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Diaper Baby Shower Cake Questions Answered!

  1. how to make a baby carriage diaper cake for baby shower centerpiece?

    How to make a baby carriage centerpiece out of baby diapers,washcloth,burp pads.

  2. How do you make a 5 tier diaper cake for a baby shower?

    I want to make a 5 tier diaper cake for my sister in laws baby shower. All I can find is how to make a 3 tier diaper cake. I need to know how many diapers I will need, how many goes in each tier, etc.

  3. If you received a diaper cake at your baby shower how long did you wait to take it apart?

    My cousin gave me a diaper cake at my baby shower last Saturday. I was wondering how long moms usually wait to take these apart and put the baby things (and diapers) away?

  4. Need help with diaper cake/baby shower!?

    I'm throwing a close friend of mine a shower next month. So far I have the idea of baby bingo as a game, but I need another idea that isn't too cheesy since she's not into that. No clothes pin or safety pin games please. Something unique would be great. It's a monkey theme if that helps. Also, I've never hosted one of these so do you have any tips for me? And most importantly, can I get instructions from someone on how to make a diaper cake? I know what they look like and are supposed to consist of, but does anyone have step by step instructions or know of a website that does? I would rather make it myself cause it would most likely be cheaper. Anyway, thanks!

  5. Has anyone ever made a diaper cake for a baby shower?

    im throwing my sister a baby shower and want to make her a diaper cake. I printed off the instructions online, so I dont need those...I just want to know if anyone has made one and if so was it easy/hard? how long did it take? do u have picture?

  6. Would you buy a diaper cake for a baby shower as a gift?

    I make baby diaper cakes and sell them. I think the ones I make are AWESOME and VERY cute!! The problem that I am not really selling any! I am just wanting opinions on baby diaper cakes! Thanks I sell them with FREE SHIPPING for $ that too high? For those of you asking..A diaper cake is a "cake" made out of NEW diapers that resembles a real cake! Check out my stuff on my screen name is kottenkandylollipops!

  7. How do you make a diaper cake for a baby shower?

    I know how to roll the diapers and tape them, but what do you use to keep the layers together? Do you just stack them up or is there something that holds them together? What kind of baby items make good decorations?

  8. Baby shower Diaper cup cake question....?

    I am making a diaper cake and diaper cup cakes for a babyshower i am throwing for my cousin. does anyone know where I can find extra large or the largest cupcake liners?

  9. How to make a diaper cake for baby shower?

    Any ideas? Thanks!!

  10. Diaper cake for baby shower?

    For my sister's baby shower, I made her a diaper cake. For those who don't know what it is, it is made up of diapers, three tiers, and you insert toys [a raddle, pacifier, blankets,] and then wrap a teddy bear around it. Anyway, it was a huge hit. Now this is a good friend of mine, and I think that it would be a unique way to congratulate her. Thoughts? ~~

  11. What is a clever, cute name for my new small business? I make Diaper Cakes and baby shower favors.?

    I was considering something like "Bellisimo Bambino Creations", which means beautiful baby, but my husband and I thought it was too big a mouthful. I want something that is cute, and would appeal to the kind of women who would buy a diaper cake!!! Thanks in advance, I'm having a really hard time coming up with something!

  12. Baby shower...Making a Diaper Cake...Help?

    Im going to a baby shower Sunday and I wanted to know somethings about making a diaper cake.I know how to roll the diapers and all but my question is...How do you keep the diaper cakes up? Preventing them from falling down or apart.I know that you use ribbons and all but what do I put it on? LOL...Someone help me out.hehe...Websites anyone? OMG.I know this is crazy but how do I like stick things to the cake? Glue or what?lol

  13. Is anyone interested in a diaper cake for a baby shower? Any theme you want.?

    I sell them. Any theme you want. You can choose sports, any animal, feeding, diapering... the list goes on. Definition of Diaper Cake: Rolled up diapers placed together to form the shape of a layered cake. It has toys, clothes, bottles, pacifier, what ever you want, placed on and in it as decorations that you can use. Great for babyshower centerpieces. They cost $15- up to $200 depeding what you want on it and the theme.

  14. I would like to start seling Diaper Cakes for Baby shower and baby gifts. Where do I go from here?

    I sell Longaberger but I want another side job so I can stay at home with my kids

  15. I recently made a diaper cake for a baby shower for a friend at work. ?

    Now everyone and their sister wants one for a mom-to-be that they know. They are fairly expensive to make seeing as how I have to buy diapers, ribbon, tulle, flowers, toys, blankets, rattles,.....etc. My question is....where can I find the items I need at a good price and in bulk....possibly.? I already have 7 to make and the word is spreading fast. thanx a bunch to everyone that all helped a great deal. i should charge, shouldn't i?!? i thought about it but.......i think it may be too late. plus, by the time i buy all of this stuff and add in even a couple of extra dollars...those cheapies probably won't want to buy it. ugh!

  16. Is anyone interested in a diaper cake for a baby shower? Ant theme you want.?

    I sell them. Any theme you want. You can choose sports, any animal, feeding, diapering... the list goes on. Definition of Diaper Cake: Rolled up diapers placed together to form the shape of a layered cake. It has toys, clothes, bottles, pacifier, what ever you want, placed on and in it as decorations that you can use. Great for babyshower centerpieces.

  17. am i supposed to give another gift aside from diaper cake if I'm one of the baby shower's hosts?

    Also, since i am one of the hosts, do i just put the diaper cake as a centerpiece right away or should i wrap it and give it during gift opening? If I put it as a centerpiece then how am i supposed to say that that is already my gift... I know these questions sounds stupid but i just don't want to be in an awkward situation where it would look like i did not bring any gift... thanks!

  18. Diaper Cake or something off of registry for Baby Shower Gift?

    I am attending a baby shower and my first thought was to get something off of the registry, there isn't much on there and my budget is $50, so there is only one item I can get for this price that is actually useful. Then I thought about making a diaper cake with the diapers the mom is going to use (pampers swaddlers) and some items and a blanket to go on the cake. After purchasing the diapers, the blanket, and a few supplies to make the cake, I have already spent $85, and haven't even purchased the accessories to go on it. Then I got to thinking, will the mom even use this gift, or is she going to take the blanket off and throw the diapers out since they are not bagged? I am thinking about taking all of the items back and just purchasing something off of the registry. I received one of these diaper cakes for my shower and I thought it was so cute, I had no idea of the cost, and I didn't want to take it apart so I never used it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    i ordered my best friend a baby diaper cake baby shower gift from that website and i was wondering if anyone else has ordered from that website,or know someone who did and how did you like their service? and how many days did it take for you to receive your shipment? im just a little nervous because this is my first time ordering something from off of the internet.

  20. How to make a diaper cake and host a co-ed baby boy shower?

    I am hosting my friend’s baby shower in June, she is having her third baby, a little boy. I wanted to make her a diaper cake. I have seen them made two ways one with the diapers rolled and the other with the diapers layered to form circles. What is the difference between the two? If you know how to make both that would be a big help. I think I have the basics of a three tiered rolled diaper cake, but I am thinking I want to go much bigger. Any other advice for hosting a co-ed baby boy shower would be very helpful since this is my first one. Thanks!

  21. Baby Shower Question: What is the best way to go about making this diaper cake?

    The cake I would like to make would resemble the one I have linked below. What would be the best way to get the same effect of this cake? I don't like the ones that actually look like diapers, and this one is so cute! My friend isn't due until October, but I want to get started now. (I have 2 little ones and want to make sure this gets done!)

  22. Does anyone know where I can buy a cake made of diapers for a baby shower?

    I am going to a baby shower soon and i would really like to know where i can buy a cake made of diapers for a baby boy?... Thank you =]]]

  23. What's a good name for a diaper cake website?

    I'm thinking about starting a home business making diaper cakes for Baby Showers and making a website to sell them online. What would be a good name for the website?

  24. What are some good ideas for home made baby gifts besides diaper cakes and quilting?

    My sister-in-law is having her baby shower in one week and I am just so excited I wanna create more things! But don't have that much money as I am a college student so I have already made a diaper cake and baby sock rose bouquet is there ANY other things to create that do not require knitting/quilting? She is having a baby boy! :)

  25. Are you supposed to actually use a diaper cake?

    I received two diaper cakes for my baby shower. I think that they are just too darling to tear apart. Is it customary for people to actually use them? It decorates my son's room beautifully, however, when he turns like 5 or so, I truly doubt that he'll want it gracing his room. Is it rude to use one?

  26. How do you make a diaper cake?

    I need to know how to make a diaper cake for a baby shower at 6:00 tonight. Please no links!!!!! Thanks for your help!!!!!

  27. give me some good names for a diaper cake and other baby things buisness?

    diaper cakes and baby things for showers need some names

  28. does anyone know step by step on how to make a DIAPER CAKE??????? my best friend is having a baby shower and e

    i know i need a pack of pampers and lace and some baby toys

  29. diaper cake as a shower present?

    My mother in law made me a beautiful diaper cake for me when I had my baby shower, it was really nice, filled with toys, soaps, lotions, etc. I was thinking about making one for my friend for her upcoming baby shower. Do you think that would be a good enough present to give to her? I have never made one before, are they hard to make? I have looked online for some ideas on what to put in it, didn't really find any good ones? Any ideas, suggestions??

  30. Does anybody have any ideas for making something out of disposable diapers for a baby shower?

    I already have information on making a diaper cake but I was wondering if anyone has made something different out of disposable diapers for a baby shower. Thanks.

  31. Help!?!?!?! I want to start my own business, that makes diaper cakes for baby showers and also unique baby?

    shower gifts, and even possibly decorations for a shower...I need help with a name for it. I already have a great portfolio of things to show, but I don't have a clue of what to call this business...Anyone got any ideas?

  32. diaper cakes for a baby shower?

    does anyone know where i can buy one in the city of San Diego? or has anyone even ever heard of diaper cakes???

  33. Can you reuse the diapers off of a diaper cake?

    So I want to make a diaper cake for my sisters baby shower... A lot of people are telling me its hard to reuse the diapers for the baby, is this true?? Isn't this the whole purpose of making one for the shower, for the baby??

  34. do you think using size 4 diapers in a diaper cake would be ok?

    My friend is having a baby shower and I wanted to make a diaper cake. My budget isn't very big and I have two of my own babies in diapers (both wear a size 4). So to save money I was just going to get a box of size 4 diapers so that I could use the left over diapers for my sons. Do you think it might not be such a good idea to use size 4's on a diaper cake since she won't be able to use them right away? Or should I go ahead and do it?

  35. anyone know how to make a beehive diaper cake?

    Trying to find instructions on how to make a beehive diaper cake for my sisters baby shower. Any help would be great.

  36. Baby items A-Z for a diaper cake.. Need help on letters E, F, I, Q, U, X, Y, Z?

    I am hosting a baby shower and for a centerpiece/gift to parents-to-be I am doing a diaper cake. I am wanting to put one item in for each letter of the alphabet. I need some help with E, F, I, Q, U, X, Y, and Z. Here are some examples I have of other letters: A: aspirator B: bottle C: cap D: diapers G: gum soother (teether) H: huggies Thanks in advance!

  37. How much do disposal baby diapers usually cost?

    I want to make a diaper cake as a baby shower gift and was wondering how much size 1 or 2 disposal diapers cost? I know they are expensive, I just want about 60 or 70 diapers. If someone gave you a diaper cake at your baby shower and it had store brand disposable diapers in it would you be offend?

  38. anyone know any baby shower favor ideas?

    i dont want to make a diaper cake. i know about the baby bottle with candy. i've been searching every possible site already and i'm not too satisfied. i remember going to a baby shower with my mom as a little girl and i remember that they had pins for all the guests. anyone know about this? i remember mini baby bottles and a big safety pin... probably hot glue? i also remeber a mini baby diaper on the pins too. someone please help.... what about some baby shower games?

  39. How to make a diaper cake?

    One of my friends is having a baby. I love those diaper cakes, but can't justify spending so much money for diapers (I am a poor grad student). Anyways, I figured that I could probably make one? Do you have directions or steps for doing so? I am not sure how they get the diapers to stay together without ruining them? Is there some sort of frame or is it all diapers? Maybe giant rubberbands then cover with ribbon? Here is a link with some pics: Seeing a video would be helpful

  40. starting up a baby store, that does baby shower gifts such as diaper cakes...i need help with a name!!??!?!?

    any names...

  41. Does anybody know how to make a motorcycle diaper cake?

    I was recently at a baby shower and saw one and I would now like to make it for my cousin for her upcoming baby shower. It was a motorcycle diaper cake, all i remember was the wheels were diapers, it had a bottle for a headlight, and bibs for the mudflaps. It also had a teddy bear riding it. I am hoping somebody can give me some instructions on how to make one

  42. I need ideas for great baby shower gifts and games?

    I am looking for ideas for baby shower games and gifts. I have a few games already like the smashing things up in a diaper, guessing how big around mommy is, baby shower bingo, etc. but I need more ideas. Keep in mind that the majority of these guests use english as a second language and have never heard of, let alone been to, a baby shower. I am doing the diaper cake as my big gift to mom, but just in case the other guests don't get what is going on with it I want to make sure that she has a few other gifts there. I also need ideas for cheap gifts for prizes for those who win the games. I know I am repeating myself but I need it all SO cheap. I am preggo with my 4th baby and I want to be able to give her a great shower without breaking my baby's bank at the same time. Thanks for any ideas you can offer!! P.S. for all you people getting ready to give rude answers - these people are IN Germany, therefore it is not their job to learn my language. I have bits and pieces of German, but the guests are divided about 50/50 between Americans and Germans with a basic knowledge of english. Thanks.

  43. how can i make stuff stick to a diaper cake?

    im making a beautiful diaper cake for a friends baby shower and im up to the part where i put the shampoo, powder, etc around the outside of the cake but im having trouble making the stuff stay.. it keeps falling off. i tried double sided tape but that doesnt work. i tried using thread and securing the items to the cake put that just looks sloppy.. and other ideas?? thanks so much!!!

  44. Should I just give her the box of diapers or make her a diaper cake?

    My moms friend got custody of her nephew and since she doesn't have anything my moms other friends are throwing her a shower. The baby is about 9 months old and a size 3 in diapers. Would it be cheesy if I make her a diaper cake since the baby is already born? Should I just give her the box of diapers? I'm planning on getting her the box of 97 pampers baby dry.