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Cute Baby Shower Cake Sayings Questions Answered!

  1. What are cute baby shower cake sayings?

    I'm throwing my mom a baby shower and wanted something cute to put in the cake for a boy..So if you have any cute cake saying please give me some ASAP!! Thank you :)

  2. What are some cute or funny sayings to put on a Baby Shower cake?

    My girlfriend and I are having a baby girl and my mother is throwing her a surprise baby shower but we are unsure of what to put on the cake. Someone gave a us a good idea but it involved putting my last name which she does not have so I didn't want her to feel left out. if you have any cute or funny sayings let me know, THANK YOU.

  3. funny baby shower sayings to put on cake and invitations?

    im looking for a cute quirky saying to put on my baby shower invitations and cake. i don't want something boring like welcome, or pink or blue we love you. i want it to be fun. any ideas?

  4. Help with the writing on a baby shower cake.?

    okay so I am planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law....I drew a picture of the cake for the bakery....but I don't know what to say on the cake....the cake is a jungle with monkeys and banana trees and orange flowers and a little baby boy sleeping naked with a leaf on his bottom...she is having a boy...and I don't want it to be simple....I don't like congrats...I want something different....something funny yet cute....something that the older guess and younger guess will both like....I do like the sperm welcome sperm....and I saw one that had something like congrats on your long swim...or something like that...but I don't want anyone to be offened. What do you guys think?...any ideas....also what do you think of "gu gu ga ga"? they do not have a name picked out yet....but I am pushing them towards Mason....right now the baby is called baby brothers last name.

  5. Baby Shower Ideas......?

    Okay so me and my boyfriend are expecting our first baby in Feb, and I like to have everything prepared so that when it comes time to have the baby shower etc I will be ready and not confused on what I want..... --So Im doing my own invitations and I want them to say something cute, I don't know what Im having yet but I will in Sept, so I would like some cute ideas for both a boy/girl. --Okay so I when I find out what it is Im going to have this lady that we know make my cake and I don't know what design that I want....I want something simple like ABC blocks on top along with a cute saying, something short though. I also thought about having her add food coloring to the cake mix to make it either pink or blue? What do you think. So can you help me out on some invitations sayings and would you do your cake like that?