeah, I think we went with a simple, "Welcome Baby Boy" since I know for sure it's a boy (had 4 ultrasounds to confirm it!) Thanks everyone!